How to study physics right direction 

We will see here the right method of physics study so that it will be easy for our study physics very interesting
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How to Study physics
There are two important thrust areas through which our study became easy. Meaning of thrust is focus on that areas to make physics study easy.lets see these two important point.
1 Unification 
2 Reduction
Now what is meaning of Unification here lets start unification word is made from unique means one. whatever the quantity we study it should be unique measurement whole over the world and every people of world should use this measurement from any part of the world.take an example for length. One person from rural area come to the cloth shop and told shopkeeper give me five hand Sari another person come and told shopkeeper give me 3 meter Sari third person come and told shopkeeper give me 2 gauge Sari fourth person come and told shopkeeper give me 4 feet Sari. Now think how many measurement shopkeeper will kept and how difficult to manage. take an other example Energy a 5kg mass is lifted 10m height from ground here work is converted into energy of approx 500 joule. we eat food and 2400 calorie every day. we use electricity in our home bill generated by electric department is kwh so we have to study all unit by different department but Physics thrust to use only one measurement for a unique quantity whether is comes from chemical, mechanical or electrical energy unit should be only one so how it will be easy and simple for study Physics we will need to study only one unit rather than four and more. different phenomenon of nature must be explain in single or minimum laws take an example apple fall on the earth we made a law. Earth rotate around Sun we made another law moon rotate around earth we made another law in this manner how complicated will be Physics to study so Physics thrust on different type of phenomenon must be explained by a single law this is called unification here law of gravitation will explain all three phenomenon then how it will become easy now i hope unification method is clear. 

Reductionism :   
 A Complex process to study which can’t be understand easily then we use Reduction process which state that break the process in small sub process to understand easily.
take an example Coal to generate electricity it is a complex process  now will go step by step.
Coal is combustion will give heat energy.this heat energy is use to boil water and make steam now this steam is use to hit turbine blade now turbine is connected with shaft to generator which produces electricity.
In this world only two forces are prominent gravitational force and electrical force then what about other forces friction force, bouncy force, elastic force these all forces can be explained by prominent force. Einstein desire was to make only one force through which every phenomenon and law can be explained think if it happen how easy will be physics only one law and force will need to Study  how simple will Physics by Unification ? 
Scope of Physics :
How big and how small we study in Physics. big is our universe we study this big of mass 10^25m and smallest is atom electron 10^-14m the object we can see through naked eye is called Macroscopic and the object which can’t be seen through naked eye is called Microscopic so in Physics we study as large as universe and as small as electron this is scope of Physics.what is macroscopic the object which is seen though naked eye is called macroscopic example earth, moon, sun, moving car, ball falling under gravity and many more which we see in our nature these all study come under macroscopic. now microscopic is that object which we can’t see through eye but we study and analysis through its characteristics and behavior and made laws for this on the basis of their effect and proof this laws like atom,electron,force, charge. electric field, magnetic field and many more we will study latter.this is complete scope of Physics all object we study.         
excitement of Physics:
The excitement of Physics is all electronics devices which make our life easy entertainment like mobile, computer, tv,  Aeroplane.
now without this no life. new generation is coming with robot in place of mobile they will have Robot in their hand.When the first computer was made its memories was 1Mb storage data and size was as large as our table size compare with today’s era size is compact and memories increases how it became possible due to excitement of Physics development in semiconductor material integrated chips.Physics excitement give us new technology development and enhancement for better and easy life.



Physics Relation with other science subject:

Real science is Physics other subject chemistry, biology is derived science physics laws is apply in chemistry to make any reaction on the basis of energy and force in atomic structure chain reaction physics decide which reaction will take place on the basis of energy and force so without physics chemistry development is not possible.

Science for you

If you really want to learn science the without physics knowledge of science does not matter anything.

Because this is real science to understand our entire universe.

What is happening around you and how you can make your life easy on this Earth planet.

Just by doing some development which can make our life better and beautiful.

So understand the basic concept of physics and enjoy learning as simple that never forget.

I hope you’ll enjoy learning through this website most. so write your comment in the comment box.

Biology development is also not possible without physics whatever study in biology with the help of microscope physics has made microscope through which study of tissue and cells, laser operation, ultrasound, xray, CT scan, MRI all this is given by Physics for the development of biology without Physics biology is lame. what is mathematics it is not science it is powerful tool for every science which help Physics, chemistry, biology. if you really want to study science your choice should be Physics.Even in our human body physics is apply whole human body is working on current principle
nervous system in our brain is like wire when we see an object through eye a current is generated on eye which goes to our brain through nervous system and inform the object.this current value is very small but work same like electricity so how interesting is real science Physics to find out the age of any old object we use carbon dating and radio activity which is also physics.             
Thanks for reading How to Study Physics.


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