Physics best simple learning Tips is here.If you want to Know, what is Physics ? Then you are at right place. Because i am going to explain here from very basic concept to depth concept about Physics.  And you  are going to enjoy this post, Physics as fun. So lets start our topic. What is Physics ? Well Physics is a science subject, in which you study about nature.

Hence let me explain from very basic point. why Physics is science ?  Well Physics provide the answer of all questions, For example how, why, when for any natural event happening. And in other words, this is called practical subject. Because Physics explain the practical reasoning behind any natural event. So Physics is called science subject.

What is Physics Best Simple Learning Tips ?

Physics Best Simple Learning Tips | Amazing World of Quantum Physics learn here Free

Well Physics is study of nature. But why do you want to study about nature ? Common here nature is complete universe. So you are able to see the nature, Which is around you. Hence by using this natural resources, you want to make your daily  life simple and easy.

Because you are living in this world or universe, So you can make life better by doing development here. Therefore One point is very important to note. Whatever do you study in Physics, most of the quantity is invisible.

And this is one of the reason, Why Physics is not easy subject. So whenever your eyes is fail to see, Then you should apply your brain to see the things. Because eyes can see a particular size of object, but your Brain can see, Which is invisible to eyes.

Hence for example Force, Electric field, Magnetic field, Charge, Current, Wave, Sound, Energy. Here all these quantities are invisible. And due to invisibility of these quantities, Our development is very slow.

Why do you study of nature in Physics ?

So here is a catch to understand, and that is Physics deals with Study of nature. Therefore Physics lead the road map for study of  complete universe. But we are living on the Earth, and are doing development on the Earth only. So that we can make our life style better on the Earth planet.

Human has not done anything special for other planets till date. Therefore a lot of development is due. So for example, now all over the world scientist are working on MARS planet migration project. Scientist are trying to human plantation on MARS.

But according to scientist, it will take more 5 to 7 years, then human plantation is possible. But there is challenges. Because huge amount of dollar is required, for migration from Earth to MARS planet, for a single person.

And this is not possible for a normal human to spend that much of amount. So still it is a challenges for scientist. Well perhaps you heard the name Elon Mask. Do you know Who is Elon Mask ? allow me to explain in short. He is challenging man of the Earth.  And Owner of SPACEX company. This company is taking registration for MARS planet travel. So for more details, you must read Elon Musk Biography and take inspiration.

What is the study of physics ?

Well Physics is Study of natural laws. Then what is natural laws ? natural law is based upon the nature event and facts. And this is govern by the nature. Which is never change by nature. Suppose for example gravitational law. This is a natural law.

Because every object is always, attracted towards the center of the Earth. Hence whenever you drop any ball, it is always fall on the Earth. And this is happening, since Earth is made. Then later on this is proof by Newton.

Therefore this is called Newton’s law of gravitation. And till date this natural law is working, same as when Earth is made. Human law is change, but nature never change its law. Hence this is called natural law.

What are the basics of physics ?

Well this universe is made by two things, Matter and Energy. And Physics is study of nature. So Physics basics is also matter and energy. And you must know, this matter and energy is constant. Here i want to say whole universe mass and energy is constant and it is fixed.

Therefore it can’t be created and destroyed. But it can transform only, from one form to other form. So how its form is going to change ? This is only possible by motion.

Hence Physics basics is matter and its motion through space and time. And whenever there is motion, this is cause of force. Therefore final basics is matter, energy and force.

What are the five main branches of physics ?

Mainly Physics is divided into two branches. Which is given below.

  • Classical Physics >> This is that branch of Physics, in which we study about astronomical objects motion, in other words it describe heavy objects motion. such as our planets, stars and Galaxy. Now classical Physics plays very important role in our life.

Because it help to predict the final state and motion of body, with the help of initial state and condition of body. So for example suppose, if you know the initial motion of the body, then you can easily find out, how it will move in future.

Hence this is the power of classical Physics. And this is also called Newtonian Physics. Because it is based upon Newton’s Physical concept and mathematical model. But it has limitation, and that is velocity of object should not approach the speed of light. Then its provide the accurate value of prediction.

  • Quantum Physics >> This is that branch of Physics, in which object mass and size is very very small. Such as diameter of an atom. So quantum physics work on subatomic level. This is very interesting, allow me to explain.

Amazing World of Quantum Physics

Amazing world of quantum Physics

Well meaning of Quantum word is very small particles, such as atoms, electrons and photons. So lets connect with this world. Hence first what is Quantum Foam ? well how do you differentiate past, present and future ? It is easy for you, the time which is pass away is called past.

And the time currently running is present. The time which will come is future. But in quantum world space time fabric is not simple. By Physics Best Simple Learning Tips.

Because in quantum past, present and future, all are overlapping with each other. So this is called Quantum Foam. This is different to your normal past, present and future time. Because in quantum space time, future event effect past event.

Are you not digesting this sentence ?  Don’t worry this is start of story. Lot of amazing points are waiting about quantum for you. So lets what is Quantum Tunneling ?  Suppose if you want to cross a high mountain. Then what do you needed to cross that mountain.

obviously you required energy to cross that mountain. There are two ways, either by climbing yourself or by using any external agency like vehicle. But in both the cases, energy must be required to cross that mountain. Because this energy is your barrier.

What is Quantum  Tunneling

And what do you think about Quantum Tunneling ? It is very interesting. In Quantum world particle does’t required energy to cross the barrier. So how does it happen ? It is found by experiment particles disappear at one barrier end, and appears on the other barrier end.

just like it is passes through a Tunnel. What is Uncertainty and Probability in quantum ? Well in quantum world no any event is fixed. There is only probability to predict. So according to condition,  some event probability is more and some is less. It totally depends upon the condition and is not fixed.

