What is Telecomtalk ? | And Talktalk Telecommunication . This is an online platform. And that provides its user, with latest information related to the telecommunication industry services. If you want to know more about Telecomtalk and Talktalk. Then you are at right place. Because i will explain this with example to understand better.

What is Telecomtalk explained with example ?

What is Telecomtalk | and Talktalk Telecommunication

Well as i told you. Telecomtalk is just latest information about telecom services. Which is provided by Telecom companies to its user. Hence every telecom companies, announces his latest services to his customer. And that services is voice, data, mobile, smart devices, and DTH plan.

So for example Bharti Airtel is providing “Free 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot Device on Six- Month Advance rental plans”. And this is called Telecomtalk. In Telecommunication Industry. Therefore i hope you got my point.

Reliance Jio gives access to Home TV in new ‘Triple Play’ plan

This is telecom tugwar. Because every telecom company is fighting for customer. So they are offering new services and free offer to attract customers. Therefore after capturing a share of wireless market. Now Reliance JIO focus is on Fiber to the home(FTTH) service.

The company is testing new Triple play plan for its own employees. Who are currently using Gigafiber connection. It is reported in Telecomtalk. Hence as per plan a user will be offered 100GB, of high speed data and unlimited voice call. Reliance JIO is likely to provide new plan very soon.

What is Talktalk ?

Talktalk is a growing Telecom company. Which is providing services to customer. And this service is pay television, Telecommunication, internet access and mobile network, services, to business and consumer in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2003 as a subsidary of Carphone Warehouse.

But in short time it is demerged as standalone company in Mar 2010. Its headquarter in London. Talktalk is providing fixed line and mobile phone services and broadband. Hence Talktalk has become the UK second, broadband internet aceess, television and telephone largest company. After Vergin media.

Telecom news

Smartphone prices down 16% in 10 years. So The fall in price is due to operating system(OS) mobile maker. Because using open source, which is free to download. And customization users can modify and redistribute. 

Now Shanghai becomes world’s first district with 5G coverage. Trial run on 5G network. And started service in Shanghai reported on 30th Mar 2019. Hence 5G is next generation of cellular technology. And download speed 10 to 100 times faster than 4G LTE.

So during lunch ceremony. Shanghai vice-mayor Wu Qing made the network’s first 5G video call, on an Huawei Mate X. the world’s first 5G fordable, AI phone. When it is fully operational. Then subscriber will avail same service. Without upgrade their SIM cards.

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