What is VoLTE and LTE-4G

Today our topic is what is VoLTE and LTE4G very important topic for all of us because we are using mobile devices so important to know about this technology maximum people have confusion in VoLTE, LTE 4G so today your concept will be clear without any doubt if you have no technical knowledge don’t worry without going in technical details you will understand this technology if your are using VoLTE mobile you can see in your mobile near network tower indication strength it is written as VoLTE,LTE 4G, 3G,2G,1G in all these technologies peoples have confusion so today we will discuss all these technologies and their concepts so lets start our first question is what is 1G,2G,3G,4G LTE ?                      

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Telecom Generation

1G,2G,3G,4G LTE here G stand for generation which change after some time whenever a big change happen in technology then this generation changes hence this G is generation changing due to development in technology as for example right now we are using 4G but next generation 5G is coming soon then will use 5G so first we will understand 1G.


What is 1G ? it came in 1980 the signal was using Analog  and only calling since using analog signal so voice break was maximum some part of signal was got and some part of signal was lost because analog signal became weak as distance travel and also effected by noise weather and cable losses analog signal work on calculation method not accurate value signal has no more energy and can’t travel long distance suppose you called someone 500 m far from you can’t listen you analog signal losses energy as distance travel and that time there was no more network towers available after 10 to 12 years 2G technology developed. 

What is 2G? digital signal sms and internet low speed feature available voice break long distance communication problem was removed in this technology now we ae able to send text message in the form of digital signal and was received at destination without any losses this was achievement of digital signal but internet speed was very low not able to download big files and was very costly so that  normal peoples were not getting uses of internet this was disadvantage of 2G technology after that 2.5G came at that time youtube came in picture but at this time buffering was maximum to download video maximum time taken hence peoples were not getting more advantage of 2.5G after that 2.75G (EDGE (E) came in picture speed was 128kbps in this technology some speed of internet increases video buffering reduces even at this time internet was costly maximum people was not getting advantage of internet but this time people were starting watching video on youtube  and youtube getting famous among the peoples now it was fast internet connection of 2G network even those people using 2G connection at present if they connect internet then in mobile shows written E means EDGE fast internet connection of 2G network now came 3Gwhat is 3G ? video calling speed 2mbps  peoples were knowing this technology as video calling now peoples were getting good internet speed and watching video easily and coast reduces normal people was able to use internet now 4G LTE came in picture.what is 4G LTE ? this is not 4G it is actual LTE(long term evolution) after 3G it was taking long time to develop 4G technology so in between this a speed was fixed and was announce if technology will achieve this speed then will be called 4G LTE ( HD video calling, HD live TV ) remember it is not 4G you can say on the way of 4G but below the level of 4G here high definition video calling and watching live TV without buffering here internet speed is very fast.


    Now important point all above technology calling method was same now lets understand the calling method of 2G,3G,4G LTE telecom companies focuses on internet data only but not cared about calling hence see call and data processing .



      • what is volte and lte-4g,what is lte,what is 4G,telecom generation,what is 1G,2G,3G,4G
      •  Now audio signal your voice want to send other place you can’t send it directly because audio signal is very weak can’t travel long distance hence how we can send it is send on a microwave carrier signal lets understand this by an example suppose you have a latter and you want to send this latter to your friend in other district what are the way to send this latter there are only one way to send this latter through postman you can’t through the letter from here to your friend home now suppose the postman is going to delivered this latter but there is wide river between your district and your friend district and there is no bridge on the river then how postman will deliver letter now he can’t through this letter as river is wide then he has only option to use boat and deliver latter but it will take more time as other boat are also running in the river next suppose bridge is made on river then will take some less time but will be traffic to delayed delivery here concept of boat is 1G bridge is 2G fast communication by car 3G but not measure changes in network when 4G LTE came it was very fast for internet data but when make call it will go through 2G,3G above network concept mentioned so you have feel yourself calling from 4G LTE makes many problem call drop call not generated, route busy many problem arises to solve this problem now came VoLTE (voice over data) before that voice was converted into radio frequency and there are so many frequencies and frequency interference and also if network is poor it will also effect radio frequency but in VoLTE voice is sending as data making small packet data we know LTE is already high speed data hence in VoLTE your voice is made small packet data and imposed on high speed data and send so this will give you accurate data high speed quality hence you will listen clear voice without any disturbance and call drop but the condition is both side same smart phone VoLTE should communicate then your voice quality will be very clear even with poor network strength but suppose you have smart phone VoLTE but you are calling to other 2G or 3G phone then your data voice will convert to radio frequency signal and then will connect to 2G or 3G phone which will delayed the call connection and poor radio frequency signal which will cause call drop no clear voice connection delay same problem as 4G LTE now we will continue in next post i hope you have enjoyed learning what is VoLTE and 4G LTE  thanks for sharing and reading 
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