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What is Quantum Physics ?

Quantum Physics is still field of Physics Confusion.

Where as this’s use in our daily life and also use in universe regularly.

But it’s very difficult to explain completely till date even by philosopher. 

So if you have interest in Physics and want to know REALLY about this universe difficult topic.

Then i will suggest you to read this complete article.

Because today Physics Easy Tips will share you complete information about what is quantum physics in simple word.

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Therefore let’s start very first to know what is quantum physics ?

So quantum physics is that best part of Physics.

In which very small particles like molecules, atoms, electron, proton and neutron subatomic particle is describe.

Actually quantum Physics was very interesting and important principle of 20th century.

So it’s also called quantum mechanics and quantum field theory.

Quantum Physics definition and Invention

Now it’s time to know how quantum physics was invented ? and who discovered quantum physics ?

Therefore on 14th Dec 1900 Max Planck German physicist. Who discovered the quantum of action.

Known as Planck’s constant, h so his work laid the foundation for quantum theory.

He done research on black body radiation and provided a hypothesis about light and other magnetic substances.

And explained that light Radiate energy in the form of small packet.

So for this hypothesis Max Planck was awarded with Nobel Prize.

And this hypothesis made bustle in Physics world.

Hence the best story is that using this hypothesis Einstein explained light electric effect.

Now it’s important to know what is quanta ?

Well, quanta is small, small packet of energy made by Max Planck.

And every quanta has a fixed energy. such that it only depend upon light frequency.

So its formula is (-E = hv) where h is Planck’s constant h = 6.6260755 x 10¯34 Joule second, v is frequency of photon and E is energy of photon.

Because this is the smallest discrete amount of energy.

There can only be whole number quantities of photons. So light can behave like waves or particles.

How Quantum Physics is used in our daily life ?

If you’ll ask what does quantum physics mean exactly.

And the best description you have the nature of the particle that is made up matter and energy.

Then the simple answer it’s the physics that explains how everything works.

Well, whatever the event happen around us is due to quantum physics.

#For example:

whole computer world is based upon quantum physics. Because it explain how electrons move through a computer chip.

So you can imagine if quantum physics was not invented earlier.

Then you were not able to use computer right now.

Mobile phone is gift of quantum physics, transistor, microscope, laser, digital camera, LED.

How photons of light get turned to electrical current in a solar panel.

Even to make telecommunication easy there is quantum physics.

And today you’re using GPS to trace current location which’s also invented by quantum physics.

In medical science using MRI this is possible due to quantum physics.

Nuclear power plant is also quantum physics shelter.

So Quantum Physics equation is behind all these applications.

Now you’re able to understand importance of quantum Physics in our life.

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It does not explain how the thing works but provide basic concept about nature.

What Are Quantum Physics Main Concept ?

what is quantum physics


  • Dual Nature:

Everything in the universe exist in the form of particle and wave.

Its mean that everything of the universe is present at the same time in the form of particle and wave.

So according to quantum Physics every object of the universe have some property of particle and wave both.

Therefore every object look like particle as well as wave in in the universe at the same time.

Hence it’s clear that quantum particle electron has both particle and wave properties.

  • Uncertainty and probability:

It’s very important part of quantum physics.

Because in quantum world very small particle are found like atoms, electrons and photons.

So the probability to happen any event is not 100% in the world.

Its mean that anytime anywhere any event can happen.

Although it’s not possible to find out exact location of quantum particle.

Therefore when, which particle will be in which situation it’s not sure to know.

Because particle situation and location is always continue to be uncertain.

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

  • Quantum Entanglement:

these’re those types of particle which property is Complicated with each other.

So whenever any action on a single particle is done then other particles are effected.

Even whenever distance between two particle is extended still its effect is continue.

And the best story about Entanglement particle is that when one particle is kept at other planet, and do action on first particle then still other particle is effected.

So you can imagine how much complex is quantum physics world. Which’s really undigested to anyone.

It was also undigested to great scientist Einstein.

But according to scientist, quantum world really exist in the universe.

Because whatever the experiment is done about quantum particle got all proper response by scientist.

Now i hope your doubt is clear about importance of quantum Physics.

