Google Cloud platform (GCP) is offered by Google. Google Cloud platform is a suite of public cloud. Which runs on the same infrastructure of Google. That is provided by Google for its end user product. Such as for example Google search and You tube. So you can think the power of Google Cloud platform. Because i never seen and heard that Google server is down.

What is meant by Google Cloud ?

Google Cloud Platform Free hosting services | Speed up your website

Google cloud platform is a suite or group of public cloud computing. Which is offer by Google for one year free. And this services includes Hosting, cloud computing cloud storage and application development, that runs on Google hardware. So this is called Google cloud platform. Because it is provided by Google itself.

What can you do with Cloud ?

There are many application in Google Cloud Platform. Through which you can use and enjoy their application. Which is given below.

  • Pricing – Google Pricing model is based upon the data uses per-minute billing system. And billing start with minimum 10 minutes. And User discount is begin after a certain instance is used, for more than 25% of a month. So for more details refer Pricing.
  • Cloud Save – This features provides you, save and retrieve per user information. And this allow cloud stored data to be synchronized across devices.
  • Hosting – Cloud platform offer managed virtual machine (VMs) environment. And this provide auto management of App Engine. With a great flexibility of computer Engine VMs. Hence provide user ability to add third party frameworks applications.
  • Big data – Google cloud platform offer a big data solution. Because there are two unique tools. Which provide big data processing and analysis on the google cloud platform. So first is Big query, Which allow users to run SQL query on terabyte of data. The second tool is cloud data flow. Which allows you to create monitor data processing pipeline.
  • Load Balancing – This offer HTTP load balancing, which balance the traffic of multiple computer. Across the different geographic regions.

Is the Google Cloud  providing Free services ?

Well this is really good that, Google Cloud platform free tier provides you free resources. So that you learn and try this services by your own. There are two GCP free Tier.

  • 12-month free trial with $300 credit to use with any GCP services
  • Free forever, which provides limited access to many common GCP resources, free of charge.

12-month, $300 free trial

The free trial gives you the credit to pay for resources. Which you learn and use about GCP. Hence i am providing here step by step, You need to follow the step to use Free Google cloud hosting platform. This free Trial is valid for 12 month. After that you can go for paid services. So follow the step below for free trial.

How to create Free cloud account for your website ?

Open the Google Chrome browser. then search Google cloud console and click on as shown in picture.

How to open Google Cloud Console

Then you have to login with your gmail id, as shown in figure.

Gmail id required for Google cloud account

After login a new page will open, like below . where ask for term of services. So tick this check box. And after that click on agree and continue button.

Terms and services for Google Cloud

Hence a new page is open, Get started with Google cloud platform. as shown below.Then click on I TRY FOR FREE button.

How to get started with Google cloud platform

Then again a new page is open, where tick terms of services and email updates.

email data verification for cloud platform

After that fill your all required details. Along with your card details. see the picture below. And then click on start my free trial.

How to fill your details on cloud platform

So you make sure payment of 2 rupees for your account verification. If you don’t make payment, then your account will not verify.

How to payment for Google cloud platform account verification

Now your free Google cloud platform account is ready. Hence you use the service and application provided by Google free on your account for 12th month.

Your google cloud platform free account is ready

So you can host your website, and increase the speed of your website through cloud platform. I am going to explain in this post, how you can upload your website on your free account hosting. So Just wait it is easy and simple, You are able to do yourself. I am providing snap with step by step, So that you can do easily.

What is cloud and how does it work ?

Customer access their data through a web browser in Google cloud storage. And can also access, through command line interface. So you can also choose the geographical location to store your data lives. Hence Google cloud storage is a service provided by Google cloud platform.

Therefore Google has large number of computer network. Which is optimized for storing objects on internet. And this is file, images, videos and applications. So Google handles scalability, reliability, and durability of the object.

Therefore, whether one person or a billion people access that object at once. And Google is handled it for you. So for this you pay the Google the storage and bandwidth cost, for storing the data on their server.

And allow the people to access this data from anywhere, anytime. The great service by Google cloud storage is their CDN feature. Hence if multiple people request an object, from UK and object is stored in the US. So it is cached in the UK for faster download. And you pay nothing extra for the service.

How to Host a Static Website on Google Cloud Platform ?

As i have stated above, how to create your free Google cloud platform account. So After that, you just login in your account and follow the below mentioned steps.  To host your site on Google cloud platform.

Then lets go to storage section as shown below.

Step for hosting website on google cloud platform

And Click on Create Bucket as shown in the picture.

See how to create Bucket for cloud platform

Then Choose your site name, Which need to upload on cloud platform see picture below.

How to choose site name for cloud platform

So here upload your HTML site as shown in the picture below.

How to upload file on your account

After that Upload Files or Folder as shown in the picture below.How to Index website on cloud account

Now after file uploaded, tick on share file publicly as shown.So you have finally uploaded files.

How to show publicly website on internet

Now click on Bucket to go in previous menu. Here you have successfully uploaded your site to Google cloud see below picture.

Data is uploaded successfully

Hence you are required to do, Add CNAME to your website on Google Cloud. So you must go to your domain provider account and login in your domain account here example of Google Domain. After login click on DNS tab. Then add CNAME shown in picture.

How to add CNAME on your cloud account

Therefore your CNAME is add in Google Cloud platform. Now leave it to 30 minutes to propagate in multiple servers, your domain across the internet.

Hence you check after 30 minutes, your site will be up and working fine on internet all over the world. And you can also check for different browser it is opening and working fine. Wow you have done well.

What is cloud hosting benefit  | And how speed is increases ?

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