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How To Earn Money On ySense New Pro Tips

How To Earn Money On Ysense New Pro Tips

First let me tell you that ysense site is a legit site to earn money online.

And that’s why people from many countries are making money online on this site and have been associated with ysense for years.

This is a popular site where people are earning online.

Because making money online on ysense site is also easy and at the same time you get a lot of opportunities.

Now I tell you what requirements you will have to work on this site?

If you have a computer laptop or smartphone or tablet as well as you have some time, then you can easily earn money from this website.

Even this site gives you the opportunity that if you have your own opinion then you can make money from it too.

This type of work is very popular because you can start making money immediately, without any previous experience.

There is no right and wrong here, only you have to give your feedback and give an opinion.

And to take your earned money you have a lot of options in which you can withdraw  like PayPal, Skrill and Payoneer in which you can easily withdraw your money.

To earn more and more money, the trick here is that you have to understand the trick of how you can earn more money.

And the simplest way to earn money from here is to earn by doing a survey.

The more professionally you do this, the more you will earn money here.

Here is some secret of the survey which is pro tips, if you do it then you can earn more and more money on ysense. 

The best Pro tips to make more money with paid surveys on ySense

  • Grab survey fast
  • Choose surveys that fit your needs
  • Fill the correct information during survey
  • Understand ysense potential opportunities
  • Refer your friends earn commission
  • Use bonus tip if no survey in dashboard

When you open your dashboard, you will see the survey option, which you have to complete all the surveys.

The name of the service provider is given in every survey and that survey has to be completed, 

it can be an interview or something else and after the completion of the survey you get a reward.

The survey can be small or big and accordingly you get the reward.

But the good news is that the reward you are shown is the one you get after completing the survey.

The survey list in your dashboard keeps changing and is a form of online survey.

And this survey is available for a limited time if the provider gets the data of the survey, then the survey is closed.

This means that the survey in your dashboard does not last forever, 

the one who came first and who completes it first gets the opportunity of the next survey as well.

Therefore, you should complete the survey which comes first and earn it immediately.

You can also quickly check your survey on how many surveys you have completed on the Last 90 days.

So, by always logging into your account, you check how many surveys are available to you and compile it as soon as possible and earn money from it.

ySense The new ClixSense with PayPal and more news

ySense is the new name of ClixSense, which for many years has been the best page to earn money online for free. 

This seems not to change, since the options remain the same and some very interesting have even been added. 

The most prominent of all is undoubtedly the return of PayPal.

What is ySense?

ySense is a platform that offers the possibility of making money totally free through online tasks and paid surveys .

Formerly known as ClixSense, it has been online since 2007 and has more than 5 million registered users.

ySense online money earning signup free
ySense online money earning signup free

 Its main characteristics are the following:

Exercise Tasks, surveys, mini jobs and bonuses.

Company Prodege LLC. Manhattan Beach, USA.

Payments PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, Steam, and Amazon.

Referrals 1 unlimited level. 20% commission + $ 2 bonus.

Countries All the world.

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YSense registration and first steps

The registration process on the platform has changed slightly and now you just have to enter an email and password.

YSense registration and first steps
YSense registration and first steps

 Later, you will receive a confirmation email to activate the account and voila, you can now access it 

As an important fact, it should be noted that you must put an email that is associated with your PayPal account (if your intention is to receive payments there). 

Keep that in mind. Below I explain this subject in detail.

How to earn money on ySense?

The methods to generate income are still practically the same as in the old platform, 

although little by little they will add new sections that we will update in this same post. At the moment they are the following:

►   Paid Surveys

In this section you will find many opportunities to earn money with paid surveys. 

Depending on the country where you live, they will come out more or less, but there are usually quite a few and with really attractive rewards.

It is important to emphasize that these surveys are not received by email, 

so the only way to check if there are new ones available (they are continually renewed) is by entering the web or installing the ySense addon.

The amount of the surveys is received immediately at the end of the same, 

except those that are marked with a  red flag  that are paid within 30 days.

To consider

To receive the largest number of surveys, it is essential to have a suitable profile.

 So, make sure you complete all the categories correctly (health, work, technology, income, home, etc.) in the most optimal way possible.

►   Offers (Cash offers)

Here you will find all kinds of paid offers: downloading applications, registering on other pages, displaying ads, etc. 

Aside from those of the ySense wall, you will also see those of OfferToro, Peanut Labs, Adscend, Wannads and AdGate.

The remuneration for each task can vary a lot, ranging from a few cents to several dollars. 

As is evident, it is something that will depend on the difficulty and duration of the offer. 

