Today i’m going to show you,  how you can do free internet speed test for your phone and desktop online 

Because most of the time you face internet speed challenges with your service provider.

But you don’t know EXACTLY, how much you’re getting internet speed right now.

And your internet service provider (SIM operator company) make you fool always about internet speed.

Because you’ve no any proof of internet speed test data.

So using this free internet speed test technique, you can check anytime your internet speed of mobile device.

And fight with your service provider for better your internet speed immediately.

So let’s dive in right now.

Free Internet Speed Test Online Mobile Device Today

In fact before going into internet speed test first you need to know what is internet speed test ?

So walk along with me and come to know what’s actual meaning of internet speed.

And then you’ll go for internet speed test. It’s okay,

Now let me explain the true meaning of internet speed right now.

So Internet speed refers to that speed, Which data or content travels from the world wide web to your home computer, tablets or smartphone.

But the speed of this data is measured in Megabits per second (Mbps).

And One Megabitis equal to 1024 kilobits.

Now you may be thinking how 1Mbps is equal 1024 kilobits ?

So your question can be, Why is it 1024 KB in a MB?,

Why is 1kb equal to 1024 bytes? Is a KB 1000 or 1024?

Well, it’s simple 1 Megabyte is equal to 1000 kilobytes in (decimal) SI system.

Difference Megabit And Kilobit

Because human used decimal number system 0 to 9 counting number.

But in binary system 1 Megabyte is equal to 1024 kilobytes (binary) system.

Because computer used binary number system 0 or 1 for digital communication.

If you want to know how decimal to binary number is converted.

Then check out this link how to convert decimal to binary system

So when you’ll calculate the value of 1000 in binary system base value as 2, then 1000 becomes 1024.

And One Megabitis becomes 1024 kilobits. I hope your doubt is clear now, YES or NO.

A megabit is a unit of measurement for data size. Which’s used for data transfer.

Also It takes eight megabits to make a megabyte.

And Megabits (Mb) and megabytes (MB) sound identical. But don’t confused they’re not same.

Because Megabits are expressed as Mb or Mbit when talking about digital storage.

Or Mbps (megabits per second) in the context of data transfer rates. All of these are expressed with a lowercase ‘b.’

There Are 8 Bits in Each Byte.

So a bit is a binary digit or small unit of computerized data.

Because a bit is really, really smaller than the size of a single character in an email.

#For example:

Just think a bit as the same size as a text character. Then a megabit is approximately 1 million typed characters.

I hope you got the meaning of 1 Mbps. which’s approximately 1 million typed characters transfer per second.

Free Internet Speed Test For Mobile Device

There’re many ways to test your internet speed,.

But today i’m going to show you the best method to check your internet speed FREE and FAST.

It’s very simple. And This’s best method to check internet speed of your mobile phone.

Because you can check anytime without any app download.

Whenever you’re unable to download and access any website data, then it’s right time to check your internet speed.

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Now you know there’re two parameter in internet speed. Which’re

  • Download speed (Transfer data from web page to your device mobile,laptop,tablet)
  • Upload speed (Data transfer from your device to web page)

So do you want to know ?

how much is your internet speed provided by your service provider right now.

Well, Google recently introduces an easy way to check your internet speed anywhere anytime.

Therefore just follow this easy step. I’m explaining here.

Step 1: Go to Google search engine and type for internet speed test or even you can do voice search.

Step 2: At very top of search result, you’ll see the box “Internet speed test“.

But unfortunately the speed test is not available in all reason right now.

So it’s possible you may not see this box.

In the box you’ll get more information about internet speed test.

Because when you start speed test you’re connected to the measurement LAB,.

Which’s partnership new America open TAI, Google open source research, And other supporting partners as well.

Step 3: To begin test select run speed test. So bring that applet and check your download speed first.

And then followed by upload speed. This test is very fast it takes usually 30 second only.

When it’s completed you’ll see your download and upload speed.

It also shows server latency and quickly measure the server response.

As well as the server location.

And below that how your internet connection can handle various tasks including steaming HD video.

Also You’ve option to run again test if you want to.

If you want to know how you can use free Google hosting.

Then check this link Google cloud platform free hosting service

Free Internet Speed Test Frontier Online Devices

This’s another best free popular method to check your internet connection speed by “Ookla”.

So It’s ultimate way to test the speed and performance of your internet connection.

Because every day over ten million of unique users test their internet speed from different locations of the world.

So it’s very trusted and legitimate site for internet speed test.

Therefore you can use Ookla to check your internet connection speed today.

It shows transparency and better network actual performance result to help the users.

So you’re able to monitor your internet connection speed anywhere anytime right now.

And the best part about Ookla, it’s FREE and FAST to check internet speed better way.

Because Ookla has the most comprehensive analytics on worldwide internet performance and accessibility right now.

