Today topic is how to change jpg into pdf free without using any software.

So in this article you’ll learn how to change jpg into pdf on laptop/PC or mobile.

And even without using any converter as well as apps.

Because i’m going to reveal you a best trick, how to change jpg into pdf for both laptop and on mobile.

And this is very easy process to convert jpg to pdf.

So if you want to know the tricks must read the complete article.

How to change jpg into pdf without any Converter ?

well first of all i will tell you on laptop,how to change jpg into pdf.

And then i will explain on about mobile, how to change jpg into pdf.

So lets start how to convert jpg to pdf on laptop.

Now follow the below mention process.

how to change jpg into pdf
how to change jpg into pdf
  • Take your jpg file image or word any file
  • Open Google browser
  • Drag your jpg file into Google browser and left it here
  • Click on top right corner three dot line
  • Choose option for save/ file type is already pdf
  • Select file name and save
  • Done Your file is converted jpg to pdf
How do you change a file from JPG to PDF
How do you change a file from JPG to PDF

So this is the best way jpg to pdf file conversion free without using any converter.

Hence you learned here how to convert jpg into pdf without using any extra software.

And follow the image shown above jpg to pdf convert on laptop.

How to convert jpg into pdf on mobile without app ?

If you want to convert jpg to pdf on mobile it’s very simple.

Because you no need to install any extra app for conversion jpg to pdf.

So that i am going to tell you trick through which you can live convert jpg to pdf as much you want to convert.

And you’ll be able to convert your images to pdf online for free without any converter.

Now how do you change a file from JPG to PDF on mobile free is easy.

So just follow the steps, you can easily do it very quickly.

You know whenever you purchase you mobile, there is a free app provided by Google in your mobile name “Google drive”

If Google drive is not available in your mobile then, you can just download it from Google play store free.

So first ensure Google drive is available in your mobile.

Because using Google drive, you can convert jpg to pdf file.

And i am going to tell you the steps,How to convert jpg into pdf using Google drive free.

This is very easy process, but must follow the process.

First of all, you have to go on top of your mobile and after going there.

And you have to see the Google Drive option where your Google Drive option is.

Now open Google drive option.

If you want to know how to change your android device name on play store, then check this link change your android name.

How do you change a file from JPG to PDF?

How do you change a file from JPG to PDF?
How do you change a file from JPG to PDF?

After that click on the plus icon shown, an interface will open in front of you which is shown in the image.

And you will see a lot of options, in which the folder, scan, google sheet.

Then the first thing you have to do is that just click on scan option in front of the screen.

As soon as you type on it, after that the back camera will be turned on.

Now as soon as the back camera is on, after that whatever file or documents, you have or The image has to be taken on that back camera.

By the way, you will take its picture, After you will see an interface in front of you,

After that you need to click on OK, As soon as you do OK.

The other interface will come in front of you, the interface will be seen more options here.

which is that you will get a plus option, What you have to do is, if you have to scan multiple,

Then you have to click the plus icon, if you want to make multiple pages.

So your other file will be scanned also, if you want more then You can add as much as you want.

And you have option available here for color also, if you want to make color.

if you want to keep black and white then you can do that too,

How do I change a picture to a PDF?

You have also crop and rotate option available, After doing this, you have to click on the option of just save.

After that choose the file name, Now as soon as you save your file is saved.

To search here, in the right corner, in the right corner you will see a line of three dots on the top.

Now click on it, and after clicking on it you will see show file location.

You have to click, your file will appear in front of you, then there will be an option of upload.

Then you need to upload from there, and as soon as your file is uploaded,

Now you can see your pdf file is available there with whatever name you have saved it, So open it and see just in pdf.

Hence the file is converted to PDF with that name and the image and all the files you created, as much of pages you have created.

So this is the best way to create PDF file free without using any app on mobile.

Now you no need to go anywhere like cyber cafe for documents scan, just save your money and time.

And there is option available to share PDF file link directly or send any person you want to share.

Also you can make as much of copy you want to make, all option are available there.

Watch below Video link How do you convert a JPEG to a PDF?

Watch video Click here


So i hope this article is helpful for you to convert jpg to pdf easy and free without app. Hence share this link to your friends benefit also, I am sure you enjoyed learning, how to change jpg into pdf. If you have any doubt then watch Video in Hindi. And if this article is helpful pls share on social media.