What is Internet ?

Today our topic is most important what is internet ? Today world has become modern, Many years work just completed in few hours. Due to easy communication economy is growing very fast in comparison to old days.  All this has became possible only due to a network which is internet, The men has not done in 1000 of years that work is doing by this network in only one decade.  
Human having same thought was not able to meet. But today due to Internet on finger tip to connect with world map anywhere.  

So you can imagine the importance of internet today in our life. According to a survey If one day internet stop to work world will lack behind 6 days, If internet stop to work for an hour world economy will loss one trillion. So internet has became necessity for our life today.
So in this topic we will learn in details about what is internet ?, History of Internet, How
 internet work, Application and uses of internet in our daily life.

 what is Internet history ? 


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This modern network was started in 1962. J.C.R Licklider made an organization and given the name DARPA (Defence advance research project agency).With the help of this organization J.C.R made a network and given the name INTERGALACTIC.
The aim of this network was to connect the whole world together. J.C.R was working with his team for INTERGALACTIC. In 1974 two magistrate of DARPA  Vint cerf and Bob Kahn made TCP (Transmission control protocol) and changed the name from  INTERGALACTIC to INTERNET.
But after making Internet is was not possible to connect two computer. In 1976 Dr Robert made coaxial cable and with the help of coaxial cable many computer connected together and data transmission was made possible between two computer and given the name LAN (Local area network).
After that in 1983 chief member of DARPA Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn converted the name from DARPA to ARPANET (Advance research Projects agency network) and added unique IP address to every computer. Now with the help of IP any machine can access network, But now till only internet had use for data transfer, calculating and 2D- gaming.

But in 1984 John Postal made domain extension like (.com,.edu,.org, .net, .gov) with the help of this extension it was made possible to make website and was started website making to upload on internet and make website live. 
But this website was only limited to some city and country, Then in 1979 Vint Cerf and Bob commercialize internet through ISP(Internet service provider) company available for general public in the world, Before that internet was available only for defence and government agency that time it was called dial up internet.
Later on 1991 Tim tim berners-lee was a scientist he made www (world wide web) made possible for any part of the world any one can access internet.
Now the internet grow fast from this period to the entire world.
The credit goes to Mr Vint cerf for his innovation idea of internet. 

What is Internet and how it work ?


what is internet,Internet history,Internet example

When we talk about Internet most of the people think the image of cloud, but it is not like that. The internet is the actually wire buried in the ground a multi fiber optics, copper occasionally satellite to the cell phone network.
Two computer connected to the wire can communicate, A server is a special computer connected to the internet and web page or file use to server drive.
Every server like google.com, facebook.com demo.physicseasytips.com , youtube.com has an unique IP address like postal address how computer find each other.
Now to remember this server easily rather than IP address we give these name like google.com,facebook.com, youtube.com so this above figure how it work.
Your computer is not server because it is not directly connected to the internet. You and i use the computer is called client because it connected to indirectly internet through service provider. Here opted my home desktop using DSL.
Now i want to visit alo.com then my desktop will go through DSL to ISP to Internet and then to alo server now my computer connect to alo.com now i can look the web pages.
Now lets i want to send email to my friend Arun Raj similarly in this case my desktop connected to DSL to ISP to internet and then to gmail.com. Now i written mail and putting email address of Arun Raj and sent the mail.
Now mail will go from gmail server through internet wire to alo.com server.
Now Arun will login to aol.com server and email will retrieve. Whenever an email web page or image travels across the internet computer brought the image in small pieces called packets.
When the images reaches the original destination again its rearrange in order and original picture is ready on your screen.
Everything on internet connected directly or indirectly  through IP addresses to communicate between servers, your computer and your mobile phone.
To send and receive the message on internet a equipment use is called router helping each. packets  closer one step to its destination.


Every time you visit website up to 10 to 15 router find your packet from server to your computer.

The first layer is your computer IP address your computer sense first router as its own ip address, each time packet reaches other router and added another IP layer and goes to the server and then server send back information with an identical packet raping  each router back rape the information and packet reaches to your computer.
Thanks Mr Vinit Cerf for his innovative idea about internet today we are using internet 
That the way internet works. I hope that you have enjoyed to learn what is internet ? if you like comment and share. thanks for reading and sharing Learn and grow more.
Dated 4th Nov 2018 


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