So trusted customers like ISPs, carriers, businesses, universities and government agencies.

Because of its quality and simplicity.

And Ookla is the original service provider of free online speed test.

As a global leader in internet speed testing.

So with a single click button you’re able to take advantage of Ookla’s free speed test.

And the great part about Ookla’s Speed test is that it offers users the opportunity.

Such as to choose a test server anywhere in the world.

Free internet speed test frontier

Therefore i’ll suggest you to use Ookla. And check your internet connection speed today.


  • Almost Unbiased
  • Global Market Leader speed test
  • Server Option
  • Free Speed Test


  • Ads available

Test My Internet Speed Online Free Today

Whenever you take a new internet connection. Then the first thing you must do is perform an internet speed test.

But generally people have no idea for internet speed test. How they can check internet speed free

or how to perform internet speed test free before taking any new internet connection.

So i’m providing here the best free internet speed test solutions for your phone and desktop.

Because internet speed tests are free online services right now.

Or alternatively you’ve apps that allow you to test the real-time speed of your internet.

But i never suggest to use an app because it may be paid app.

Whenever you’ve free and without app option available, then why go for app.

Actually most of the time you don’t care about your internet speed test unless internet is slow.

But it’s important to test your internet anytime whenever you sign up for a new plan or switch for new internet service provider.

So performing a speed test will indicate your download and upload speed.

And already discussed speed test is generally measured in megabytes per second.

With download speed usually performing much faster than upload speed.

The main reason for this is that most internet services are well optimized for downloading information.

And you often use downloading services such as video watching as well as file downloading.

If your internet goes slow and you’re just about to switch to a new plan.

Then must test your new connection with one of the best speed tests.

Because internet speed test give you an exact signal of the real-time speed of your connection.

Therefore it’ll show you how much bandwidth is available for you right now.

Best Free Internet Speed Test Solution

Well, there’s no need to worry about how to test internet speed free for phone and desktop online .

Because testing is now easy. So just open one free internet speed test and run it.

It’ll quickly tell you the real speed of your internet connection.

So on the basis of this information you can then determine whether you’re getting what you paid for.

Therefore first check your speed and then compare it with your internet service provider advertised for you.

So keep reading to know what’s best free internet speed test today.

And this’s right time to tell you Google Internet speed test  is the best speed test from Google. 

So best free internet speed test

You’re able to check here your internet speed free, just click on the above link and check your internet speed.

Do you want to know ? Why Google fiber speed test is best ? Okays

Because one of the original providers of fiber optics around the world.

You know fiber optics are well known for offering some of the fastest speeds due to high bandwidth.

But most of the people rely on wireless connections only to power their internet connections. See the image below.

So you should know Google Fiber Speed Test can be used to test any internet speed.

This’s completely user friendly and clean free from cluttered ads.

And it’s REALLY good gift from Google to users as they expect from Google.

It’s so simple users are directed to click on play button only to execute speed test.

As soon as you’ll click on the play button test begin.

And result quickly appear in the speedometer in the middle of the screen.

Free internet speed test Google

And Google also provide a link to learn more about internet speed test in general.

#For example:

What affects internet speeds ?

How to improve internet speed ? Improve your Wi-Fi Speeds.

And speed test online free


  • Simple User Friendly Interface
  • No Ads at all
  • Completely free for all


  • Not An Independent Service Provider

Online Free Internet Speed Test Verizon

Online internet speed test by Verizon

Verizon Wireless provide a simple speed test to check your connection pace.

Because Verizon Wireless is the largest internet service provider in the United States.

So almost with having 147 million trusted customers.

With so many different customers along with different internet plans.

But this support only United States internet speed test. see the image.

And the best part about Verizon Wireless is that offers a free speed test.

While it’s simple and better for free internet speed test in USA customers service.

Verizon Wireless maintain their public-facing challenges as top internet speed provider.

So users consider Verizon a best internet speed test site.

Just check net speed test online free

Because Verizon’s free speed test is simple to use as well as offers other valuable tips information for users.


  • User Friendly interface
  • Other link resources valuable information
  • Free speed Test


  • Biased origin
  • Large ad space only for Verizon
  • Support US only

So you can check here what’s your internet speed connection through Verizon Wireless.


Here’s video for you step-by-step guide

how you can check your internet speed free  today.

There’re three simple and free method to test your internet connection speed right now.

So watch this video and use how to check your internet speed for phone and desktop today.


Testing your internet speed regularly is the best defense against internet service providers. Because this way you’re sure that what exactly speed you’re getting right now. And what you’re paying for the same. So if this article is helpful for you like, comments and share on social media. I hope you enjoyed knowing about free internet speed test solutions for your phone and desktop. If you’ve any doubt ask me always here for your support.  But how you can support me, share this article on social media. Thanks for being with me.