Geostationary Satellite height is fixed 35800 km above the Earth surface, So that its rotation time period is fixed 24 hours. Located exactly radially above the equator, same axis of rotation that of Earth, So best concept satellite communication. It is moving same as with Earth, hence easy to send and receive signals using satellite internet
satellite camera catches Earth images called satellite images

What is Geostationary Satellite ?

Geostationary Satellite | best concept satellite communication

How the name is given Geostationary satellite ? Well Earth is rotating all the times 24 hours. As shown in satellite picture, The time period of rotation for satellite is also 24 hours. By adjusting the height of satellite. You know that height and time period is related to each other. Suppose that satellite is above your head in the space.

Now as Earth is moving . you are also moving, and satellite is also moving. The time period of rotation is same. Hence whenever you will see the satellite. You will find satellite is over your head. You are on the Earth. So with respect to Earth. Satellite will look like stationary. Hence it is called Geostationary satellite.

What is advantage of  satellite communication ?

If you want to communicate with Geostationary satellite. You will fixes an antenna on the Earth. which is directed towards Geostationary satellite. Then you no need to change. The direction of antenna on the Earth. Antenna will be always directed, towards the Geostationary satellite.

Because both are rotating with same time period. This makes best concept satellite communication. You can send and receive signals, Every second from Geostationary satellite, Which make easy satellite communication. Really cool to use GPS, to track your location on the Earth.

Some more advantages. you are using satellite internet, TV satellite. Hence easy Geostationary satellite communication. If you want to know, more about satellite motion, You can Refer previous post elliptical orbit solar system.



Where should located  satellite ?

To make best satellite communication. As well as efficient satellite communication. Geostationary satellite must be located above the equator, So that its center of rotation, As well as its axis of rotation, everything matches with the Earth. Then it will appears, As a part of the system. And it will remain stationary. 

 You should remember that, axis of rotation is same, for Earth and satellite. which is called equatorial plane. 

What is Application of  Geostationary satellite ?   

Geostationary Satellite | best concept satellite communication

Geostationary satellite is use, for signal communication. Just see above picture, how satellite communicate from the Earth . You  generally use this for, TV satellite signal  and GPS location track . It is also use,  for all types data exchange services.  So internet communication is done easily.

It is also use for Earth images.  Which is called satellite images . It has a camera. Which scan the Earth images all the time. Satellite send Earth images, whenever you want Earth images. 

General types of Satellite

Satellite is categorize on two basis. First on the basis of altitude, and second on the basis of time period rotation. Do you know satellite rotation time period is directly proportional to distance ? This distance is from, the surface of the Earth to satellite location in the space.

Means if satellite is far distance from Earth, then its time period of rotation will be more. If distance is less, then time period of rotation will be less. This is also explained by Kepler’s third law. Now satellite speed formula is √GM/r.

Where G is universal gravitational constant, M is mass of the Earth. And r is distance from the surface of the Earth. In previous post, well explained this formula. You can refer satellite orbital velocity.

This formula √GM/r  indicate ,if satellite will be far distance from the Earth, then speed of satellite will be less. And if distance will be less, then speed of satellite will be more. I am talking about here tangential speed.

Three different Satellite name moving in space

There are three types of satellite. Which is generally used for different purposes.  And each satellite has unique feature.  This is given below with their orbit of rotation.

Types of satellite, LEO,MEO,GEO

  • LEO  ( Lower Earth orbit, its range is 200km ∼ 2000km. Rotation time period is 1.5 ∼ 2 hours )
  • MEO ( Middle Earth orbit, its range is 2000km ∼ 35000km. Rotation time period is about 12 hours )    
  • GEO  ( Geostationary orbit, its range ∼ 36000km. Rotation time period is 24 hours ) 

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