In this post i’m going to break down EVERYTHING, you need to know about mobile app development.

  1. What is mobile app development ?
  2. Why Mobile app development is best carrier choice ?
  3. Why do you want to become a mobile app developer ?
  4. What is mobile app development platform ?
  5. How to create a mobile app ?
  6. How to use mobile app software SDK ?
  7. How to use Google Android studio ?
  8. Which programming language is use for mobile app development ?
  9. How to launch mobile app ?
  10. How to make your mobile app popular ?
  11. How to earn money with mobile app ?
  12. How much money you need to invest for mobile app launch ?

Now are you ready to learn about Mobile App development ? if yes,

then you are going to learn the best part of mobile app right now keep reading.

How can I create mobile applications?

It is Easy to create mobile application, first you need a good idea for mobile application, which is useful for people, then select one platform On which you want to develop, from any of these ioS, Android & Windows. after that develop your application, and launch on app store. If you want how to do this, then keep reading this post.

How much does it cost to build an app?

It depend upon the platform on which you want to develop your app for example apple ioS $99 per year , Android studio $25 one time payment and Windows $19 one time payment. if you want to know when and how to pay, then continue reading this post complete.

Which programming language is best for app development?

This is also dependent on platform, Such that if you want to develop your app on ios then you need to use Objective C & Swift programming language. And for Android studio Java & XAML is required. Now for Windows HTML, CSS & XML programming. But Java is best, if you want to know, why Java programming language is best, then keep reading ahead.

Step 1:

What is Mobile App Development ?

Smartphones and tablets are the most important device for human today. Mobile has made its place in every pocket, due to its features and functionality.

Because peoples are using mobile for businesses as well as entertainment. So most of the time people are spending on mobile. And this is the main reason,

Why mobile is near and dear for everybody right now ?

Because as per mobile popularity and demand is increasing in the market. its functionality is enhancing day by day. With the help of mobile application development.

Hence mobile new application feature is attracting more peoples towards mobile device. And this is the best solution, for online your businesses around the world on finger tip.

So Mobile app development is becoming more and more popular among the people. Because it is providing your business online platform in minimum cost budget.

Mobile app development main root is from traditional software development. But it is only for mobile technology device.

Step 2:

Mobile Application development is best carrier choice

Mobile Application development is best carrier choice

I hope you are agree with me. Virtually everyone today has a smart phone in their pocket. Do you know ? How do people spend time on their mobile ?

wonderful result, 90% of time on mobile is spent in Apps only. So there’s a amazing opportunity, for you in mobile application development field.

Fortunately, you won’t have to go back to school to do this. Because there’s a online tools and software, and which is also free.

through which you are able to do, mobile application development easily. But there’s a catch, for mobile app development.

So you must know this important point, before doing mobile app development. Therefore if you want to develop a good mobile app,

Then first you need a good idea and creativity, for mobile app development. And apart from learning programming language, you should have awareness about current market trending.

For Example :

Which types of app is running in the market, as well as which mobile app people are downloading more.

Suppose if Song and Whatsapp is already available in the market. then why you will develop this type of app. So it is necessary that, your app idea must be unique.

and problem solver. Such that your app solve people problems. Then definitely your app will run and earn in the market.

You can check this app idea, and how much earning right now.

Mobile tracker Free this is best app free.

Step 3:

why do you want to become a mobile app developer ?

Well you are probably aware of, how popular mobile apps are today. And how easily people are earning from mobile app development.

But just see, how many apps are available right now.

For example You can refer this free app for location trace Cell phone location.

Google Play > number of apps 3,000,000

Apple App Store > 2,500,000 Apps

Windows store > 1,000,000 application

Amazon App Store > 800,000

BlackBerry World > 500,000

Now don’t be afraid by the number of apps available across different platforms. But sure you’ll have some competition.

And most of these are likely not be in your industry. So you not need to worry about competing against those.

But it’s important that, you have a clear goal and good idea before, you become a mobile app developer.

Here are few common chances, why do you want to become a mobile app developer.

  • You want to establish your own startup company.
  • You’re trying to be a freelancer for mobile app development to earn money.
  • If You are a business owner, but does’t have funds to outsource your business mobile app development.

For example :

you have a big idea, and want to be next snap-chat or Instagram. If you think like that, then i really admire your high ambition.

This is not an easy route, but possible if your dream is your passion. And definitely you’re successful, It’s potentially most profitable business right now.

So you need to learn how to do everything from scratch. Therefore learn here everything step-by-step. And the best part is majority of mobile application is free.

Step 4:

Which is best mobile app development platform ?

Now you have decided your app idea. So on which platform, you’ll develop your app. Because there are mainly three mobile app development platform.

which is called cross platform mobile app development.

  1. ioS (Apple) > If you want to earn more money from your app, then you should choose ioS app. Because in Android more apps are uploaded regularly,

And hence more piracy in Android. But ioS is more strict regulations. ioS check many things strictly before uploading any app in ioS store.

Because ioS user check many things before downloading any app. So there is more profit margin.

Now you can’t develop ios app on your PC. You need a mac book or imacro, which is product of apple.

2 . Android > If you want to make your app more popular, and provide user to free. Then select Android platform. Also if you want to earn money through advertisement.

Therefore provide user free download app, and monetize ads on your app to earn money. Hence become popular among user.