Because in which PC or mobile you’re reading this article is also gifted by quantum physics.

What is Quantum in Physics ?

Whenever you try to understand this Universe.

Then the first question comes in your mind is how this universe is made ?

And What’s actually building block of this universe ?

If you’re in a school then you’ll tell atom is smallest thing in the universe.

Where in atom center there’s a nucleus and inside this nucleus there’re protons and neutrons.

And apart from this there’s a electron in an atom which revolve around the nucleus.

But if you’re an university student so you’ll elaborate it to some extent as inside nucleus protons and neutrons are not elementary particle.

Because they’re made up of itself by quarks.

Then what does it mean, this universe is made by electrons and quarks combination.

But, what’s your opinion it’s completely true ? Yes or No.

It’s BIG NO. Because the universe is not made only by these things.

Because in this model you’re unable to explain how different, different forces work.

And which things quarks, electrons and protons are made.

So to know this secret you need to study quantum field theory.

Because this theory is best to understand the universe which’s made by human and is best till date.

But why it’s best theory ?

The simple answer is most of the prediction done by quantum field theory is correct now till.

And also with the help of quantum field theory you’re able to understand this universe well.

Standard Model of Physics Particles

It had a time , when you were seems atom is small particle of a matter.

And it can not be divided further more, so after some research again it was found that electron and proton is actually smaller than atom.

Whereas quantum theory came and then it searched some more new particles which you were totally unknown.

So to understand about this new particle a new theory was needed which is quantum field theory.

And this theory predicted about some more new particles are present in the universe.

After that when these particles were accelerated with high energy and collide together in a accelerator.

Then you found many new particles and it become a large number of particles.

So you have to divide these particles in different groups according to their properties.

And this was the properties.

  • Spin
  • Electrical charge
  • Mass
  • Lifetime (which time Unless it does not decay to become a lighter particle)

So it was developed a model such that according to their properties they’re put together.

And along with this properties you were able to explain what’s reason for different, different forces work.

What Does Quantum Physics Mean About Particle

Therefore this model is called Standard Model of Physics Particles.

So lets come to know what’re the different types of particles in it and what is their role ?

Hence all types of particle present in the universe is mainly divided into two categories.

Which’re given below.

  • Fermions
  • Bosons

Fermions build a mater, whether it’s a tree, mountain.

Whereas four fundamental forces in this universe work due to Bosons.

Do you know what’re four fundamental forces

Now in Fermions family there’re two types of particles.

  • Quarks
  • Leptons

So Quarks are again six types (Up, down, charm, strange, top, bottom)

These’re responsible for making electron and proton inside the nucleus.

But Quarks are not stable so they always make new particle after combination together.

Which’s known as Hadrons.

Now Hadrons are again divided into two parts.

  • Baryons (3 quarks)
  • Mesons

Also Baryons made with combination of three quarks. So Proton and neutron comes under Baryons.

Because proton made with two up and one down quarks. Whereas neutron made with two down and one up quarks.

How Electron is generated according to Quantum principle ?

Now rest four quarks combine together to make new other combination.

And due to this you get new, new other particles.

If you’ll talk about Leptons these’re those particles which’s not made with quarks.

So Which’re as bellow.

  • Electron
  • Muon
  • Tau
  • Neutrino

These’re stable so no need to combine itself.

Therefore the Heisenberg uncertainty principle predict about such particle which exist without any cause.

Because there’s probability to exist these particles. So these types of particles are called virtual particles.

And these types of particle are already seen. whereas they looks very stranger but follow a particular pattern.

So actually they always appear in a pair in which one is regular matter and other is Anti matter.

Therefore whenever electron is made then it made with its anti matter always.

Which’s known as positron. its mass is same but charge are opposite.

How Does Quantum Physics Work  Actually ?

It’s made due to energy so when they collide then release pure energy in large amount.

Hence like electron, all Lepton has ant particles.

Now you’ve know Fermions are responsible to make matter in the universe.

But which force how will work it has no any role about this.

This’s only responsibility of Bosons.

Now it’s best time to know about types of Bosons.

