Where’s my phone Samsung do you know ? If you don’t know, then use the Samsung Galaxy cool features to know, where it’s.

Because today I’m going to explain EVERYTHING. You need to know about Samsung Galaxy best features.

So that you can easily find, where’s my phone Samsung.

Where’s My Phone Samsung how’ll know it ?

You’re AGREE with me, If i say mobile’s has become heart bit of every holder. I hope your answer is YES.

So you know well, how much it’s important for you. But just imagine, if you lose your phone, then how much it’s trouble for you.

Therefore considering this importance Samsung has launch a better features in Samsung Galaxy S9 and (S9+)for their customer.

So that how to find my phone Samsung in case of lost and emergency.

Even you’re able to use many options available in this features keep reading ahead to know everything.

which’s very useful to handle your lovely mobile phone Samsung Galaxy.

Let’s dive in.

Very first turn on your mobile data, and go to setting option. After that go to biometric and security option display in setting section.

Now click on biometric and security option. Then tap on find my mobile option.

Here you’ll ask to sign in your Samsung account, So how you’ll do this just enter your gmail id and choose a password to create a Samsung account.

But remember this login credential will be use in future  login. 

If you forget login details then unable to login in Samsung account, so keep it safe for future login in case of lost and emergency.

Once your account is created it’ll show there. Now keep reading to know, how to do setting for your Samsung account.

[faq title=”Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”How do I find my Samsung phone?” number=”1″]It’s easy check on your Samsung Galaxy device, Find My Mobile in the Settings app. And sign into your Samsung account to enable all the features. Like Remote control, Google Location and many more.And then tracke with laptop or other mobile device using your Samsung account.[/faq_item][/faq]

How to do Samsung account setting to trace phone in emergency ?

Where's my phone Samsung do you know how to find (New Idea)

Well, again go to find my mobile option. Here you’re able to see, the setting options are available.

#For example:

Remote controls, Google location service, Send last location and many more, so just ON all the setting here.

If you’ll not ON the setting here, then you can’t trace your Samsung phone. So make sure to ON the all setting in Samsung account.

Then after completing this setting, now got to your computer or any mobile device for searching your Samsung phone.

For this just click on the link find my mobile Samsung, Where’s my phone Samsung and login in Samsung account using your credential.

So after login, you’ll see many options available on the screen. For example Ring, Lock, Track location, percentage of battery, network status and many more.

Hence if you tap on track location option, then it will display a message, “Check where your missing phone is every 15 minute”.

Along with a start button, so just click on start button to find my phone Samsung location.

It’ll start to track your Samsung mobile phone current location. And a map will shown here for your Samsung phone location with time.

I like, this’s really cool feature, how to find my phone Samsung ?

Because this features is very handy, When your phone is around house, but you’re not able to find.

So in this case use Ring tap option, It’ll help to bell your mobile ring tone, and you’ll get where’s my phone Samsung easily.

but remember your mobile should be connected with internet.

How to find your Mobile Phone Samsung, when it’s lost ?

If your mobile’s lose then don’t be scare, Because you’re able to use your Samsung account trace and protect your data through this account.

Just login in your Samsung account, you’re able to login from PC, laptop or mobile device through this link find my mobile Samsung

By using your login credential ID and password, which is already created in your Samsung phone.

Now after successfully login in your account, it’ll show you exact phone location through google map.

If your phone is not connected with internet, then it’ll not fetch the location as well as any information, unless it’s not connected with internet.

Because this’s limitation for mobile location trace, device must be connected with internet.

There’s no any alternate option without internet to trace any mobile location.

So this’s a defect.

Even you’re able to lock and unlock your phone screen. There’s also an important setting in your Samsung account.

This setting is a SIM change notification alert, So that when anybody will remove your SIM, Then you’ll get an SMS alert on other provided mobile number.

And it’ll be easy for you to trace where’s my phone Samsung.

Find my phone Samsung

And it’s simple step, how to find my phone Samsung ?

Now if you have no Samsung phone, and you want to use track any other phone free then check this link mobile tracker free login

This’s best mobile tracker for free use. There’re many good features in this tracker you can check it.

How to check Samsung Phone is original or not ?

Here i’ll explain whether your Samsung phone is original or not, Your android phone is perfect or not as well as check its all features are intact.

So Whatever the other person is telling about the product, but check your own about Samsung mobile device functions,because the process is very Easy.

Therefore what do you need to do is simple, just click on Phone icon and type (*#0*#). Then a particular screen will appear in front of you.

Which’ll show you a list of functions. Now you need to check each and every function whether it’s original and working perfectly or not.

So how you’ll check. you just see your first tap is Red, so click on it, After clicking it’ll show you Red screen, then next do the same for Green and blue.

Then your next tap is Receiver, again click on it, a beep ton will sound. So its mean that your mobile phone is working perfectly.

