What is Cloud Storage Meaning ? If you want to know, Then you are at right place. Because you are going to learn here, basic concept of cloud technology and cloud computing. Which is generally called cloud platform. And this is use for cloud data storage.

What is cloud storage | And why its name is cloud  ?

What is Cloud Storage And Cloud Computing Technology

Well  i am going to  explain first basic concept. Why this technology name is cloud and its symbol is like cloud ?. So that you are enjoy learning this concept.  And this is easy to understand, just remember how cloud is form. After that you are able to understand, logic of cloud name and symbol for this technology. So let me explain this. Don’t worry it is easy to understand. Because i am going to explain.

How cloud is form ? Do you know ? due to combination of water vapor molecules(H2O) cloud is form . Which is not having any fixed place and structure. Here i want to say, cloud are moving things, and its structure also changes. Hence sometimes cloud is seen and sometimes cloud is not seen in the sky.

Because cloud makes and break in the sky.  Similarly cloud technology is actually, made with combination of many computers network. And many users network just like water vapor molecules. So sometimes users are available in the network.

And sometimes users are not available in the network. Hence its network makes and break like cloud. And since cloud is above in the sky. Which caters many peoples through the rain.

Therefore in similar way cloud technology provide services, to all over the world. And it is not fixed at a place. So cloud technology is movable. Hence it is just to relate with actual cloud.  So its name and symbol is given just like cloud. And this is the logic behind name and symbol of cloud technology.

What is the Meaning of Cloud Technology | how it works ?

If you really want to understand meaning of cloud technology .Then you are at right place. Because i am going to explain about cloud technology. So simple that, it is going to store in your permanent memory . And hence you will never forget it. Now let me explain this in easy trick.

So first break these two word Cloud and technology. what is cloud ?. Therefore simple meaning of cloud is, a different name used for internet. And cloud is a different name used for “any where any time”. Now What is technology ?.

Well technology is a unique technique, which makes our daily work life easy. Hence technology can be anything, for example (tools, software, Car, Mobile, Laptop…). And therefore any things, which is useful for human is a technology. So cloud technology is ” any where any time makes human daily work life easy”.

Hence take an example, See the picture below.

What is Cloud Storage And Cloud Computing Technology

Suppose you have a computer. And you are doing your normal work, like create file, play game and store data on this computer. But when you need to play a high end game and store huge data. Also you want to use some software, which is not installed in your computer. Then what is option for you to use these services ?

Well you have the following options to choose.

  1. You can perched a new powerful computer. Which is having software installed and huge storage.
  2. And if you have a high speed internet. Then you can take a computer on rent to use those power services, from your local computer. And this is cloud technology idea.

What is cloud storage and cloud service provider ?

Many people know that cloud technology is use for data stores only. And this is not correct. Because this is more than storage. So let me explain, Cloud technology features. This technology is providing services and many applications.

As well as data storage. So there are many companies, which are working for cloud technology, and proving IT infrastructure for organization. Therefore cloud storage is a model of computer data storage. And digital data is stored in logical pools.

Because physically digital data is stored in multiple server location. And due to this cloud is providing high speed data rate. Since data is stored in multiple server, So data loss chances is negligible. Even in any disaster case.

Hence these are examples of cloud storage.

  • Dropbox
  • Google drive
  • Amazon drive
  • Google cloud
  • OneDrive
  • pCloud
  • OpenDrive
  • iCloud
  • Securesafe
  • MEGA

Therefore apart from these companies. There are many other companies, Which are also providing services for cloud storage. So these companies are providing cloud storage digital data for their clients. And your data is safe and secured here with the help of high level encryption.

What is cloud computing simple and easy definition ?

To understand well about cloud computing. lets divide this in two parts.

Computing >> whenever there is word of computing. This is simple word of computer. Then what is computer ?. So computer is an electronics device, which is computing something. With the help of processor and memory. So if you see the word computing. Then this is consist of processor and memory. And what is cloud over here ?,

Cloud >>  As discussed in the above paragraph. Cloud is different name of internet used for “Any where Any Time”. Hence Cloud computing is (any where any time Processor and Storage). Here memory word is changed with storage. Because both have same meaning.

Now lets simplify this, so that you can better understand. And hence just remove processor word. Therefore cloud computing simple definition is (any where any time storage). Now see the picture below.

What is Cloud Storage And Cloud Computing Technology

Hence in the picture person is storing, some data from his local computer storage to cloud storage. What data he is storing ?. It can be any photo, video or file. And he is moving to other place. But he is able to access data easily from other place. Therefore cloud is any where any time storage.

What are some examples of cloud storage and cloud types ?

There are four types of cloud. And which is important to know . So this is given below.

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Community cloud

Public cloud >>  It is mostly used by general public. So for example Google Drive is public cloud. Because you all are using Google Drive to store the data. Hence it is shareable drive. Because any one can access Google Drive.

Private cloud >>  This is mostly used by organization. And it is a dedicated storage. So only this organization is able to access this storage.

Hybrid cloud >>  it is (public + Private) cloud. If any organization uses (public + private) cloud, then it is under hybrid cloud. So for example. Any organization uses dedicated storage for confidential data. But email id storage is shareable among the employees. Therefore this is example of hybrid cloud.

Community cloud >>  Many organization storage their data in a dedicated storage. But all these organization, share this dedicated storage among them. So this types of cloud is called community cloud.

What is real advantage of cloud storage ?

It may be you are thinking, Why anyone is going to use cloud computing ?. Then let me explain, the advantage of cloud by an example. Because this example is going to clear your all doubt.

Suppose you want to open an eCommerce company. And you have some limited amount of money. Then how you are going to manage all department. Because you have to maintain sales department, marketing department and IT infrastructure department.

Then you must be thinking. Is there anyone who can provide me IT infrastructure ?. So that you can manage Sales and marketing department only. And focus to increase your sales level. Rather than focusing on IT infrastructure. Then answer is yes cloud computing.

Hence for example, all Banks applications, you are using right now is example of cloud computing. And Facebook is also example of cloud computing.

What are the three types of cloud computing services ?

Here three different types of cloud computing serves. This is very important . And this is given below.

  • Saas
  • Paas
  • Iaas

Saas >>  What is Saas ?. This is software as service. Hence in this case, user does’t have software. So this user is depend upon other companies software.  And other companies is having their own software. But these user are using companies software, with the help of an interface.

Therefore Gmail is best example of Saas. Because Gmail software is not installed into your mobile. So this is nothing but an interface.  Because Gmail software is maintained by Google itself.  And you are just using an interface to use your email id. So this is called software as service.

Paas >>  This is platform as service. Many times user is asking for platform, like give me a platform for execution. So what is platform ?. Now take an example to understand Paas. Suppose you are writing few lines of C programming code. And you are looking  for execution this C programming language.

what are real examples of cloud services ?

Then you are giving this code  other person for execution. So for example, Google is providing JAVA platform for execution. Hence you are writing JAVA program but you don’t have platform. Hence this is called Platform as service.

Iaas >>  

What is Cloud Storage And Cloud Computing Technology

This is infrastructure as service. Whenever the user is asking for infrastructure services, like give me some server and some storage. Therefore it comes under infrastructure as service.  So the best example of Iaas is Google cloud.  Because Google is providing free services, to store data on Cloudflare server.  So if you are storing  website data on cloudflare server . Then this is call infrastructure as services.

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