  • Photons (Electromagnetic force)
  • W/Z Boson (weak nuclear force)
  • Gluons (Strong nuclear force)
  • Gravitons (Gravitational force)

Before this you were assuming electric and magnetic force differently.

But now it’s combine together as electromagnetic force.

So electromagnetic force work due to photons.

Because it’s clear that without photons neither magnet will attract iron towards it.

As well as without photons electricity will work.

And you experience about these forces in your daily life.

So the best story is that unfortunately there’s no any particle found for Gravitational force cause on quantum level.

But it’s predicted that there must be a particle responsible for Gravitational force.

Therefore for the time being this gravitational particle name is given as Gravitons.

Quantum Mechanics Vs Quantum Physics

Well, it’s combination of Quantum Mechanics and field theory.

So in classical Physics this world look likes very simple.

You’re able to predict present event on the basis of past. As well as future event on the basis of present event.

But quantum Physics tell us how much the world look simple is not really simple.

So in Classical Physics object is either particle or wave.

But in quantum Physics particle is neither particle nor wave.

Because it’s combination of particle and wave.

Unless you’ll not observe it’ll not change their form.

But as you observe it changes form either in particle or wave.

So in quantum Physics you’re able to predict future event probability only.

You can’t guaranteed the event outcome.

Therefore all the probability in quantum Physics is a wave function.

Because it’s assume that the reality of probability of even outcome exist in the wave function.

So the quantum physics actually explain about truth of the real world.

Its original form exist in the wave form.

What is Quantum Field Theory ?

A general man of the world understand that there’s only matter in the universe.

There’s nothing without matter. And Its mean, that place is empty.

So what’s your opinion ? empty place is really empty. YES or NO.

Well, It’s big NO. Because empty place is not completely empty.

Therefore You can understand this with an example.

You know two south pole of magnet repel each other.

When you’ll try to bring two south pole of magnet closer to each other you’ll feel a force appearance there.

But it’s strange because there’s empty space between two magnet south pole.

There’s nothing but how this force worked.

So Actually where you understand empty space, there is magnetic field present.

Hence it’s clear that in complete universe there’s no any empty space existence.

Because, there’s is field, where’s nothing.

This’s the main statement point of the field theory.

If you add quantum mechanics in field theory then it become quantum field theory.

So quantum field theory state that in the universe there’re many types of field present at the same time at same place.

Which you can’t see through naked eye.

For Example:

  • Magnetic field
  • Electric Field
  • Gravitational field

And many more

Do you know ? every elementary particle has its own field like electron field, Higgs, Quark and Gluon field.

What Is Energy Quantum Physics Explain

So physicist represent this field with numbers.

Therefore in space every point has one or more numbers.

And how many numbers required a field.

So on the basis of this number field are divided in the different category.

For example Higgs field is a scalar field. So to describe this field in space only one number is required.

Whereas electric and magnetic field are known as vector field, because to represent this field in space other than number direction is also required.

And according to Newton’s gravitation field is also a vector field.

But according to Einstein it’s a tensor field.

Whenever this field get energy then it shifted to higher energy state level.

So they create ripple there same as water.

And these ripples you called particles.

For example in electron field, whenever ripple is created then you get electron.

As well as when ripple created in quark field then quark is obtain.

And the best part is that, when ripple is vanishes then particle associated with this ripple is also vanishes.

Actually in this field the energy given to the field position you see that particle only.

And as the energy spread out to the field it seems that particle is moving.

Therefore in some field you need more energy to generate particle. But in some field less.

Because how much energy needed in a field to move the particle, it depend upon the mass of the particle.

For example Higgs Bosons are heavier than electron, so it required large Hadron collider to generate particle.

In which large amount of energy given to Higgs Boson then it was seen Higgs Bosson particle.

Quantum Physics Law of Attraction And How different Forces work ?

Well, these field exist in space at same place in space and time.

And sometime energy is exchanged between these fields.

So forces also work there and many time one particle is changes to other particle.

Therefore quantum is the best theory to understand our nature right now.

But still there’re many unsolved puzzle in front of us like Dark energy and Dark matter.

So physicist are trying to solve this puzzle.

But still they’re unknown about this field.

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