Today you’re going to see 3 top phone service providers for small business.

And happy customer feedback about these companies is “cheap and best”.

Because they are providing best service support to their clients.

And their rate is cheapest compare to other phone service providers for small business.

Now this research review is totally based upon the customer feedback and satisfaction.

So if you’re new and looking for phone service providers for small business.

You can take service from any one top listed phone service provider out of these 3.

So Let’s get started. What’s important in this article, you need to know.

Step #1:What’s special benefit phone service providers for small business ?

Step #2:Which’s best business phone service number ?

Step #3:Best small business phone system

Step #4:Cheap Business Phone Line rental Number

Step #5:Multi Line Phone Systems Small Business

Step #6:Best office phone systems for small business

[faq title=”Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”How much does a business phone line cost?” number=”1″]Simple telephone service is called POTS lines, and the average cost is $40 per line per month. Also for digital services, a PRI (23 lines) is about $450 per month. But for DSL it’s approx ($85) per month. Now many growing phone service provider rate is very less even below $10.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”What companies offer landlines?” number=”2″]There’re many telecommunication companies, Which’re larget landlines provider, for example AT&T,Verizon,Qwest.But apart from this, there’re some small phone service provider, like CallHippo, Avoxi, Buylocalnumber.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”Is VoIP good for small business?
” number=”3″]For better sound quality, now cloud technology is also using VOIP HD call for small businesses.The main advantage of VOIP technology is low cost. Which attract customer a better choice for small business.[/faq_item][/faq]

Step #1:What’s special benefit phone service providers for small business ?

Technology is human imagination power. And now technology’s your business engine.

So here’s some phone service providers for small businesses benefit features.

Which’s need for business owner today.

Due to customer service and support as first priority.

Because they’re looking for grow their business smooth and fast with customer satisfaction.

And this service’s offering by phone service providers for small businesses.

Let’s dive right in.

Phone service providers for small business features with phone service number

  • (Voice-over-internet-protocol) in other word know as VOIP. So what is VOIP ? It’s simple a telephone connection over the Internet.

The voice signal data is sent digitally, with using the Internet Protocol (IP). Rather than analog telephone lines.

So this grant people to talk to one another long-distance around the world. Without paying long distance or international phone (ISD)charges.

Which’s working as small business phone lines. So this’s called virtual business phone service.

And this’s the best method using cheapest voip business phone service today.

  • (Voicemail) It’s a technique to store voice messages electronically. Which’s use for later retrieval by intended recipients.

So callers release short messages that are stored on digital media or on analog recording tape.

  • (Call forwarding) is a reliable way for business phone service. Because it’s providing facility an individuals to receive an international calls.

Without the caller being charged with high international rates. So in today’s fast growing global market place.

Call forwarding is the best option to reach out international potential customer. And this’s best choice for small business phone number.

So that you can establish a virtual presence in targeted countries. and setup a virtual office phone systems for small businesses.

Step #2:Which’s best Phone Service Providers For Small Business ?

3 Top Phone Service Providers For Small Business (Cheapest Review)

Nowadays REALLY easy to communicate all around the world, with the help of business phone service app. Which’s virtual business phone number.

So this service’s providing a platform for customer and client. An easy and convenient way to discuss with each other live.

Do you know ? you can do FREE  Call online to mobile , Check out here is link  Free call

#For example:

live meeting, live project progress review as well as data exchange.

So this’s the best virtual phone system for small business discussion. Because wherever in the world you want to start your business, now you’re free to do.

Hence you can find easily business phone service providers in my area. So It’s not matter where’re you located in the world.

Let’s dive in.

  • (Conference call) connect many people through a conference bridge.

Which’s actually a server that work like a telephone and able to answer multiple calls at the same time.

So this’s generally use for meeting because it’s cheap business phone line. And best for connecting multi line phone systems small business.

Because this create a virtual phone number for each participants.

  • (Toll-Free-Number) is a free number. It’s a telephone number,that can be dialed from landlines with no any charge to the person placing the call.

So this’s business landline phone service providers by zip code. And it’s better know as 1800 number. or toll free no.

Which’s actually a virtual phone number that saves your money. When you dial it. Because toll free number is being charged to the called party.

So in other word also known as virtual phone system free. This’s provided by company to their customers.

Step #3:Best phone service provider for small business phone system

It’s REALLY a challenge to find perfect office phone systems for small business. Because a lot of options are available in the market.

And each has its own asset features and tools. So deciding which one is the best fit for, office phone systems for small business isn’t simple.

Therefore to help in your small business phone lines search. I researched and analysed about 50 phone service providers all around the world.

And after a deep and hard analysis with considering customer feedback. Here’s top 3 business phone service provider.

But before going to that top list, You need to know EVERYTHING about small business phone system providers. So lets first understand this points.

What should you look out in a business phone system provider ? There’re many factors to consider while choosing a small business phone system provider.

So the most important point’s that you need to ensure the system has all of the functionality and features your business needs.

#For example:

Can the system support the number of employees who need the service ? what’s annual up time percentage ? What’s monthly cost ?

what type of customer support does the company offer ?

But before i provide you list. I want to clear you this’s my hard research if you find any other company better than these phone service provider.

let me know through the comment. I’ll research everything and try to include in the list.

Because my main motive is to provide you the best Phone Service Providers For Small Business. And honestly i’m providing here with customer feedback.

Even you can check these Phone services providers quality and support yourself before use.

So according to my hard research these companies are best, due to its cheap business phone line and cheap business phone number provider for your small business. 

