If you want to know, how to mirror android screen on pc via usb ?

Then you’re at right place, because i’m going to share here secret with you

How you can mirror android screen on pc via usb without any app free and easily.

So if you’re interested to know this secret, then complete read this article steps, it’s easy i’m using without any issue.

Therefore let’s begin, step by step guide about mirror android screen on pc via usb, right now.

How you can mirror android screen on pc via usb without app ?

Mirror android screen on pc via usb

This’s really very good method to mirror android screen on pc via usb.

Because in this method you no need to install any app or purchase any device to do it.

As i have seen many videos and articles, they are suggesting to installation app in your mobile device.

And emulator in your laptop, then you can use mirror android screen on your pc.

But this method is not working, because i have already tried myself with so many different apps and emulator.

And finally all failed, so it’s just wasting of your time.

But today in this article i’m going to share with you, the amazing method, that is i’m using already right now.

And this’s working fine without any app installation and without any lag, means very clear.

Don’t worry i’m going to share snap and step by step guide, how you can do it for yourself.

But remember this’s working for windows operating system, and i have tried on this os only.

Here is some little requirement your pc should have.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Android 5.0+
  • USB port

FAQ Questions

Actually after wasting so many times and money if people’s problem is not solve, like me.

Then they ask question, is it possible or not ?

So there’re few question related to cast android screen to pc or about mirror android screen on pc wirelessly.

Hence i’m going to answer these types of questions like share android screen with pc.

Because many people are looking for the right answer, so that their problem can be solved.

I also ask many questions, if i don’t get solve.

So here’re the question people are searching for right answer.

Q1 How can I display my phone screen on my computer via USB cable?

Answer Yes you can display your phone screen on your computer without any app installation via USB cable, follow the easy steps mentioned below.

Q2 Can you screen mirror through USB?

Answer  Yes easily without any emulator installation.

Q3 Can I display my android mobile screen on my PC?

Answer Yes via USB cable only.

Q4 How do I mirror my Android to my computer?

Answer  You can do it through USB cable follow the below steps.

Q5 Can i view phone screen on pc via usb without app?

Answer  Yes you can view without app, follow below steps only.

Step by step guide to view phone screen on pc via usb

Step by step guide to view phone screen on pc via usb

These’re the simple steps you must have to follow carefully.

Here’re two steps, and you have to follow both steps.

Then you’ll be able to mirror android screen on pc via usb,

Otherwise if you follow only one step to view phone screen on pc via usb.

Then it’ll not work, so follow both steps carefully.

Step 1:

  • Download mirror folder through given link
  • Extract or unzip this folder
  • Don’t change folder name
  • Copy mirror folder
  • Paste in Local C drive mirror folder
  • Open mirror folder in C drive
  • Find mirror batch file

Step 2:

Mirror android screen on pc via usb

Now you have to turn on USB Debugging in Android phone.

How you can turn on USB Debugging mode, follow these steps carefully.

Or fore more help you can check youtube channel.

  • Go to settings on your mobile phone open it
  • Open more settings click it
  • Open about phone option
  • You’ll see software version
  • click 7 times or 5 times on software version
  • Back and again go to more settings, you’ll see Developer options click on it
  • You’ll find USB debugging in developer option
  • ON it.
  • Connect USB Android to PC
  • Now Open Mirror file Located in C drive
  • Great all Done, Now you Can Watch Your Phone Screen in PC.
  • Just click on mirror batch file in C drive

Here’s important download,

For mirror zip file download click here.

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