And this is also a good idea, because in starting if you provide paid app, then more user will not download. So in startup if your app is free,

then after popular you can make it paid app.

3 . Windows > If any good idea app is already published, on ioS & Android, then you can develop it for windows phone.

Because many user are migrating from ioS & Android to windows, user strength of windows is also increasing day by day.

Step 5:

How to create mobile app ?

Now you have selected platform, then next step is, how to design and development of mobile app. So if you want to create mobile app on ioS platform.

Then you can use XCode (IDE) interface builder to use ready-made templates. So that you can follow a consistency for ioS platform for mobile app development.

Now if you want to create mobile app on Android platform. Then you can visit Android site . where you will get online guideline,

where you will get online guideline,

tutorials, fonts, color, styles, control and libraries functions. So you will get here all information on Android platform about mobile app development.

Now for windows platform, you visit Windows site for mobile app development. Here you will get information like,

Elements, navigation, pattern, layouts, templates and control.

Step 6:

How to use mobile app software ?

Well now you have decided platform and design, then how you will start to develop your own mobile app. So for this very first,

you have to register yourself, as a developer on that platform, which you have already selected for mobile app development.

Because you are able to use that platform SDK (software development kit).

# Example :

ioS platform, you have to got to apple official website, Apple and register yourself as a developer in account section.

As soon as you register after that you are able to download ioS Xcode SDK. Now if i talk about programming language, then you can use objective C or Swift

language to develop your mobile app. On Apple developer website, you can find many tools, tutorials,technique and library functions.

And with the help of ioS simulator, you are able to testing your mobile app. Then next, if your mobile app is fully developed,

after that to lunch your own developed app, you have to pay $99 to apple each year.

Step 7:

Google android app development software

Now if you want to develop your app on Android platform. then you have to register on Google official website, Google

and then download Android studio from official website Android studio

If you are not comfortable with Android studio, then you can use eclipse IDE. This is also popular and many developer use eclipse IDE.

Now for your app testing, you can use Android Emulator. In Android studio, you will get all interface like, interface designing, code editor and debugging.

After that if you want to lunch Google app, then you have to pay $25 to Google one time payment.

Now for windows platform, you desire to develop your own app.

then you need to register on official website of windows Microsoft . And this registration is free.

So by using windows SDK and Microsoft universal windows platform (UWP), you can easily develop your own mobile app.

Now for programming language, you can use C++, HTML, CSS and XAML. and Visual studio is already integrated in windows SDK by default.

Hence to lunch your app on windows platform, then you are required to pay $19, one time payment to Microsoft for individual. and $99 one time payment for organization.

Step 8:

which programming language are use for mobile app ?

It’s time for you to know, which programming language is required to develop, mobile application for different platform.

Now if your object oriented programming system (OOPs) concept is clear, then you can easily develop your own mobile app.

As i discussed above first you need to select platform, On which you want to develop your mobile app.

#Example :

  1. ioS platform (Objective C & Swift) programming language is uses.

2. Android platform (Java & XML) software programming language is use for mobile app development.

3. Windows platform (HTML, CSS & XAML) software is run for mobile app development.

Whenever your app is finally developed, then it’s important to do real device mobile app testing for your app.

you can also test on emulator, but always do testing on real device, Because you are able to see the clear performance of app on real device.

So it’s essential to check app performance, on real device before launching.

Step 9:

How to launch mobile app ?

Cool you have done app testing on real device, and it’s perfectly working fine, now this is time for app launching.

So for this, first you need to submit your app for approval, to app store whatever platform you have chosen.

Now you can get your app approval fast or it can take some time. It depend upon terms and condition for publishing, like no malicious code, clean syntax is used.

As well as debugging free, So if you care on this part, then you’ll definitely get fast approval.

As soon as you get approval, then your app is launched. Well what’s next, keep reading.

Step 10:

How to make your mobile app popular ?

Well done your app is launched on app store. Now your work is not over here, think what can you do, to make it successful.

Do you know everyday many app developer upload their app on store. So it’s very important that your app should be discoverable.

Such that whenever your user search your app, then find this easily in store.

and this’s only possible, if you mention in your app its proper keyword, title and description.

Even you can tie-up with any advertisement network to promote your app ads. Also don’t avoid user comments and suggestions.

Reply every user comments & suggestions.

And target the particular audience. As well as promote on social media like, Facebook, twitter, Instagram & Printrest.

So that you can get fast popularity. Keep reading for next great point.

Step 11

How to earn with Free or Paid App ?

It’s also very important, how you’ll provide this app to user free or paid. This is totally dependent upon you, but a good idea is necessary.

Which will help your app famous among the user and more revenue profit. So for this if your app is having unique idea,

then you can provide user to download only one time payment. Or if you feel your app will slowly grow, then in this case you can provide free app download

to user, and place ads inside the app, and can earn money with advertisement.

Other option is Freemium, if your app is addictive, in this case user will get free app, but after certain level and other features user will pay money.

So you can use this types of concept and decide yourself, which option is better for your application as well as revenue profit.

Therefore this is the all Information, if you are planning for mobile app development.

I hope you enjoy learning Mobile App Development (Best Guide Step-by-Step). If you feel this post is helpful for you, then like, comment and share on social media. Otherwise dislike, you are having any doubt, ask me always here for your support. thanks for sharing this post.


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