what is web hosting ?

Web hosting is today topic for us. This is important topic because we all are using internet so we should know that actually meaning of web hosting. we know that this is modern era of technology. Digital media is booming, its perception is in year about 2020 it will be one of the largest sector of employment. So you must know about internet parameter like web hosting, domain name, How web hosting is done.If you are interested  how to earn money online then you should know about web hosting.

First understand domain name before hosting

Domain name is also called DNS (Domain name system or domain name service or domain name server).Don’t worry i am starting from basic so that you can understand well about domain name .If you use internet then you must know DNS. it can be hack by spoofing.
Now your computer and internet are automatically connected together means a full network is there. Like you are reading this post through internet so you are connected through DNS server through ISP (Internet service provider like Jio, Airtel) through internet then you are able to read this post online.


what is web hosting,hosting,website hosting,
Web Hosting


See the above picture. Every computer connected with internet in the world makes a network. Now this computer network which help to connect one computer to other computer or one mobile to other mobile connect through IP address.
I have already discussed in our previous post about IP address in details. You can refer 
IP address is just like your mobile number but it is four octet bit number logical address like which is assign to your computer so that whenever your computer will connect through internet then this logical IP address is used for communication through this IP address.
Now Important point for domain name when you type google.com, facebook.com, demo.physicseasytips.com on your computer to open the browser, Then your computer does not know IP address of google.com now DNS server has IP of google.com and DNS server connect your computer to google.com. Hence without IP address you can not connect to any website or can not open any website.
So our human ability is that we don’t remember number but we easily remember name like we save any number in our mobile with name to call any person easily. With this thought domain server was made like google, facebook,youtube,physicseasytips  and this is called domain name.
I hope you have now understand domain name.
So when you open google.com then request goes to DNS server and provide IP address of google.com to your computer and your computer connect to google.com.
Hence every ISP company like Airtel, Jio has its own DNS server, Which provide IP address to your computer to connect with different website.
There is one problem everyday many new website hosting is done and many old website hosting are expired so DNS server need to update every time.
So whenever Airtel,BSNL server is down then when you try to open google.com then not connect.
Public DNS is also there google provide to ISP so that all ISP can configure in there DNS to obtain IP Address of any website which can connect easily in case of ISP server down.Now we will discuss Web hosting.

Web hosting 

You have chooses domain name and registration of domain name is done like demo.physicseasytips.com, But whatever i will do on this website article posting, image loading anything update, Where i will store this data of course required a server, We can’t made web hosting server in our home because it required 24×7 internet connection, electric power availability or high internet speed required.

So that anybody comes to our website from any part of the world, then our hosting server can process fast to provide data to the user. So we can’t make hosting server at home as the requirement mentioned 
Now for this other companies are running their data center and has made their hosting server with all required facilities so we just pay some amount of money and they provide their server to us for the use of our website file data and remotely we can store our website data to that company hosting server.
Hence just like DNS server hosting server is there to store our website data and we can upload data to hosting server.If anyone open your website he can access your website file through hosting server.
Now you know that there are many language like html,css, php,Linux, windows in which website files are stored.
Hence there are mainly two type of hosting server one is windows hosting server and other is linux hosting server. Windows hosting server is costly because in windows hosting server need licence, But in linux hosting server it is open source

so it does’t required licence so linux hosting server is cheap.Server hosting also depends upon traffic if your website has no more traffic then you no need to buy big server hosting. There is server level hosting see below.


Hosting Server types


what is web hosting,hosting,website hosting,


There are three types of hosting server
1 Shared hosting
2 Virtual private servers (VPS) hosting
3 Dedicated Servers hosting 
Server is just like our computer but we do some special configuration in this computer, So there are many companies working on data center and provide hosting server service up to 99% up time.Now suppose any company made a big hosting server 16GB ram and I3 processor and full hosting server is provided to you then its hosting server cost will increase and this type of hosting server is called dedicated server hosting.
Now suppose in one hosting server above mentioned if divided into three virtual hosting machine and provided to three users separate to three different hosting user this is called virtual private servers (VPS) hosting.
Now Suppose in one VPS hosting server we made many small hosting such that many hosting user can shared this VPS hosting this is called shared hosting.

Now if your website is new and traffic is low 100 to 1000 users then you can use Shared hosting, If your website is taking traffic more than 1000 users at a time then you should chose VPS hosting.But your website large traffic like eCommerce website flipcart, Amazone then you should go for dedicated web hosting.Hosting totally depend upon the traffic of website i hope you have understand hosting.
Now suppose if you are using shared hosting and hosting company has given ten user hosting within one VPS, Now if one hosting is take more traffic then other 9 hosting user website will effect CPU will give all the time slot to more traffic taking time and other hosting user site will down. So this is disadvantage of shared hosting.
But hosting company manage this by monitoring the all site traffic so that other hosting site can not be down long time. Now this is all about web hosting.

Which companies are providing web hosting

There are many companies which are providing web hosting some important companies name for web hosting from where you can buy web hosting for your website, If you will do Google for web hosting you can see below picture.


what is web hosting,hosting,website hosting,
Apart from this many many other companies are also there which are providing web hosting. Godaddy and BigRock are Indian companies.
Above any companies you can buy web hosting for your website all are providing well services to his customer.

Free Web hosting 

There are also many companies which are providing free web hosting, If you will do Google then many companies are providing web hosting only for limited period generally one year free web hosting. If you are using free web hosting and your website are taking more traffic then free hosting site will down.
So i will suggest you never go for free web hosting. If by any means all free web hosting site are closed then your website all data file will lost. So if you are planing for long time internet business then you should buy web hosting. But if you want to just test and learn website design then your can chose free web hosting.

Web hosting plan

Any above company you can see the hosting plan just signup with your email address and go the the hosting plan. Here you will find one year hosting plan, two year, five year hosting plan.Which types of facilities hosting company are providing, you can see all details about hosting plan just see below picture about hosting plan.


what is web hosting,hosting,website hosting,


 Hosting and domain relation  

We have already discussed in details about domain without domain you can not do hosting first you have chose your website name like demo.physicseasytips.com registration on DNS server then you can use hosting. Without name what you will do hosting to understand better relation between hosting and domain. We will take an example so that both term hosting and domain should clear concept.
Suppose if you want to make a house then what do you .First you buy the land means registration of land on your name so domain is just like registration of land with your website name . Now after registration of land you buy other material like cement, rod, brick to make the house on that land, Similarly hosting is making the house on that land with your website name.

Hosting and domain expiry period 

Well you should know expiry period of hosting and domain every year you have to renew your hosting as well as domain if you will not renew then you hosting and domain will expire then you will lose your website name as well as your website data.

How data and content is uploaded in hosting 

After buy hosting of any company .you will get a control panel generally called Cpanel. First you will login to your control panel hosting .After login you can do anything . You can write content, you can upload image, video to your website hosting server.

How to connect hosting with domain 

Your domain name need to map with your hosting server. IP address of hosting server is map with DNS server CNAME only IP address and name is map with hosting server so that hosting server can recognize your domain.

Can buy hosting other company and domain other company ?  

Yes you can buy hosting and domain with two different company. But as told to make website live you have to map domain with your hosting server then your website can be live and anyone from any part of the world will be able to visit or can access your website.
After making site live you can told the world to see my post on my domain like demo.physicseasytips.com. You can refer to learn what is internet in 10 minutes 
what is internet history We will continue in next post.

Now i hope that you have understand domain name and hosting and enjoyed learning what is web hosting. If you like comment and share, Thanks for reading and sharing hosting learn and grow.
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