Mini-Course. The smartest people use this method to bill thousands of dollars. Know 3 steps how to MAKE MONEY WITH YOUTUBE without making videos and even if you don’t have a YouTube channel.

How to MAKE MONEY with YOUTUBE without making videos

How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos
How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos

YouTube explained in the simplest language.

It should not be a secret for anyone that being a youtuber , in addition to being a fashion, has proven today to be a true source of income.

People of all ages rush to the giant YOUTUBE every day to activate its channel by sharing various content in all languages ​​and for all tastes.

Making money with YouTube could be a very easy job. The dynamic is very simple,

YouTube proposes that you make content for you to publish on their site and if you meet the basic requirements, 

But they will publish their advertising on your videos so you will earn a few cents of a dollar every time your videos meet a number of visits and / or people interact with the advertising.

Understanding it is easy:  you do the work of creating  videos  , they put their advertising and give you pennies for those who see the advertising.

Although you are an enthusiastic, entrepreneur, Juan without fear, and inveterate creative;

And you must live up to the standard of YouTube and its consumers; also meet the requirements of the company and if that were not enough, produce something that crowds like.

  • Hence, although everyone has the possibility of having a YouTube channel, not everyone makes money with this company.

However, YouTube is still an excellent opportunity for those who believe it and pay the price to stand out among millions of people trying to do at least something similar.

How to MAKE MONEY with YOUTUBE without producing videos?

Here is our powerful point.

The initial question would be: can you make money with YouTube without going through that odyssey? The answer is YES, if you can make money, even if you have a YouTube channel.

It is surprising how the following “technique” has been used for years unsuspectingly by many Internet surfers, 

And that some curious entrepreneurs already use it effectively, generating many of them even thousands of dollars a month without much suffering.

Please pay attention to the following information here begins our powerful MINI-Course to generate MAXI-PROFITS on YouTube .

3 Steps to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

Many people are earning a guarantee that it works.

You must be sure that the simplicity of this knowledge does not minimize the power of it. At the time of writing this article, 

Because I have researched about more people who are earning right now $ 25,500 passively and without suffering in the attempt.

Your commitment.

Although the responsibility of the action to take is yours, as well as the profits that you receive for it. 

But I only ask you to share this article with more people, many on the planet need a solid source of income and independence as the one I will show you below.

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To the point with the 3 Steps

Please follow each of the three steps without missing or forgetting any, repeat over and over again until you are earning the money of your dreams, this can be exploited infinitely until you want or YouTube modifies its parameters.

Step ONE : Look for channels with specific topics.

Browse YouTube and look for channels of interest that handle objective topics, that is, channels whose visitors already know what the topic is, for example, motivation channels, business channels, ideas, curiosities and fun channels.

It does not matter the number of visits or the number of users that this channel has,

 the important thing is that it is on objective topics and that it allows you to comment freely in the comments.

Step TWO: Watch video, like it, and make a comment.

How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos
How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos

After having your target video you can watch it to know its content, so you can create a comment according to what you saw. It is important that this comment has the following basic characteristics:

  1. Be a comment according to the content
  2. Positive and motivating comment
  3. A short but meaty comment


On YouTube, the channel administrator can prevent your comment from being seen by the general public, if this happens there is no problem, simply look for another video or channel that you prefer.

But the important thing is that your content is positive and interesting, so you will have the attention of those who read it, including the channel administrator and its visitors.

REMEMBER: Only losers follow the comments of other losers, and this should not be your point since if you are doing this it is to win.

Step THREE: Share your PPC link

At the end of the comment invite people to click on your link and write a Bomtopia PPC link.

By being your positive and energetic comment, you will have already captured the attention of many; 

then invite them to click on the link that you posted, this link should be a PPC link from bomtopia preferably.

What is a PPC Bomtopia link?

PPC stands for pay per click, and Bomtopia is the company that gives them to you. So this clearly says that if people click on your PPC link, you will immediately get paid to your BOMTOPIA account.

In the market there may be different companies that offer earnings with PPC links, but for this case we recommend for powerful reasons such as:  being the number one in payments worldwide,

 and being fully supported by more than 10 thousand partners on the planet and the most powerful thing is that BOMTOPIA is the company that pays the most money for PPC .

