Track a cell phone location for free, any mobile is possible for general people. But how it’s possible, See to be honestly any mobile location tracking is not simple and easy, for general public due to security reason.

I will explain in details here, don’t worry. But still there is only one right method, through which you are able to find, the location for any mobile number.

And this is only for you knowledge, So don’t try to misuse this.

Here i am going to provide you step-by-step guide, such that how to find someones location using their cell phone number.

And you will know here, What is the fact how to track a cell phone location without them knowing

As well as people having many misconception about phone location tracking. So do you want to know ? What’s the real story behind it ? keep reading.

Track a Cell Phone Location For Free Mind-Blowing

How to track a cell phone location for free live ?

Well very first i like to fairly clear your doubt, to track the any location is impossible for general public.

So only the police and Government agencies of that particular country can trace the any location. Rest anyone can’t trace any location.

But still i am sharing you, some method and step through which, you are able to reach near the live location. Hence except this method, there is no any alternate option, through which you can reach near to anyone live location.

Now why can’t general public trace anyone live location ? Well think yourself, Why does this matter ?

Suppose If a person is able to trace easily any other man location. Then security of that country is in danger. So location tracking is illegal.

Therefore ordinary people can only track location to some extent. So up to what extent, you are capable to trace. Just i am about to explain here.

Just keep reading, how to track a Cell Phone Location For Free.

How to find someones location using their cell phone number ?

To trace anyone location to the some extent with mobile number is easy, with the help of two great App.

So first you need to install these two App in your mobile phone. Then you are able to reach out, near the live location of anyone.

But there’s a catch. How you will reach ? near the live location by using these App. And this application is available in Google Play store.

So for this catch, continue reading. So why you are waiting go and download today. and use this feature to trace location simple and quick.

Best Application for location trace

  1. IP logger

First go to play store and search for Ip logger. Then you will find there, “Ip logger URL shortner”. Then install this application in your mobile. Refer the snap below.

IP logger App, How to track a cell phone location for free.

2 IP Location

Now again search for other App in play store. Then you find ip location app, install this app in your mobile see the snap below.

IP Location App, How to track a cell phone location for free live

After both the application is successfully installed in your mobile, then first open Ip logger app. And accept disclaimer.

You are using first time, so you need to create account before use this app. To make your account simply fill your email id and password only. See the image below.

IP Logger how to create account, for tracing a cell phone location free.

No need to create account in Ip location app. It is open simply, here you only need to check Ip based information.

This is the best process to track a Cell Phone Location For Free.

How to track a cell phone location without them knowing ?

How to track a cell phone location without them knowing is easy But some catch’s here. So i am describing step-by-step, follow this simple step and you are able to trace live location.

# Follow this Steps :

  • First open chrome browser or UC browser any.
  • Through browser Search any funny or attractive picture (Attention choose best picture, eye catching so that anyone can click easily)
  • Select any best photo.
  • Tap few second on selected image, then page info will shown. Now click on page info, and copy link URL.
  • Open Ip logger, and go to image URL option open it. Paste image selected url, After that click on create, it will create short url.
  • Copy logger url
  • Share logger url to whom you want to trace location, through Whatsapp, Facebook, message, the important part is that he has to click on that url. So for that use power word. like very funny picture, breaking news, write some temptation message. So that it is click quickly.
  • If your shared image is click, then it will show in your Ip logger records. Then click on records, after that ip and location of clicker will appear on screen. again click on ip to Copy ip address of clicker.
  • Open Ip location application, and click on lens icon, then ip location window is open, now paste ip here. and then click on OK button.
  • Now you are able to see live location of that person, which has clicked on your shared image. Hence all information is available here you can see. look like below image.
Location Traced map view

This is the best part of this app, track a Cell Phone Location For Free with ip address.

How to trace mobile number current location online

How to trace mobile number current location online ? is totally based upon the ip address in this case. But if person is not online, then you are not able to trace him.

or if the person is again on, off his mobile and then connect with internet. So in this case his ip address is also change. Hence again you are not able to trace the accurate location.

Here even you are able to see GPS lat and long of that man in the above picture.

So to find location of that person, there are two ways through which you can reach out to that location.

1 click on Google map icon, it will show you location.

2 If you want to see, how far distance is that person from your location. then click on icon near google map. Which will show current distance.

Even you can see satellite view. how to reach there by road ? just zoom the satellite view, then you are able to see the clear location of that person.

So he is not knowing, and you are tracing him. Hence “track a cell phone location without them knowing” is done.

But unless the shared image is not clicked, you will not get the ip address of that person and are not able to trace.

Therefore i hope you understand it well step-by-step guide, and now you are intelligent to trace any location right now.

Through this process, you are even able to find out distance between you and target device for, tracking a Cell Phone Location For Free.

# Now this is time for great explanation about ip. Think what you have done here ?

what is Ip address ? Who provide this Ip address ? How important is ip address ?

with the help of Ip address, you are intelligent to trace any location. So As i promise you to explain in details.

What’s story behind it, keep reading to know misconception.