Hence check each and every function in the same way.

Now one most important function is touch, so click and open it, a screen will appear now you need to move your finger around all the edges of the corner.

And if all particular green line coming in a straight line, then touch of your Samsung phone is perfectly right.

In case if straight line is not follow your finger, then touch is not working fine. So in this way check your phone originality.

If every function is working perfectly then your phone is original, otherwise not.

What should you do if lose Samsung mobile phone ?

Immediately access the “Find my phone” service through laptop or any other mobile device. Make sure you’ve already created your Samsung account and setting has done.

Then tap on locate my device, you can track the approximate location. If you have done in the setting option send last location.

It’ll send your device last location before it was switch off. Just helping you to track the device location.

Then lock your device and back up data stored on the device to Samsung cloud. Lock the screen and block access to Samsung Pay.

Even you can delete your all data stored on the mobile device.

How to find My Phone App ?

Samsung app is already available in your Samsung Galaxy phone. Now to access and create Samsung account app.

So follow the below steps. If you want to use find my phone Samsung app or find my mobile Samsung app.

Let’s dive in, how to use find my phone Samsung app in your mobile phone.

  1. Go to Settings in your phone
  2. Tap the ‘Biometrics and security’ option available
  3. Click on ‘Find My Mobile
  4. Tap Switch On
  5. Enter your Samsung account credential
  6. Click Login
  7. You’re in Samsung account app

So this’s the simple step to find Samsung account app.

If you want to track any mobile current location, without any app installation and without knowing them.

Then check out this link best phone tracker app without permission

How to reboot my phone Samsung ?

Samsung launches several Smart phone products, It has gain popularity and a brand name. Because always try to offer something new to their customers.

So in some situation you need to reboot Samsung Galaxy. For example when software is crash, screen touch not working properly or SIM card undetectable.

You’ll know here, how to reboot my phone Samsung. So that you can resolve this issue quickly.

And after rebooting your phone will work in proper condition.

Let’s dive in.

Check battery back up minimum 10% required before starting rebooting process. And avoid to take out the battery during rebooting process.

Otherwise your mobile will not turn on after rebooting. Now use process for rebooting “force reboot”

So to force reboot Samsung Galaxy device, Just use button combination carefully.

Are you ready for rebooting ? If yes then do this, press and hold the “Volume down” and Power / lock key for 10 to 20 seconds to perform the operation.

Press both keys together till the screen goes blank. Again only press the power / lock button till the device is boots up.

Now you’ll see your device is booting up after restarting. So this’s simple step you can use, how to reboot my phone Samsung ?

What’s my phone number Samsung ?

It’s easy to find phone number on your Samsung Galaxy. Just follow the below steps.

You’ll know here, how to find, what’s my phone number Samsung ?  

  • Tap the App button looks like (Three dot), which’s at the bottom of the home screen.
  • Open the setting menu, And tap the setting app in your app list
  • Scroll down the bottom of the menu. If your setting menu is heading at the top, then tap “more” tab
  • Tap about phone/about device, you can find this in the “System” or “Device manager” section.
  • Click on Status
  • Tap SIM Status
  • Scroll down to the “My phone number”

Now you’ve got What’s my phone number Samsung.

Where to fix my Samsung phone ?

If your phone is disorder, then you need to repair it with Authorized repair center only. Because many repairs center takes less than a half-hour to resolve problem.

Whether it’s cracked displays to mechanical failures. So Samsung repair centers are the local option for fast repairs you can trust.

So here’s local authorized repair centers, Where to fix my Samsung phone

And schedule your visit, Because it’ll take less time. They handled on a first-come-first-served basis.

How to check Samsung phone model, IMEI and serial number ?

If there is Android operating system in your Samsung phone, Then you’re able to check phone model through device setting.

Just open your phone setting menu and select “System” then go to tap “about phone/about device”.

And if your device is old version, then tap status.

Here you’ll see the phone name and model number, IMEI as well as Serial number.

Because you know all mobile devices have a unique identity, and it’s made up of combination of an IMEI number, serial number and model number.

Open the phone app, and dial (*#06#) on the keypad.

Then details about your devices IMEI and serial number will automatically appear on the screen.

It’s depending on your device, and IMEI, serial number and model number may be printed on the back or beneath the removable battery.

So It’s generally under the battery, printed on the phone near the bottom of the device.

If your device does not have a removable battery do not attempt to remove it as this may damage the device.


Since smartphones have become an essential part of everybody lives. Because of its features. So its protection and security is very necessary for you. And you learned here, how to find ? Where’s my phone Samsung ? as well as how to check whether it’s original or not and every features are intact on your device. So i hope you enjoyed this post. If this article is helpful for you, then like, comment and share. Any doubt ask me, always here for your support. Thanks for sharing.