Everybody face the mobile network issue, and irritate how to use mobile phone signal booster to solve this issue.

But why do you actually face the mobile network issue, do you want to know ? how it can be solve by mobile phone signal booster.

So in this article i am going to explain, everything related to mobile phone signal booster and network.

Which you must know, because mobile has became our one of the important device for our work.

And you are using mobile phone everyday and face the network issue.

So keep reading to know the true fact about poor mobile coverage issue.

Mobile phone signal booster for poor coverage solution

we know very well mobile importance role in our daily life.

Many time you do a call or receive a call and speak hello, hello but do not receive voice anyway.

And you feel bad network quality, then you come out from your room for making a successful call.

This is really what we do generally, but ever you think, why do this happen.

As you come out from the room, you feel no problem but in the room, basement or compact area not able to listen clear voice on mobile phone.

So today i am going to share with you the fact, why do this happen ?

Because you should know the actual reason, why do you face this problem.

So this all problem is due to spectrum frequency, and nowadays all mobile comes with multiple frequency band support like 1800MHz, 900MHz, 2100MHz, 2500MHz.

And with the help of this frequency band, mobile operator companies send the signal to your mobile phone.

Therefore your mobile receive the signal through this frequency and convert it to voice signal, which you listen.

Now some of this frequency band is premium, and some are non-premium frequency band.

So here is a big catch, if you have bad network quality inside your room,

Then your mobile operator company is providing you 1800MHz or above this frequency in your area.

And now you may be thinking, what is problem in this frequency band.

So to understand this problem, you have to understand little bit science.

Therefore take an example to better understand this problem.

How can I increase my mobile signal strength?

Suppose there are two road one is general highway and other is expressway, and you know very well, both have different performance.

So when you travel on general highway then yourself and your car condition become very bad after travelling 200km.

But on expressway you will reach comfortably, because its performance is good.

Similarly 1800MHz and 900MHz both provide mobile signal, but their performance is different.

Because 1800MHz frequency has small wavelength, and its overall coverage distance will be low, as well as low power energy to penetrate wall.

Simply high frequency signal has always less energy, so inside the room, basement and compact area low signal strength.

Mobile phone signal booster low frequency

Mobile phone signal booster for poor coverage solution

Whereas lower frequency 900MHz has higher wavelength, so its overall strength is high, therefore signal travels and penetrate the wall inside the room.

So it provide a better signal strength inside the room.

Then why companies provide signal on 1800MHz or above this frequencies ?

why do not companies provide signal on 900MHz frequency ?

When a seamless better frequency band is available, like when expressway is available, then why do you need to go through general highway.

But here is another catch, because if you want to go through expressway, then you have to pay 450 toll tax

Because premium services comes at premium price.

So the same thing is related to mobile network spectrum.

Because all band 1800MHz, 900MHz, 2100MHz, 2500MHz does not work same as.

Therefore these all have different licence price.

Some are non-premium band like 1800MHz, but premium band 900MHz.

So premium band means companies need to invest some extra amount of money to broadcast signal on this frequency.

Because first investment for taking licence from government, and then second investment to setup infrastructure.

Therefore after finishing this your network quality become good automatically now.

So what you have understood so far, there are two main reason behind upgraded call quality.

First in 900MHz signal frequency, you get good frequency and wavelength with minimum signal distortion.

And due to which 900MHz signal frequency is better than 1800MHz signal frequency in the indoor network coverage.

Mobile network booster for basement

So it is clear that 900MHz signal frequency passes the wall around you easily.

And now technology is changing, so you would talk on mobile easily inside the room or inside the basement.

Because companies are upgrading their mobile network fast.

And for example Bharti Airtel is already doing rollout of 4G on 900MHz.

So it is shifting gradually on LTE 900MHz purely on 4G spectrum.

Because here LTE means 4G standard communication, and in short it’s called (L-900), so you will get 4G speed at 900MHz frequency signal.

Which is better than standard 4G, and solve the indoor coverage network issue inside the room.

And don’t become confuse, 2G spectrum 900MHz signal frequency is available with all company.

But who does want to use 2G speed right now. I hope nobody wants this speed now.

So your phone and SIM will be same, but as the mobile network will upgrade, you will easily talk on mobile from any place.

And you will expect good network quality everywhere.

So just hope that mobile network is upgraded fast by all the companies, then call drop issue will resolve, and we will free from this irritating network.

If you want to know more about (L-900 MHz) technology, then ask in the comment box.

Mobile booster signal for 2G,3G,4G support Volte-Lte

Mobile booster signal for 2G,3G,4G support Volte-Lte

Mobile operator companies are upgrading their network gradually considering the customer mobile network issues.

And it will obviously take some more time to solve the network issue through new technology (L-900MHz), it’s part of 5G technology network.

But you are facing mobile network signal issue from long time in your home or offices, then you can use mobile booster signal as alternate option right now.

Because mobile booster signal product is best option, which will boost the weak mobile signal 2G,3G, and 4G in your home or offices.

If you are living in remote or some other places, where mobile network signal is not good and your are facing problem currently to use internet or call drop issues.

Then you can choose mobile booster signal option, because it is good product solve your problem immediately, just after the installation of this signal booster.

And your internet speed will become fast, as well as call drop issue will short out.

Many companies are providing mobile booster signal in the market, you can check for example exide has also launched its new product mobile booster signal.

But i will suggest you, before buy any mobile booster signal product from any companies, you should check everything like product guarantee services and price.

Actually this mobile signal booster has two unit, one is outdoor and other is indoor antenna system.

So company provide all material and also do installation for you, if you order for purchase.

Boost mobile phones and double your internet speed

How to get double internet speed in your phone ?

If your internet speed is not fast, so i am going to share some most important setting in your phone, through which your internet speed will become fast.

Even if mobile network is poor in your area, but you will get fast internet speed.

So there are two method through which you can increase your internet speed.

And you have to use both method in your mobile phone, because for different phone has different result.

So just follow the steps in your mobile to do the setting.

First go to setting >wifi & internet >SIM & network >preferred network type >2G/3G/4G(Automatic) >SIM1 or SIM2 >Access point names >

Then you will see here Jio 4G or Airtel 4G or other operator company name, which you are using is selected.

But here you have to select your own APNs, just by using (+) icon above seen.

Then you will get an edit access point, then you will see the first option is name, which is not set.

So set the company name whatever you are using for example www.airtel.com or www.jio.com and save.

Then go to APN and set jioNet or airtelNet and save.

After that go to username and set www.google.com because we are taking speed through google save it.

Then go to server and set www.google.com and save.

Now next go to MCC set it to 405 then OK.

Then go to MNC and set 865, you can also do it 868, but check which result is giving best, so set that value.

After that go to option Bearer and tick check box ‘unspecified’ and ‘LTE’

And after finishing all setting go to three dot above corner and save it.

Then just switch off your phone and again ON your phone.

And you will get the magical result.


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