Today my topic is about technology of future generation.Because it will completely change the world design.

So i am going to explain some glimpse about technology of future in this article.

Which you need to know, what is the new predictions technology of future generation ?

And how it’s going to make our daily life fast and easy. So keep reading to know, how the world will change with technology ?

Technology of future generation will change World

As we know how fast the technology is changing, because technology is actually the imagination power of human.

So without technology human life is like a dumb.

Therefore if you want to know, what will be change till 2050 with technology advancement ?

I hope you’ll be interested to know about this technology fact. Then first gift of technology, your internet will be totally free on the Earth planet.

So wait it’s under progress, but how is this first gift, write your feedback in the comment box.

Now the second gift which is self driving vehicle. Because it will be smart car fully automated, you will no need to drive it.

Then what will we do ? well, our time is save, you can do work or sleep in your car.

Only set the location in the car, where do you want to go ? and leave it.

So this smart car will reach your set destination automatically.

Because it’s smart knows everything, how and where to go safely.

Now the third gift of technology will be human body power.

Because with the help of nano technology, the body power of human will be increase.

So the body power of future human will be more than present human.

Because our body power will be able to fight with cancer like dangerous diseases in future.

And this nano technology will help for many dangerous diseases to save human life fast through nano chips.

Always we see due to doctor unavailability in hospitals many patient dies without treatment.

So now robots will do complex surgery operation of patient same as doctors.

Therefore in future no doctor scarcity.

Technology of future mobile phone

Technology of future generation will change human life

Well, how many of you can live one week without mobile phone right now ?

And how many of you don’t sleep without mobile phone.

So these two questions can tell you, how much we are now dependent on this small device.

Because in future it will be attached with your brain, so that it could scan the data whatever we’ll think.

So only you have to think but rest work will be done by mind order.

Therefore it’ll be a very big revolution, nobody would thought.

Then which technology of future will be use in our mobile. So ultra slim hologram 3D mobile phone will be use in future.

Because with the help of this technology you can do 3D live project with receiver visually.

And it’ll be an amazing feel of virtual reality, when it’ll come into mobile phone.

So the important point is this technology will be available in the market within 5 to 6 years, therefore be ready to enjoy this technology.

Because it will provide magic touch, so that you’ll be able to see and touch the caller in 3D.

Along with nano battery and super internet speed, so the size of battery will be very small but having very huge power.

Because it’ll charge very soon, and screen display will be shown on our skin

So there will be no any mirror display, you will touch your skin for every icon displayed.

Only we will have to wear a band like device. Because your skin will be converted into a mobile screen.

And human mind control device, which will help to connect through thought.

But the possibility of mind hacking will increase, as well as personal information theft will increase.

Also cyber crime will increase, so what is your opinion, write in the comment box.

Technology advancement is going fast

Well, according to medical science, the living age of human can be increase 500 to 1000 years.

But whoever is born has to die, but it’s also not written anywhere, we can’t increase the living age, so it’s possible.

And the capacity of our eyes will also increase in future through smart contacts lenses.

So it could soon give you robot vision and will work for camera and microscope.

Now today population on the Earth is about 7.5 billion.

But after 1000 years it will be 1000 billion, so it’s clear that our Earth will be overloaded.

So we’ll need an another home, therefore science is already researching for another home.

Such that in which human life should possible. And after this long time the environment of the Earth will be change.

Because the temperature of the Earth will increase, and the sea level will also increase, due to which many country will sink in water.

And everything on the earth will be connected with internet, so whole world will be dependent on the internet.

All the resources like diesel and coal will also be finished on the Earth.

If you want to know more about future technology then check the link internet of things.


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