Satellite Communication is, so easy to understand. Because you will  learn here, in simple way. Best Concept Satellite Communication System ,you are using, TV and telephone. also radio and internet. So you must know satellite communication. Hence learn complete information about satellite communication . You can also, download satellite communication pdf. satellite communication notes, and ppt.

Best Concept Satellite Communication System

Satellite Communication | Satellite Communication System

I hope. you have tried before, to understand about satellite. What is satellite ? How satellite work. why satellite is moving around the Earth ? . Do you know ? You do many work in your daily life. Which is dependent upon satellite. For example, When you are watching TV, or when using GPS in your mobile.

Also when you are calling, your friend and family in foreign county. Hence all these work are done by satellite. So my first question is, what is satellite ? Well in simple way. Satellite is a small object. Which is moving, around a very big object. This is called Satellite.

What do you mean by satellite communication ?

Satellite communication are generally use for mobile phone signal, weather tracking and television programs broadcasting.  Communication satellites are artificial that is use for signal relay and receive from the Earth station.

And amplify the signal and after that signal is re transmitted to the other different locations on the Earth station. Satellite are of different types and its range also varies according to their applications.  It always rotates and track the  the Earth location.

These are generally use for long distance of communication. Hence data are transmitted in digital form with high frequencies.  And due to this high frequency data become weak signal at the destination location . Then again  amplification is done.

Without satellite you can not watch any international TV programs.  This is the medium through which programs are broadcast.

How human got Inspiration for satellite ?

Hence Moon is moving around the Earth. Which is also a satellite. But it is a natural satellite, Because it is not control by human. Moon inspired the human, to make its own satellite. After that human made its own satellite. And lunched this satellite into Earth orbit.

Which is helping now. And made  the human daily life easy.  Hence for your information, a satellite size like TV.  And big like a truck. Its size depend upon satellite functions. Solar panel is there, on both side of satellite. Which provide energy to satellite. And main body of satellite, having transmitter as well as receiver.

Which work for signal transmitting and receiving. Satellite having some control motor, because you can control satellite remotely from the Earth. Hence can change, its location and angle.

what is function of satellite ?

Satellite function depends upon its work. But main satellite function is, used for communication. Because radio and ground wave can’t used for, Earth full communication. So satellite is made, mainly for communication. Why Satellite is moving around the Earth ? Well  this is due to, Earth gravitational force.

Due to which satellite moves, around the Earth and does not fall on the ground. This is a simple law, if any object has to continue in space, then it will have to move around a big object like Earth. Hence it will not fall on the ground. Because satellite moving speed, will overcome gravitational force.

This is the reason, why all satellite are moving, but does not fall on the ground. Mainly there are three, types of satellites. which are given below.

  • LEO ( Lower Earth orbit ), This site is generally used, for image scanning.
  • MEO (Middle Earth orbit), This satellite is used in navigation .
  • GEO (Geostationary Earth orbit), This satellite is mainly used for communication.

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 what is satellite communication block diagram ?

Satellite communication block diagram


From the above picture, satellite block diagram. User is your mobile or TV. Signals goes from users to terrestrial body. Which is exchange. Then signal goes to Earth station. Parabolic antenna is used, to transmit signal to satellite. Hence satellite receive signal and amplify signal.

Because receive signal, by satellite is very weak. Due to losses of signal in space. There is a transponder in satellite , which remove the noises. After amplification of signal. satellite send back ,the signal to the Earth station. Therefore Earth station send this signal, to user through terrestrial body.

What is Satellite frequency ? | Satellite advantage and disadvantage

  • A satellite communication operate on microwave frequency.
  • Its frequency range is 1GHz to 50GHz.
  • Uplink frequency is use 6GHz, (Actual value 5.75  to  7.075GHz).
  • Downlink frequency is use 4GHz, (Actual value 3.4  to  4.8GHz).

Satellite advantages :

  • Point to multipoint communication is easily done.
  • Compare to fiber cable, signal is easy to transmit and receive.
  • No need to change antenna direction on Earth station.

Satellite disadvantage 

  • During bad weather condition. Signal do not work properly.
  • Signal need to amplify due to losses.
  • Satellite communication range is limited 75,000km.

What are the types of satellite communication ?

Based on principle of operation. Satellite are divided in two types. Because both operation are different, to each other. And both are  use for communication.

  • Passive satellite, it does not generate power. Because it has a metal cover on surface. Which reflect the signal, coming from one part of Earth, to other part of the Earth. So the coverage distance is very less.
  • Active satellite, it has transmission equipment, which is connected with satellite. Such as transponder, which receive the signal and amplify it. And  re-transmit this signal to Earth.

How do LEO, MEO and GEO, cover full image of Earth ?

These satellite are based on the altitude.  LEO is very near to earth. So it covers very small surface of the Earth. Hence it required about 66 satellites, to cover entire surface of the Earth.

MEO it is at more height than LEO. Therefore it can cover, larger surface than LEO. So it required 10 to 12 satellite, to cover entire surface of the Earth.

GEO height is about 36000km, above the Earth surface. And its time period approx 24 hour. Hence one satellite can cover 40% of Earth surface. So minimum three satellite are placed at angle of 120° each. And hence it cover the entire surface of the Earth.

What is the role of satellite in communication ?

If you want some more information. About satellite communication . So check this link . And if you are looking for pdf file. Then must download satellite communication pdf. Because it is simple, and easy to understand. 

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