Types of network LAN/MAN/WAN

Today our topic is about types of network, It looks very easy but interesting to know the facts of types of network . Many of us may be thinking oh i know about types of network, What and how much you know about types of network i don’t know , But i ensure you today you will learn the hidden concept of types of network LAN/MAN/WAN basic unique facts. So lets start.

Types of network definition basis

See network can be define by many ways on the basis of criteria, Here network is defined on the basis of Area so this types of network are called LAN/MAN/WAN.
It can also be define on the basis of transmission media which will be Wire network or Wireless network. But generally types of network is defined on the basis of Area. I hope you got the network definition basic concept.

Types of network definition you study is wrong 

The definition of network LAN/MAN/WAN we study in books and teaches by our teachers and we understand the concept about types of network is not correct. I am not saying books are wrong but want to convey you there is a gap.It is just incomplete definition about types of network.
So first we will see the normal definition written in books about types of network LAN/MAN/WAN and then will compare with full complete definition.So that you can understand that gap or incomplete definition. 

You must understand that gap because whenever you face in interview that types of question, You are unable to answer question. How can you create a WAN in your room ? So after study this post, I hope you will never forget about types of network concept. So lets first see what does books definition says about LAN/MAN/WAN.

Types of network books definition is incomplete 


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Types of Network


Books definition about LAN (Local Area Network)
LAN is a group of computers and the network devices connected together usually within the same building .
MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) is a large network that usually span several building building in the same city or an entire city, Larger than LAN.
WAN (Wide Area Network) Not restricted to a geographical area, It is connected to state or country .

Types of network complete definition you must know  

As we know from the definition of LAN, network within a campus or within area of 2km to 10km is called LAN.
But suppose one of my computer is in Delhi office and other computer in Mumbai office connected through a lan cable, I send some file from Delhi office computer to Mumbai office computer then,Can you tell me which types of network is this LAN/MAN/WAN. 
Well may be some people thinking it is LAN, Other some thinking it WAN and next some people thinking it is MAN.


Now my next question suppose you and your friend are sitting in a same room and chatting on facebook, Which types of network is this LAN/MAN/WAN ? 
If now your friend is in Mumbai and you are chatting on facebook from Delhi, Which types of network is this LAN/MAN/WAN.
So to know the facts, you must remember about LAN and WAN only,  MAN is nothing logically,MAN is somehow LAN.So you have to clear difference between LAN and WAN first, Hence this is time to understand WAN .
If any two computer communicate over internet either both the computer  is placed in a same room, or one computer is in Delhi and other computer is in Mumbai or any other country but communicating over internet this types of network is WAN without any doubt.
Distance does not matter between two computers for WAN (Wide Area Network) if two computer are communicating over internet, This types of network is example of WAN network. 
Well now i hope you have got the concept clear about WAN network.
Similarly if two computers are communicating without Internet whether one computer is in Delhi office and other computer is in Mumbai office or both computers are in same room  connected through wire cable, lan cable, fiber cable, this types of network is example of LAN network.
Then why it is said in book definition about LAN network, This is within a campus or Area between 2km to 10km, Well this is because on the experience of practical approach network implementation and deployment. No any network service provider will laying cable from Delhi to Mumbai for communication between two computer only. It will be very costly network for two computer communication.It will be not practical approach .  

So this LAN network is feasible within a campus, or within short distance range area, Hence mentioned this reference in book definition.
Now i hope that your concept for LAN network is clear and you have got the difference between book definition and wrong concept clear.
Now we will see about MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) this types of network is actually made by LAN network. 
Many separate building with 10km to 20km are connected by many LANs like entire city though cable without Internet, This is example of MAN network.
Hence actually small LAN network actually made MAN network.

Types of network conditions



   Hence from the above table, you will get maximum data speed in LAN network and lowest in WAN data speed.
LAN network will be most secure because you are maintaining small network, But in case of WAN it is large network data coming from passing many routers.
Now i think your concept is clear for LAN/MAN/WAN and you have understand well and also have got yourself answer for the above asked question .we will continue in next post . I hope that you have enjoyed learning types of network. If you like this types concept based post please share and comments, Thanks for reading and sharing keep learning more and grow.
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