YSense registration and first steps
ySense offers

My recommendation is that you try all the offers that seem appropriate to you until you find the best ones for you.

In my case, the ones that work best for me are trying new games, applications and services. 

I also usually make offers to display advertising ads (they pay little but they are very easy).

►   Mini-jobs

Small tasks and mini-jobs from the Figure Eight platform. 

If you don’t know how it works, take a look at this guide . Apart from the great profits that you can obtain through this section, 

if you are a very active user you can achieve excellent additional rewards:

An extra $ 5 for every $ 50 you have earned through this type of minijobs.

$ 100 to be distributed among the 10 users who have completed the most jobs correctly in the last week.

The $ 100 is distributed weekly and as is evident, will depend on your position within the ranking. 

In the following table you can see the complete cast:

Position Bonus

First (1st) $ 50

Second (2nd) $ 20

Third (3rd) $ 10

Fourth and fifth (4th / 5th) $ 5

Sixth to tenth (6th / 10th) $ 2

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Rules of mini-jobs

While it is true that there are unique and exclusive tasks, most of them can be completed multiple and even unlimited times.

 However, it is something you will be informed of before doing them.

On the other hand, in some tasks you will have to pass a pre-training exam, 

something that is done in order to guarantee the best results for external providers who commission this type of work.

►   Affiliates

Another way to earn income on this platform is by taking advantage of its excellent referral system. 

The commissions are really attractive and it is worth sharing your invitation link, which you will find on the main page of your account.

For each valid referral you will earn a registration fee of $ 0.10, 

which can reach up to $ 0.30 if they register from Tier 1 countries.

When one of your referrals reaches their first $ 5 (excluding commissions and bonuses), you will earn an extra $ 2

    You will also get a 20% commission for each survey, task or mini-job carried out successfully by any of your referrals.

If you want to take advantage of this affiliate system but you don’t know how to get referrals, don’t miss this article with more than 40 tricks.

►   How To Earn Money Using Toolbar ySense

As with ClixSense, a browser addon is also available here that alerts you every time there is a new job,

 task or survey available. It is really useful and works for Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

YSense registration and first steps
ySense Toolbars

You can download and install it very easily from the menu “More” → “Addons”.

►   Daily Checklist Bonus

The daily checklist is a way to reward your activity within the platform.

You can earn  up to an additional 16%  bonus that will be added to your account balance at the end of the day.

This bonus is calculated from the earnings you have made on a personal level through tasks, 

surveys and mini jobs. Commissions for referrals do not count.

Requirements to complete the Daily Checklist Bonus

There are four ways to get an additional 12% bonus. You can choose the one you want:

Complete 10 Figure Eight tasks.

Conduct 2 surveys.

Complete 2 offers.

Do 5 Figure Eight tasks + 1 survey + 1 offer.

Daily extra bonus

If you want to reach the maximum possible bonus (16%), you must perform the following actions:

Have the ySense addon installed in your browser = 2%

Complete the checklist three consecutive days = 2%

Payment methods to receive the winnings

The means of payment to receive the profits are still in the full incorporation phase, 

although it is expected that they will finally be the following:

Coin purse Minimum withdrawal

PayPal $ 10

Skrill $ 10

Payoneer $ 50

Amazon $ 10

Steam $ 10

If your intention is to receive payments by PayPal, you must take into account the following aspects:

The PayPal account must be  verified .

Your first and last name must match in ySense and PayPal.

The email must be the same in both accounts.

If for any reason you have not registered in ySense with the same email that you have associated with your wallet, 

don’t worry. In your PayPal account you can add all the emails you want 

What cannot be changed at the moment is the name and surname, 

so make sure you fill them in correctly in the “Profile and settings” section before requesting your first withdrawal.

ySense Cons and Pros

In favor

More than 13 years online paying on time.

Reputed and reliable company with several awards and recognitions for its work.

Wide variety of ways to earn money for free.

Pretty powerful affiliate system.

The minimum payment is low and easy to reach.

No geographic restrictions.

You have the best payment methods.

With the right profile, you can earn a lot of money from surveys.


The page is only available in English.

The number of offers and tasks available in Latin American countries is lower than those in the US and Europe.

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Conclusion and opinions about ySense

Matching the incredible track record that ClixSense has had in the last 13 years is going to be very difficult, 

although not impossible. Prodege LLC is a powerful company and has enough experience to pilot this new project.

At the moment the web continues to work the same as always and with the addition of having PayPal , 

undoubtedly a determining factor for the web to continue growing in the coming years. Many people demanded this purse and it has finally arrived.

More news and new ways to earn money are expected , so for my part I will continue working the page to the fullest as always.

 If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I will be happy to help you.

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