What is Telecommunication device ? This is a Telecommunication equipment. This equipment is use by deaf person for communication. And hence it is a gift,  for deaf by Telecommunication engineering. So If you want to know, more about Telecommunication system and Products. Then you are at right place. Because you will learn here. .The best concept for Telecommunication engineering and  Telecommunication device for the deaf.

What is Telecommunication Device For The Deaf ?

Telecommunication Device For The Deaf is a Telecommunication Gift


See the above picture . How two deaf person are communicating . This is a telecommunication device for the deaf(TDD). And this is an electronic device called teleprinter. Because you know that, deaf person can’t hear. But they can see, the text message. And hence they can communicate. The text message over telephone line. As shown in the above picture.  Therefore they are exchanging text message as seen in the picture. Very easily with each other.  By using  this teleprinter. Hence  this device is design for deaf persons . Because they are having problem, for hearing or speech difficulties.

Hence in other words. This is also called teletypewriter(TTY) text phone.  Because only text message is communicated,  over this device by deaf person. Therefore this is called telecommunication device for the deaf(TDD).  And so Its size is about typewrite.  Or like laptop computer. So this  is  with a QWERTY keyboard.  Because its small screen, that uses LED, LCD screen.  And display typed text electronically. After that  text message is transmitted live, via telephone line.  To  a compatible device uses by other deaf.

Therefore this devices is developed. For partially  Analog Public switched telephone network (PSTN). But it does not work. As well on the new Internet protocol(IP) networks. So this device is called TTy. But as the technology is moving, towards IP based telecommunication.  Hence this device need to be enhance,  for IP based communication.

What is Telecommunication Engineering ?

Telecommunication engineering is  4 years course discipline.  And this is based on two important foundation. Therefore  its first foundation is hardware device.  And second foundation is software program. Hence software program is  compatible with hardware. So any work is done, using software application . Therefore after combining hardware and software, a telecommunication system is made.  Hence this system is complex. Due to design of electronic switching systems.

But this  is capable for communication, with other electronics devices. Do you know ?  these telecommunication system can’t communicate. unless it is not connected with each other. Hence to facilitate communication between these systems. you must required, a connection between them. So that  they can communicate, over that connection.  And this connection is called a medium. So this medium  provide,  a connection between two systems.

Hence this medium can be any types.  For example Optical fiber cabling, twisted pair copper, coaxial cable , microwave. And also IP network and wireless. Therefore wireless mode of communication are radio and satellite communication.  And internet and broadband technologies are wireless. So telecommunication engineering is made life easy and fast.  So just think over this. When you send a text message,  to your friend. How this message is transfer to your friend. Hence to understand message sent process.  Just see  below picture explanation.

Telecommunication Device For The Deaf is a Telecommunication Gift


How Text Message is deliver to mobile ?

What do you do ? to send a message to your friend through mobile.  Well  You simply press a send button after typing message. And now your job is over. But do you think ?, how this message is deliver to your friend. So let me explain.  You just remember, your mobile is called mobile station(MS). This is connected wireless  with Base Transceiver Station(BTS). Which is near to your physical location. And this Base station is connected with Base station controller (BSC).

Because  this BSC is again connected,  with mobile switching center(MSC).  And this mobile switching center collect data from network.  Therefore data is transfer  to mobile switching server(MSS). And  this MSS  job is organize data. So that MSS is  transfer data to short message service center(SMSC).  And that  is connected with user information data base HLR and VLR.  So SMSC check physical location of sender and receiver.

Now  suppose, if receiver is out of coverage area or mobile is switched off. Then message is stored in short message service center(SMSC) up to 6hours.  And once the receiver mobile is on. Then message is send to MSS. This is connect to BSC on receiver side.  And hand over this message to BSC.  So that receiver BSC  is handover this message to receiver BTS. Therefore receiver BTS is finally handover,  this message to receiver mobile station(MS).  And hence message is finally receive by your friend. So you can think. All this effort is for sending one single text message. So i hope you will remember the process. whenever  you send a message to your friend.

What is telecommunication System ?

Telecommunication system is a medium. This is used for data or voice transfer.  Over short or long distance of communication. Because without telecommunication system.  You can’t transfer data or voice over long distance communication.  So It is because of,  as the signal travel in air medium.  its energy is decreases. And it can’t be listen directly.  Because signal is finally observed in air medium.

Hence telecommunication system is required,  to communicate over long distance. And this system is basically two types. Hence first type is wire communication system. And second type is wireless communication system.

Therefore in wire communication system. Information travel is in the form of electrical signal. And in the wireless communication system.  Information travel is in the form of electromagnetic waves .  Hence example of wire communication signal is telephone.  And example of wireless communication system is radio signal and television signal.

Telecommunication Equipments used in Network for communication.

There are many telecommunication equipments. which are use in network. For long distance communication system.  Therefore all these are hardware equipment. And this is working with software program.  So that these are capable to communicate.  With  other equipment as well.  Hence to setup a network for communication.  Following telecommunication equipments are required. And this is make a live network.

  1. Telephone                                  8  PSTN
  2. Mobile                                        9  Fiber cable
  3. Antenna                                     10  Copper cable
  4. BTS                                            11  Microwave Radio
  5. BSC                                            12  Router
  6. MSC                                           13  Server
  7. MUX                                          14  Modem

So there are Many, telecommunication equipments manufacturing companies. And they are providing,  the above listed equipments.  To their clients companies.  So clients companies are called Telecom operator companies. For example JIO, Airtel, Vodafone, AT&T.  Hence these all companies are called Telecom operator companies.  And they are providing  network services. To the user or Customer. So if you are using,  AT&T sim card for communication.  Then you are customer of  AT&T operator company.

What are new telecommunication products ?

Do you know ? what is digital transformation to digital journey ? Well  this is the rapid change by consumer demand for data services. So this is requirement of digital transformation.  Because time is fixed, it can’t be change. So in limited time, everybody want to achieve maximum work. Then think  how it will be possible ? Well the only option is, to enhance present technologies. Such that it become fast technology. Therefore you can work fast using this technologies. So cloud and 5G are new emerging technologies.  Which transform terabytes of data into real time.

Telecommunication Device For The Deaf is a Telecommunication Gift


Therefore Development in artificial intelligence is pace in 2019. Hence progress in machine learning artificial intelligence is coming into the mainstream.  Because by using smart technologies 5G and cloud.  your work is automated and fast . So the inventory does’t need to be manual. Hence it is monitor by cloud internet of things.

Therefore your asset tracking is easy. Also  security and surveillance monitor, by this smart technologies is fast and fine. So Artificial intelligence and 5G is next generation technologies.

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial intelligence is proving all platform with a robust development environment. And this  gives you control over your business fast.  So you can automate your business process tracking easy and fast.

Therefore you must know. What is Artificial intelligence ? Well this is human simulation processes by machine. I like to explain, here machine means, especially computer system. But you should know. This is dangerous and threat for human life also. So many scientist are against the artificial intelligence. Because they predict artificial intelligence can make human slave.  And Robust can take their own control over the world.

So this is really challenge for human life. But as of now technology is shifting towards artificial intelligence. Many Robust products are available, which is doing human work. So lets see, what human can face challenges with Robust in future ???.

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