For this you must be a registered member at , by filling out a basic FREE registration form in less than 2 minutes you can start enjoying its benefits, such as:

1⃣ Earn DOLLARS for sharing PPC links

2⃣ Earn DOLLARS for sales made in your PPC pages

3⃣ Earn DOLLARS for each New member, who enters the system through your links

4⃣ Earn DOLLARS for life every time a member earns money

Bomtopia presents a unique and multi-million dollar opportunity and you will be a partner through an extremely beneficial franchise system.

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Wait there is even more!

Let’s do an example:

you want to earn dollars with YouTube without making videos. So you recognize that you can post your comments on millions of videos all over the planet in different languages ​​and for different tastes.

You must become a franchise partner of, they will permanently give you links that you will publish along with your comments in your action plan.

Every time someone clicks on your comments you will earn a few pennies on the dollar.

So, the videos chosen by you have thousands of daily visitors. If you only earned $ 0.02 dollars for each click, 

And you only received one thousand clicks a day, you would easily be earning $ 20 dollars a day.

This is just an example, in real life and doing it well, you can earn the $ 25,500 dollars that more people are earning  much more.

How much money do you want to earn?

How much money do you want to earn?
How much money do you want to earn? 

The possibilities are endless, you would earn money day by day and more and more, the more you repeat this technique and improve it over time.

The PPC links that bomtopia gives you, you can publish them on any social network worldwide, including Facebook, and whatsapp.

It is as if you program a robot that generates money daily on social networks without having any technical knowledge. 

To win with YouTube and Bomtopia, all you need to know is copy your bomtopia link and paste it on YouTube or any social network.

If the answer is a lot of money , you must act immediately and register with bomtopia, choose your franchise and start today. But take the Professional franchise.

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How to make money fast on YouTube without making videos

 Many of us have trouble making regular videos for YouTube channels.

The reason for this could be anything like lack of time, not having equipment, video editing skill  etc. Can there be any other problem?

Or it is difficult to complete one thousand subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

But what if I say that you have to monetize the channel within 1 month without making videos?

Here I am telling the steps which you can implement today.

1- Find your niche:

First of all, you have to identify which kind of video you  most watch on YouTube.

For example, you watch a compilation video, or watch a video of a prank. 

Because this is where you are going to get a gold mine.

There are many channels which do not have their own content and upload others videos for making money as well.

And then they monetize their channel and do affiliate marketing in it.

And this is also legal  and you can use it.

Like, you cut Motivational speech from many channels and then recompile and upload it.

But you have to increase your passion for quality content.

2- Create your channel:

How to create your channel
How to create your channel

Well create a new YouTube channel on your profile.

Now you will need to make it into a brand in your niche and have a professional look.

For example create a logo, create profile pictures and also create a banner for your channel.

After that, you have to put some good high volume search results keywords in your niche in the bio section of the channel.

For this, you can use free keyword research tools such as UberSuggest and Keyword Everywhere.

This will benefit that your channel will not be seen on any robot type and there will be no ban on it.

I mean to say that your channel should look exactly like a professional channel.

3- Monetize your channel:

Now how are you going to monetize your channel?

Well you have to go to the search bar of YouTube and type your niche-related keyword there.

After that, the filter option will appear in front of you, 

Then you have to select creative commons and pick up videos which have more.

Because the Creative Common is a feature in which you can use the content by editing something without the Copyright Act.

After you get the content, you have to compile it and make modifications and make your own video.

When you compile it, edit and modify it, that video will do good rank on youtube.

Now you have to make a beautiful thumbnail keeping in mind the word that you searched for.

To get fast and good results, you have to put at least 1 to 7 videos in a month. 

And if you follow all these steps, then your channel will be monetized soon.

4- Optimize your videos:

Now if you want to make your video successful. So you should know how to make money on YouTube.

Because it depends entirely on the CTR (click through rate) and watch time.

So, I am telling you here now how you will optimize your video.

  • Create Attractive thumbnail
  • Eye Catchy Title
  • Best possible Video edit
  • Well written description
  • Add Tags
  • List video under a common license
  • Upload video consistent

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