If you’re using internet then before visit any website must use website safety check google.

Otherwise it may be problem sometime, because you don’t know site is secure or not.

So in this article i’m going to show you, how to use website safety check google for any website.

And sure about website safety, before use any website.

Hence let’s begin, how to use website safety check google right now.

How to use website safety check google for safe web access ?

How to use website safety check google for safe web access ?
website safety check google for safe web access ?

We generally access internet and forget to check that, whether site is secure or not.

But it’s our big mistake, and due to this many people lost their important confidential data like password, account details and many more.

So we need to check any website safety before accessing through internet.

Because every day million of website are reported fake and unsecured, using Malware, phishing and stealing your private data.

Every day safe browsing discovers thousands of new unsafe sites.

Even many of them are legitimate legitimate websites.which has been compromised by hackers everyday.

Hence unsafe sites are of two types, phishing and malware that threaten users’ privacy and security.

So for this Google’s Safe Browsing service examines billions of URLs every day and check their safety for users.

And find out those urls of website which are unsafe websites.

Therefore website safety check google provide best option for you.

After that safe browsing warns users that this website is not safe, and don’t share your private data.

Because they can steal your personal data, just design as software to take over their computers.

Therefore every week safe browsing protects billions of devices from hacks.

So you must use this services provided by Google free to check any website safety, before using any website on internet.

Hence how you can check about any website safety, it is very simple.

Just you have to use one Google link and put the domain name of the website you want to check.

Here is example for this, use this url http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=suspiciouswebsite.com

But in this url site=suspiciouswebsite.com, put here the name which site you want to check.

If this site name is indicated in RED in the browser then it’s confirmed that, site is not secure.

As shown in the above picture.

So don’t visit that site and don’t share anything on this website.

Otherwise you’ll lose your personal information data. I hope you got my point.

FAQ Solved

Q How can I check to see if a website is safe?

Answer you can check website is safe or not through Google safe browsing given above.

Q How do I turn on Google safe browsing?

Answer Yes you can turn on Google safe browsing through chrome web setting, explained in this article.

Q How do you know if a website is legit to buy from?

Answer Check before accessing any website through Google safe browsing legit about website.

Hence you are having the best option available website safety check google.

Before visit website safety check google trust first

Safe browsing is the best service provided by Google security team,

The main purpose to identify unsafe website which are available on the web.

And to inform users and webmaster tool about these types of websites.

Which is potentially harmful for the users, and this is the transparency report shown on web.

After find out harmful threats website disclose warning to users.

But smartly these types of websites target to be legitimate sites.

So that they can trap users into typing their username and password as well as sharing other private information.

Because bank websites or online stores are common examples of phishing sites.

There are two important method through which you can know about harmful website warning.

When user safe browsing is enabled in the browser or app.

And if they attempt to access unsafe website on the web, then they will see a warning page.

The content you’re trying to access may be harmful,

If you have not enabled safe browsing in your browser then learn below how to do it.

When safe browsing identify about harmful website, then that also appears in Google search result.

Also show in App warning to users.

Because there are some websites hackers have set up intentionally hosted and distributed malicious software.

And these types of sites contains harmful software, which can steal users personal data.

But technology is able to detect these types of attacker sites.

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How to use google safe browsing web access ?

Google safe browsing
Google safe browsing

Here are some setting you need to do in Chrome browser.

Don’t worry it’s easy and simple, but you must do it for safe browsing.

  • Open Chrome browser in your computer
  • At the top right of the browser click on icon
  • Click on setting
  • Under “Privacy and security,” select Security
  • Select level of Safe Browsing you want to use from options

There are some option you can choose, so you can choose in safe browsing standard protection of the option.

So that accessing dangerous website and download that are known to be unsafe.

Which detects and warns you about dangerous events, when that happen.

Because checks urls with a list of unsafe sites stored in chrome,

So if a sites try to steal your password or when you download a harmful file.

But along with this you must enable Warn you if passwords are exposed in a data breach.

Because Chrome will periodically check your passwords against list that has been published online.

If you do this then your password and usernames are encrypted, so they can’t be read by anyone including Google.

Is this website safe to buy from ?

Before accessing any site, first need to check whether site is secure or not.

If site is not secure then don’t visit that sites and not buy anything from that site.

But how you’ll check that site is secure or not for this i have already mentioned above.

So you need to just follow the step, then you and your personal data will be secure.

Because there are a lots of hackers sites, you can’t recognize.

Hence check before use, so that can’t fall into trap.


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