IOT Application for real world is today topic for you. So i’m going to explain EVERYTHING in this article, you need to know all about true Iot application.

Because this’s new technology, which’s going to transform the telecom landscape in different sectors.

And iot application commit to bring new pleasure in human life. With newer wireless network for each and every things to connect with it.

Because Internet of things (IoT) has ability to create new superior sensors, which has capability to connect and talk with each other.

This’s REALLY revolutionary in human race of life.

IoT Application examples in Real world

The real world application of IoT is Amazing, Because you can just imagine an example of intelligent device, such as traffic camera.

This traffic camera is so intelligent, which’ll monitor the congestion, accidents, weather conditions and communicate with these data to central gateway.

And this gateway is cable to receive data from all street cameras.

After that relay the current information of each traffic camera of the city through traffic monitoring system.

So you’re able to know easily, which traffic route is free and congestion. Because this’s smart traffic system.

#For example:

If suppose some maintenance work on highway road is going on, then it’ll send city wise traffic information to wide traffic monitoring system about current status and congestion.

This’s actually done by machine learning program, which’s capable to predicts quickly patterns in traffic system FAST.

IOT Application New Technology

Because it’ll first analyse the information accurately, then relay on wide traffic monitoring system.

The system will also convey the live instructions to drivers, through intelligent devices and radio channels.

So drivers can change plan accordingly and adjust their schedules.

And this’s only one real world example of IoT application.

[faq title=”FAQ – frequently asked questions” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”What is IoT and its application?” number=”1″]Internet of Things (IoT) is a technique to connect EVERYTHING with Internet, Every physical devices will be connected through internet just like human connect with internet. And all devices will be able to communicate and exchange information between them. through wireless sensors control relay automatically. For example ( TV, AC, Home, door, car etc).[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”What are three applications of IoT?” number=”2″]The first application for IoT is smart home, where you’re able to connect your all home objects with internet, and it’ll communicate with each other easily, you no need to control them, but your requirement will be completed through these smart devices automatically. Second and third application are Wearables devices like smartwatch, and smart city, where water and power supply auto management.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”What are examples of IoT devices?” number=”3″]There’re many Iot smart devices for example, smartwatch, Smart TV, Smart AC, these intelligent devices has ability to connect with each other and  communicate with other devices as well to share the information to its owner automatically.[/faq_item][/faq]

Internet of Things  Iot application are expected to widely use in many industry. Because it’ll provide real time monitoring and control over the industry.

Which’s helping out to become industry smart as well as increase production growth FAST.

Because everyday billions of objects connectivity through smart devices is being deployed in various industries.

So here’s the major list in which IoT application are going to deployed extensively.

  • Smart Home Applications
  • Health care
  • Smart Cities
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial Automation
  • Smart Grids
  • Wearables

There’re many application of IoT in different domain sector. But here i’m going to explain few of them, which’s in your list.

#1. Smart Home Applications

When you talk about IoT application, then smart home application is first, which come in your mind.

Because your home has many objects like, TV, AC, refrigerator, door, and many more need to connect together.

And talk with each other automatically. So that you no need to press AC button to low or high temperature.

Because it’ll automatically adjust and control as per requirement.

Again If in your refrigerator some food stock is short, then refrigerator will automatically order for food stock.

This’s the magic of real world examples of Iot applications of Iot in smart home application.

#2. Iot Application in healthcare

IOT application is going to change present healthcare services into advanced one.

Because many dangerous illness cure are not available due to data facts.

So Iot application is now hope to over come this situation into proactive wellness-based systems.

Because Iot has capability to recognize valuable data through analysis, real-time field data, and testing using intelligent devices.

And Internet of Things (IoT) has ability to make smart devices, which create systems rather than just equipment.

Because it’s forecast about iot intelligent devices that, now you no need to visit doctor clinic for checkup and treatment.

Just use IOT smart devices for your treatment yourself all about your healthcare.

#For example:

If you want to checkup your BP, Sugar, blood level, fever and many more, then just you have to touch the intelligent IoT device and it’ll show you all accurate information on device screen. 

So this’s REALLY precious gift of IoT application in healthcare.

#3. IoT Application Smart Cities

If i say, most of you have heard about Smart Cities, hope you’ll be AGREE with me.

So you can think the concept of smart city is to connect EVERYTHING of that city with Internet, and are able to communicate and control automatically.

by using Iot smart devices applications.

Such as to control drinking water, power supply, an emergency, air quality and increasing urban density automatically.

#For example:

Smart city is cable to handle an accident situation automatically, anywhere in the city by calling Ambulance from near by hospital and share the information with police station as well.

Actually 5G Technology is supporting Internet of things (IoT).

Because without 5G technology Iot is lame.

#4. IoT Application Agriculture

You know very well, world population is increasing day by day. But land and food ratio is constant. So this’s REALLY a threat for human world.

Therefore Iot application for agriculture is only hope to prevent this threat.

Because there’re many possible option in field to over come with this situation using technology, and one of them is Smart Greenhouse.

A greenhouse farming technique is advanced to enhances crops by controlling environmental parameters.

However manual handling crops productions is not so effective and also losses energy as well as more labor cost.

So a greenhouse devices production enable easier to monitor and control the climate inside it.

Because Sensors accurately measure different parameters according to the plant requirement and send it back to the cloud moisture.

And then process further data exchange as a control action.

#5. IoT Application Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is fast growing sector for business. Where a large number of quality products are manufacture everyday.

So critical factors for a higher Return on Investment with IoT applications.

Therefore one can use to package and deliver better performance of products for user experience in terms of cost.

Because IoT has ability to provide great solution for the listed domains.

  • Production factory digitization
  • Workshop inventory management
  • Safety and security Control
  • Product Quality Control
  • Packaging development
  • Logistics and Supply Chain management

So it’s era of internet, everyday new devices are connecting with internet.

And it’s estimates that in 2020 almost 24 billion intelligent IoT devices would be installed inside business globally.

Because Internet of things (IoT) has smart hardware and software to the internet to create a smarter world.

So it’s creating multiple opportunity for business around the world FAST.

Because IoT technology is future now.

#6. IoT Application Wearables

Now IoT application are commonly using in Wearables devices. For example you have seen many smartwatches everywhere these days.

Which’s able to communicate with your laptop and exchange the information easily.

So You’re able to listen music on your laptop through smartwatches without doing any activity on your laptop.

Even smartwatches are intelligent to display your body information like, temperature, BP, Heart bit rate and many more easily.

Iot Application Developer

Iot application demand is growing very fast nowadays. Because Customers are looking for their business easy solution.

But building an Iot system requires a team of professionals from all departments like electrical, mechanical, industrial, embedded systems designer.

And one back-end Iot application developer.

Consumers are main central point for any new products design.

If consumers are not happy, then Nothing sells if consumers can’t use it.

So the interfaces between the device and consumers must be user friendly.

Most of the IoT devices will be managed through smartphones.

Therefore the ability to develop apps that communicate with external hardware and sensors are desired.

So skill for Iot application developer required advanced knowledge in software program.

Iot is all about collection, storage and analysis of streams of data from smart devices.

If you don’t understand the value of data. Then you’re not able to make any sense of Iot solution.

Because it Needed skill sets include sensor data analysis, data center management.


Internet of Things (IoT) is next generation technology future. Which has ability to connect all things with Internet. And going to change the present work style and life of human. As well as creating new opportunity for you. If this article is helpful for you, then like comment and share. I hope you enjoyed knowing about IOT Application New Technology true knowledge. In case you’re having any doubt, ask me always here for your support. Thanks for sharing.