What is my ip mind-blowing ?

Well how police trace your real time location, from mobile number and Ip address.

If you are using internet, watching video on YouTube or accessing any website then don’t forget, you are under location tracking.

Because a Ip is allotted to you for internet access.

And do you know ? with this ip address can be reach to your home location. Even your real time location is find out.

So first you must understand “what is my ip meaning ?

Well Ip address is just like your car or bike.

But there is a difference your car or bike is always in your control. whereas Ip address is not in your control.

It is control by your telecom service provider operator company. But basic function is almost same. Let me compare the both function.

Just think when you want to purchase a car. What is requirement to buy a car ?

1 you have to pay money.

2 you are to provide your identification and address proof documents. Because if you do anything wrong in future, by car then can reach out to you easily.

Then car dealer provide you a car with a number. such that your id and address is capture in your car number.

And now you are free to move by car anywhere using fuel.

Now in similar way. When you want to use internet, then your service provider check your account balance for data use, and you have already taken the SIM before, with providing your id proof document.

So they have already your address and id proof.

After that they allot you a Ip number to access internet.

Here fuel is your network coverage area. just like car if no fuel, then you are not able to move.

So same as if you are not in coverage network area. you can’t access internet or any website.

If you want to know more about internet click link, What is Internet

# The best story is not end here. Because it is just start keep reading.

what is my local ip address simple meaning ?

When you want to connect with Internet, then your internet service provider (ISP), assign you a ip number, which is also called your local Ip address.

Now through this ip address you are able to connect any website worldwide.

But do you know ? when you access any website, then those website know all details about you.

Like what is you ip address, who are you ? from where you are accessing, as well as which device you are accessing website.

Hence as many website you access, all website get your complete information with date and time. In technical term IP is called (Internet protocol).

So all the communication on internet is based upon the Ip address in the network.

Therefore no one knows, what is your computer name or mobile number.

On network communication does’t care about name and number. But only consider ip address for communication.

So on internet as many devices are connected. Examples watch, Tv, laptop, mobile and many more all are assigned ip address.

This ip is important because it’s actually using to Track a Cell Phone Location For Free.

Who provide my IP address ?

Your ip address is provided by your’s service provider.

But they are not IP address maker, Because service provider get this Ip address from an authority.

And this is Internet assigned number authority (iana ).

which allot the all IP addresses worldwide. So this authority manages all ip addresses in the world.

And knows which ip address is allotted to whom. Hence iana has divided ip address according to global region wise.

# Example :

for Asia continent (APNIC), So Airtel, JIO, Vodafone in India has got IP address from (APNIC) in bunch, like one crore IP addresses.

Then these telecom companies distribute these ip addresses in its local region. that is why, you are good to Track a Cell Phone Location For Free.

Now if you want to check your ip address, Because you are using internet, So before connect to internet your service provider assign you a ip address.

Then just search in google “what is my ip”

you will see a ip number on your screen, and that is your ip assigned by your service provider (ISP).

Therefore at that time, you are using this ip and can be track, if you are doing something wrong.

Remember this ip is dynamic, it is not fixed ip, whenever you will on, off or disconnect, you will get different ip address, Which is check by your service provider, and assign to you whatever is available or free in that particular area.

How my ip address location is manage ?

All Service providers pay money for each ip address.

Suppose Airtel has only 100 IP address, But his customer is 200.

then how it’s manage, well they know that at a time 200 customer, will not be available on internet.

So whenever you off your internet connection, Or not using, then your Ip address is allotted to other person.

But they maintain log file at what time, which ip is allotted to whom for how much duration.

Therefore all this information is capture in log file, which is handle by operator companies.

# But think what will happen, if 200 customer is available on internet at same time.

Boom Airtel server will down, and display message like secure connection is failed.

Or they can off internet for some time, So that some people will go back. and as many ip is available again people will connect.

How Police and Government agencies trace with IP address tracker ?

Well anyone can’t find real time location for any other person with ip address.

Because Ip address is also dynamic, it is moving. One ip is allotted to many person even within a hour. If you want to know more about IP, then click on link what is IP Address.

So it is clear that with the help of IP address, You can’t find real time accurate location.

Now Police and government agencies has direct connection with ISP.

And if they want to trace any mobile number, then put that number on surveillance.

If mobile is on then it is connected to near base station tower (BTS) in real time.

And hence it is easily trace with mobile number, from which tower BTS this mobile number is currently connected. So in this way real time location is trace.

You are under Government and agency Tracking

If you are using mobile or Internet then be careful always.

Because in case you are doing something wrong, then using your ip address, You can be trace out and possible to reach your home location.

So don’t do anything wrong be safe and secure from government and agency.

If you are not doing anything wrong, then you will not be under trace.

So whatever you are doing online, just do it in the correct way to be safe and secure yourself.

I hope you enjoy learning Track a Cell Phone Location For Free Mind-Blowing. If you feel this post is helpful for you, then like, comment and share in social media, otherwise dislike. Your are having any doubt in app and ip logger, then ask me i am always here for your support. Thanks for sharing.