As well as good customer feedback. Which i’ll show you right now.

So before choosing any one just check on your own level. It’s best fit for your business requirement.

Do you know ? you can do FREE conference call anywhere around the world, check out here Free conference call services.  

Then you go with any one, which has the best features and customer support with quality for your small business.

Step #4:Cheap Business Phone Line rental Number

Whether you are just starting your small business. So you need to know. how to choose a phone service providers for small business ?

Because if you choose a cheap and best phone service providers for small business.Then you’re saving a fixed budget every month.

As well as reducing your business expenses. And this’s success rule for small businesses. Because saving budget will help you to grow your business smoothly.

So you can just leverage the Internet to save time, effort and money with your communications infrastructure.

Because growing companies are providing cheap rate services like conference calls, access voicemail via text or email, and use toll-free numbers.

Even cheap business phone number are using VOIP cloud based technology. So check out my guide to choosing a business phone system.

Because i’m listing here top 3 cheapest business phone line. And they’re providing cheap business phone number.

Also you’ll see why they’re best. So keep reading.

Step #5:Multi Line Phone Systems Small Business

Technology is growing fast right or not. So just remember traditional multi line phone systems small business.

How it’s operated using a physical switchboard. Which directs callers to the right phone line.

However the new technologies that support multi line phone systems today’re different.

Because it offer flexibility. If you want to give your customer a professional experience.

Whenever they’ll contact you, then a multi-line phone system will help you.

#For example:

If you want each employee to have their own phone extension or a direct dial number.

Then use multi line phone systems small business for good customer experience.

Because many businesses today are switching to VoIP, an internet based solution.

#What is benefit of VOIP for small businesses ?

So what’s Benefits of a Multi Line Phone System for small Business. Well the main benefit with best multi line phone system’s cost for small business.

Because Multi Line Phone Systems calls are usually much lower than a standard phone line.

And this’s due to many of the multi line phone systems now operate through the internet. Which’s hosted in the cloud.

Now how do Multi Line Phone Systems Work ?

Well, as its name indicate, a multi-line phone takes the line coming into your business, and splits it into multiple lines.

Such that allowing two or more phones to be linked at the same connection.

And the best features the ability to take messages when nobody is available. Even multi-line phone systems can be connected together to create a network.

So this is connected through each other via an internet connection.

Now how you’ll choose the best multi line phone system for small business.

It’s important when you’re managing a business you need a phone system.

So getting the right telephone number with area code, And is very important as how much it’s all going to cost you.

As well as what’re the features available such as voicemail, call divert and caller display.

So check whether it’s has a two line or four line capacity because it’ll bring a number of benefits to your business.

Hence keep reading ahead to know top cheapest phone service providers.

Step #6:Best office phone systems for small business

Here’s top list number wise best phone service providers for small businesses.

1. CallHippo this’s on first position best company for phone service providers for small business.

Because this company’s providing best voip service, for business across the globe more than 190 countries.

For local and toll free number internet phone service for small business cheapest ip phone.

Its service’s Powerful and easy to use VoIP based Virtual Phone System.

Which help your business productivity & Sales conversion to the next level around the world.

The best part’s that It has free trial as well as virtual phone assistant.

CallHippo is using cloud web technology and having more new exciting features for small business owner.

Do you want to know ? What’s client feedback about CallHippo business phone service app.

See the client rating below.

Business phone number

Check out this’s link for CallHippo

2. Avoxi this’s another good company for Phone Service Providers For Small Business. 

They’re providing virtual local phone numbers online, or toll free business number.

And local DID number call routing service.

Call forwarding to any location, Outbound calling features available.

As well as business VoIP Solutions, Virtual call center hosted on cloud. And having cloud hosted PBX.

Now the best part’s that no setup fees or cancellation costs. As well as activate virtual local numbers instantly for business phone number.

So try VoIP number plan for 30 days risk-free. And Enjoy 15 days of free call recording or select an extended plan for small business phone system.

See what’s client speaking about Avoxi phone service provider.

Business phone service for small business

Here’s the link Avoxi

3. Buylocalnumbers this is cheapest voip business phone service for toll free number.Which is best for your small business.

Because instant activation of local DID Numbers and toll free Numbers in more than 60 countries.

And the best part is that it has refund policy as well.

They offer phone service like FREE PBX Phone System (voicemail, voice menu, fax, call recording, queue, time routing, conference calls, caller routing, playback, blacklist etc.

Also Number portability and Bulk SMS option available . Even you can port your old PSTN number to them and carry it with you everywhere in the world.

And they provide mobile numbers that are able to receive SMS. You can use them, for example, to create Whatsapp account without using your real number.

You can see the rate for toll free number below.

Best office phone system for small business

Check here Buy Local Number


If you recall copper phone lines are now past. Agreed or not, VOIP phone system is best option for small business owner. But fortunately, you have plenty of VoIP phone service providers. So it’s REALLY challenge to choose a right phone service provider for your small business. Because many providers service rate is high and customer feedback is not good. 

But some new growing phone service provider are really doing good for customer business growth and satisfaction. Therefore after doing hard research about 50 companies for small businesses. I’ve provided 3 Top Phone Service Providers For Small Business. I hope you’ll enjoy this article.

If this post is helpful for you, then like, comment and share on social media. And after finishing this post let me know through comment.

Which phone service provider you’re going to choose first. If you’re having any doubt, ask me always here for your support. Thanks for sharing.


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