Mobile Tracker Free is a best app. Which is free for monitoring and tracking, your friend all internet activities.  Such as SMS,MMS,calls, recording calls, Location, pictures,facebook, whatsapp and applications.

Now technology is fast growing, so everyday we see something new. Hence keep updated about technology , If you want to take advantage of new technology like mobile tracker free  download.

This is one of best free application for mobile. Which is providing with many features. So that you can monitor easily your child and employee staff with this free application. Therefore lets see, What is mobile tracker free ?

What is mobile tracker free ?

Mobile Tracker Free (Hack your Friend Mobile with App Free Download)

Mobile tracker free is a free app, Which monitor and track,SMS,MMS,calls, recording calls, Location, pictures,facebook, whatsapp and applications. BY using this application, you can track anyone mobile activity. You only need to install this free application in that mobile, which you want to track.

So for Example like your company staff, children, friend and family mobile. And the beauti of this free application is that, it is hide in the mobile. Hence the user can’t see this application but it is under tracking. Therefore after installation of this mobile tracker free application.

You are able to track anyone mobile easily. And you can get all information, such as incoming call, outgoing call, sms, MMS, call recording, picture, social media activity and also whatever the user is doing activity with mobile.

you can track easily. So the best part is that, this is free application. Therefore take this app advantage for your need and enjoy free application. Now i am providing details about this application. How and where you can get this application, So read the full post for complete information.

Mobile App Free Online for Android

Well now if you want to use this application free. Then first you need to download this application to that mobile, which you want to track. So how you will download this app ? let me explain step by step.

Hence open the google page and type Mobile Tracker Free app in search box. See the picture below. Note this app is not available in Google play store. So you are to download from Google search box.
Mobile Free app download

Click on the first search item as shown in the picture by arrow. Then next page is open infront of you. where you will find the option for Free download.

how to find Mobile free app

So here you need to download and install the application. But for installation, you are required to create account. This is small app of 6MB only.  And this application is run with name WI-FI. Which is completely hide in phone. Therefore user will not able to see this running application.

Activate mobile app

How to download mobile free app

How to create account for app

Hence during the application creation, enable all the permission and allow all setting. This is very important setting. If you are not doing right setting  then it is unable to get all information. So carefully do the all setting and allow parameter to receive.

Don’t enable notification setting. Screen capture permission enable. Also enable uses data and GPS location. Whatever you required just enable the setting.  Here important setting disable play protect. Then Off the scan device.

How to create Mobile app free login ?

Email required for mobile app

Here you provide any email id free or paid. But remember that email id will not change later, password can be change. After that click on create account. But must remember your password. Because this password is use later to open and see the information track.

So after account create it is open and look like this.

Mobile app installation guide

Here individual mode is on so the application is hide, keep it on. And also enable contact here. Hence whatever you required to track just enable that setting only. And click on save botton. Now this application is hide, it will not show. So if you want to open this application. Then go to dial pad and type *1234*.

Therefore again this application is open. So if you want to make any changes, here you do the changes and save again.  Now complete setting is done . See the picture below.

How to open mobile app

How to use mobile  free app ?

Well go to admin panel and check phone access everything. This is simple, Even you can check on your laptop other than mobile. So go to Google and type Mobile tracker free.

How to login mobile app

And open the website then go to login page. Here you have to enter email id and password. This credential is use during account creation.

Open mobile free app

Therefore mobile must be on through wifi or data. Refer picture below. After successfully login this is look like this picture given below.

Use free mobile app

If mobile is on then online status is showing here. And also showing the battery percentage charging status. Here current location of mobile is showing. Therefore all information you are monitoring and tracking here easily. for example see the sms is showing.

Hence check all information in left side MMS, call, location, picture and contacts. So whatever information you want to see just click, It is providing accurate data.

Mobile  Free Application

If you want to listen call recording, so just click on play icon in call. Hence whatever conversation on mobile is happen, you will listen this. Here incoming and outgoing both call is recorded. Now track the current location of mobile. As well as what is whatsapp message on mobile.

Therefore everything you can track easily. So what do you feel, this is best app for tracking friend, children, staff and family. You share your comment and opinion. One most important feature of mobile tracker free is remote control. In this option there are two camera front and rear.

So by using the front camera you are able to take live picture of mobile location. Hence after taking the picture, go to result it will show you the picture snap. If you want to send any message from your laptop to that hacked mobile. So are able to do this. Whatever the message you are sending.

This is converted in voice message to hacked mobile. And other important feature is live viewing, So if you want to know current location of hacked mobile, Where is this hacked mobile.

Hence you are able to see by making one minute video. The hacked mobile will send one minute surrounding video.

How to delete mobile app free account ?

Well just go to my account and then in account configuration tab. Here is option for added account to be deleted easily. If you want some features to off then go to setting and off it. So this is very easy to handle account as well as monitoring and tracking . Hence use and enjoy this free app benefit.

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