Today topic is how to change your android device name on play store ?

Or even on Google Assistant.

Because some time your device name is like such you can’t remember it easily.

So you want to change your device name on google play store.

Hence in this article i am going to tell you, how to change your android device name on play store.

And i am going to to explain in this article step by step guide about Google device.

So let’s begin how to change your android device name on play store right now.

How to change your android device name on play store ?

How to change your android device name on play store
How to change your android device name on play store

As you know every electronics device mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch and TV.

And other Android operating system powered device has a unique model number.

Which is assigned by manufacturer at the time of manufacturing the device.

But can you change that name in the network when it’s connected to internet this is my question.

Answer is yes you can change the device nickname in the network connected to internet.

So in this article i am going to show you How to change your android device name on play store.

Because sometime if any one ask you to connect with wifi and ask your device name.

Then you really stuck for sometimes to recall your device name.

Because manufacture company assign name according to their series and version release.

So that name is not easy to remember and you forget that name.

Therefore in this case you need your choice name for your electronics device to connect with wifi internet connection.

That is why i am going to explain here, how to change your android device name on play store.

And that name is shown in different few places like.

Desktop play store website, OK Google or google assistant and and find my device on Google.

Or even when you connect with other wifi network.

So thanks to google make it possible to change android device name easily for you.

And the best part is that your changes are synchronized across all of Google’s services platform.

So you are not required to set name at different places.

Therefore follow the below steps give to change the google device name.

FAQ Solved

Q How do I change my device name in Google Play?

Answer Yes you can change your device nickname in Google play store for more details refer below

Q How do I change my device name on Android?

Answer Below is the step how you can change your device name on Android

How do I rename my device?

Answer Yes you can rename your device name, how you can do it follow the below step

Google Play Store device settings to change android name

Follow the below steps to set your Google play store account on android smartphone device.

But before access Google play store first time, first you need to turn ON your phone.

Then press the menu button go to menu screen.

If you have recently purchased your smartphone android device.

And completed the initial setup wizard along with the required correct value.

Then it may be your mobile phone has been already registered with your correct Google account.

Whereas you can check it, just go to Google play store icon app on mobile home screen.

And tap this icon from app menu, and provide the correct data for Google account.

After that open interface of Google play store,

Now here is the step you need to follow, if you are opening first time google play account.

  • Turn ON your smartphone
  • Press the menu button to go to menu screen
  • On Sign in window fill correct email id and password
  • After done click on the right arrow icon bottom-right corner of the screen
  • Skip the payment option
  • Backup and restore window, backup with my google account
  • Final tap the arrow button play store

website safety check Google

How to rename your smartphone Android device ?

If you are using desktop browser, then there is easiest way to see all your device connected.

And here you can rename or change any device nickname.

Just open the Google play setting

It will display all android device registered with your Google account.

Now see the below image shown.

How to change your android device name on play store

So to change the any device name just click on the edit button.

And type a new name for your smartphone, after that click on the update button.

You are now done, it is super simple, Your sync will be immediately with your Google account.

For example Google assistant, play store and find my device.

Now anywhere Google will display your new name of your connected device.

Whereas the play store website does not work well on phones,

So if you are using your mobile device phone then it is easy for you to open find my device web page

Google find my device
Google find my device

And here you can easily change the name through mobile device.

Your list of devices will display at the top, select the desired device you want to change name.

And just tap the name to change it, find my device app on the play store

it will not allow to change the device name.


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