Hence you can’t find the accurate location of quantum particles. So you can only predict, the changes of probability to be there. Therefore one particle can be at different location at same time. By Physics Best Simple Learning Tips.

And in other words, one particle can use more than one way, to go at other location at same time. So this is called Uncertainty and Probability of quantum particles.

What is dual nature of Particle in quantum Physics ?

Well you have seen the water wave near the sea mountain collision. Here what i want to say, mountain is a big solid particle and water is a wave. But how you will feel, if mountain particle work as wave, and water work as solid particle. So this happens in quantum world every time.

Hence every quantum particle works as wave and particles. And this is called dual nature. Therefore its mean that electron is particle and wave both. Now what is Quantum Entanglement ? This is very contradict, it may be undigested to you. But this is fact of quantum Physics.  By Physics Best Simple Learning Tips.

So allow me to explain this. Quantum Entangle particle is that particle, in which they are connected to each other, by any means, but whenever one Entangle particle is disturb, Then other Entangle particle is effected immediately. Without any delay, So how it happens God knows well.

Why electron has dual nature Quantum Physics  ?

Therefore to understand this, suppose one Entangle particle is at Earth. And other Entangle particle is at Mars planet. Then If you disturb Entangle particle at Earth. Immediately Entangle particle at MARS planet is disturb. Do you know ? light take average time 12.5 minute to reach Mars from the Earth.

But this Entangle particle at Mars get disturb immediately without taking any time. So how this is happen. It seems like unbelievable, but it is true. Now it may be you are thinking. All this quantum Physics point are correct. Hence for your information quantum physics is right and correct.

Because quantum theory is very effective, in Physics history till date. Therefore quantum Physics is so accurate, using this theory, electronics devices and circuit are design . For example Transistor, logic gates, ICs.

If quantum physics does’t correct. Then no any electronics devices is developed like Mobile, TV, Computer, GPS and internet. So you can think, how powerful is quantum Physics.

What is Five Subdivision of Physics ?

Physics is science and study of nature. So its main five subdivision is important to understand Physics, And this is given below. By Physics Best Simple Learning Tips.

What is Five Subdivision of Physics ?

  • Motion >> Well motion is everywhere in universe. So you can’t find any place or space, where motion is not happening.  Whether it is smallest particle or any big mass all are doing motion continuously. Now allow me to explain little bit.

If Motion will stop, then time is stop and universe is gone. You know Earth is moving about its axis, no any doubt. But Suppose if Earth stop its motion, then what will happen ? Can you amazing, what is going to happen ?

Well Whatever the things are available on the surface of the Earth, will separate away. Here i want to say Your house, Building, trees all will run away from the Earth. But don’t worry it is not going to happen right now.

It will happen with Earth but after very long time. If you want to Know, why it is happen after stop of Earth motion. Then you should refer my previous post Circular motion all post. Here i can’t write because this post will be very long.

So lets come to our motion topic. Even you are reading and thinking there is also motion in your brain, Neurons are moving in electrical pulse. Hence you are thinking and understanding. Now don’t confuse there are many types of motion, refer previous post. Here i am talking only about motion.

What is simple definition of Motion in Physics ?

So your blood and heart are also doing motion. If you are sitting in room, And you see the wall and feel there is no motion. But think wall material is having electron, which is moving inside the wall. So there is also motion. Hence solar system, planets, stars and Galaxy all are moving.

So you can’t find any place, there is no motion. Therefore you can think importance of motion. And hence it is very important to understand concept of motion. Therefore when one body or particle move from one location, to other location under universal laws, It require space and time.

And this is called motion. But can you tell me, why do we need to study motion ? Well If you want to send one body or particle, from one point to other point in space. And what do universe impose law to move any particle from one point to other point.

Then you can easily predict the feature. Hence after knowing the universal law, it is easy for you, to find out at what speed, you will send the particle to reach destination. And when it is going to reach at destination. So motion is done easily from one location, to other location.

What is Gravity according to Physics ?

Well you can think gravity is that things, Which attract any object that has mass. So gravity is everywhere and its best example is you. How you are attracted towards the Earth, and stable on the surface of the Earth.

And solar system is also example of gravity, How planets are balance and revolving around the Sun. Therefore for more details about gravity, you refer my previous gravity post.

  • Space >> Well space and time are related to each other. Neither time nor space are absolute. So all are relative. As you approaches towards light speed time is going to slow down. Hence time is not absolute in the Universe.

It depends upon the planet gravity. For example suppose you are living on Jupiter planet, Hence gravity of Jupiter is more than Earth. So here time will pass slow, and his life will be more, than people living on the Earth.

Therefore whatever is around you, this is space. Now to represent the location of object in space you need three dimension. And this is generally represented by xyz axis. Which is (length, breath, height). Now if you add one more dimension time.

How Gravity is changes with mass ?

Then it is space time four dimension. Hence scientist Einstein told that space and time exist together. So how can you verify this statement is true. Now take an example, Suppose you have a unknown friend through chat, and you want to meet with her.

Then how you will meet ? Here you have to specify location as well as date and time. Then only possible to meet her. If you only specify location then you can’t meet.

And in other case if you told her only time, then you are not going to meet her. Therefore time and space exist together.

Now if you want to learn more Physics Easy Tips. Then you must refer my previous post. This link is given below. Physics Best Simple Learning Tips

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