Free Conference Call services is easy and simple with secure connection. This is gift of technology, Because with the help of Free Conference Call services. You can connect Locally and globally with 72 countries. And can talk with anyone through Audio and Video conferencing anywhere, even you can share your laptop screen.

Which is a great feature as well for your business presentation to remote client. Hence this is totally free conferencing call up to 1000 callers. So enjoy this best free conference call service. Now you will ask Where and how will get this services . So don’t worry i am going to provide all details step by step here. Continue reading you will understand this easily.

Free Conference Call services start today for your Business and Friends

A free conference call service provide you, to host basic conference calls and video meetings. If you are looking for this services for small business, as well as family and friends conferencing, then you are at right place. Because i am going to provide you best free conference call services here.

Which is completely free for limited participant. with a great feature totally free, connect all around the world any time. This is simple application, which you can use through laptop as well as mobile. And you are able to use immediately within second without any delay. So let me allow to explain, and identify the best free conference call services for you. Hence go ahead today to enjoy this service free.

8 Best Free conference call services for you and Business

Here is the best free conference call services list. And continue reading to know, which is best for you. We will compare with features available in each services. (Best Overall)  for your business, who need a comprehensive free conference call service.

UberConference This is for Startups who want to hold smaller conference calls with up to 10 people Those who is looking for a free conference number with toll-free international call-in numbers. PGI provide cloud based web conferencing solution for small business free conference call international. This is providing toll free conference call for individual and for business.

Google Hangouts Those companies that uses G Suite and is looking for sync communications across devices.

How to evaluate free conference call services best for you ?

Free conference call services must allow, you to connect calls with multiple participant, either from your phone system or online without paying any subscription fee. As well as without any additional hardware require. So when you are determining the best services.

Then you must consider the factors, like price, features, call quality and security. In order to determine the overall best services for small business. Therefore you must look the services on the following important areas.

  • Price >> In order to use each services it has to be free to start. And completely free to use even if there is a paid version.
  • Easy setup for use >> Setup should be quick and fast. And the process take immediately to host a conference call without delay.
  • Caller limits >> You compare each service’s on the basis of participant limits. Such as preferences for maximum participants. And callers are added easily, whenever call is started. Also look this service support international access.
  • Call quality >> See the customer feedback and concerns for call quality. And if a service offer high quality audio or video calling.
  • Security >> Always check to see, if a service offered protections. Such as PIN, dedicated phone numbers for each account as well.
  • Call controls >> Check available options for managing the conference call. Such that call muting, call announcement, and call scheduling.
  • Call recording >> You considered for each service’s ability to record conference calls. And transfer call if applicable. How easy to access recording call later.
  • Mobile app >> Mobile apps must be available to connect, management and participation in conference calls during live call.
  • Desktop app >> This facility should be available to share your laptop screen to client. And able to share presentation as well.
  • Customer support >> you consider the customer services channels available in case of any technical issue created.

Hence my recommendation is freeconferencecall,com for the best free conference call service. Because it supports up to 1,000 participants with call recording. As well as easy participants control. And meetings are easy to schedule. Either you use it for an audio call or online meeting. This is very simple to use.

Best Overall Free Conference Call Services for Business is a free conference call service. Which provide call recording, web management and connect 1000 participants free. This is far better the limits imposed by other service provider. And this is the best choice for any business or individual.

Which want to use a robust conference calling system. Without paying any subscription fee and per user fees. There is free conference call app is available.

Which is the best free conference call services? is free service for 1000 participants. Because there is no any hidden charges. A maximum of 1,000 participants can join a conference call with high-definition, audio, screen sharing and video conferencing. Each conference call maximum duration is for six hours long. With an unlimited number of calls can connect during conferencing.

What is required for free video conference call ?

Well to use free conference call services, you get a free account with an email and password. which is activated within a second. Now before account activation, first i like to explain, There is no any hidden charge, talk as much as you like, for as long as you want. This is free upto 1000 callers. Conference call participants only pay standard local rates. Now let me allow to explain,

How to create free conference call account ?

As you inter the email id and password, then receive an instant account. With dial in numbers all covered countries. And an access code for immediate phone conferencing. Now each account limit is 1000 participants, on an unlimited number of 6 hour free. For international conference calls and this is available 24/7 for your account.

How do I set up a free conference call ?

As you will inter your email id and password above shown for free conference call , after that your free account is activated immediately. And it looks the snap given below. This same information is send on your email id for your future reference. So access code and PIN is important for conference call. Hence keep this safe also.

How to Host Your Conference Call ?

  1. Dial your dial-in number, Whatever the number is given in your activated account. For example here in this account free conference call dial in number is ( 0172 519 9276).
  2. When prompted, enter the access code, which is in your activated account. As for example in this account is ( 882332) and this must be followed by pound or hash (#).
  3. Now press star () to enter the host PIN, which is given in your activated account, for example here is (1836) and that is followed by pound or hash (#).

If you want Recording then, Dial *9 and 1 to record your call. Dial *9 again and 1 to stop recording.

How to instruct participants set up a free conference call ?

  1. Provide your dial-in number, which is available in your activated free account. Hence for example this account is ( 0172 519 9276)  and also provide the access code, this is also given in your activated account. So here for this account is ( 882332). Note this is different for your own account, So use that number only.
  2. Alternate option send an email, with the conference detail information, like date and schedule.

How to Invite participants for free conference call usa meeting ?

A conference call is the easiest way to connect with a group. There are a few ways to invite participants for a meeting. So To send an online invitation or email . Just follow the below three easy steps.

  1. Log in to your account first.
  2. Click on Invite button below your meeting credentials.
  3. Click Copy to Clipboard or Invite by Email to distribute the meeting information on your own. Or, expand your view to complete the meeting details, add participant email addresses for free conference call usa friends email and click Invite.

How to make conference call for Video ?

Go to Host Online Meeting to load Web Viewer . The Meeting Dashboard will open . Start the audio portion by clicking Phone and following the prompts . Now How to screen share.

  1. Click Play on the Meeting Dashboard.
  2. Select the items you want to share.
  3. Click Start Sharing .

How to Start free video conference ?

  1. Click Camera on the Meeting Dashboard.
  2. Choose to dial in over the telephone or through VoIP on your computer.
  3. Video is live once the Camera turns green.

What is Pricing ?

This’s web-based conferencing service provider is free available no any cost to the user. While there is a premium version. But up to 1000 callers it is totally free. Which is attracting for small business and individual. And This makes a truly free solution for conference calling.

What is the best features FreeConferenceCall

FreeConferenceCall is one of the best rich features for providing quality and secure free conference call services.  The free service offers  many features and tools are same for other providers for paid system. For example calendar integrations and a local desktop app.  So such types of service is helping you for free host webinars your small business. And and provides online storage for recorded meetings.

Free Conference Call Customer Support

Well Free Conference Call customer support is fantastic without any doubt. It is really surprising to speak with a live support  representative. And this is for totally free service. Your all questions answer is done in well manner as well as in great details.

Therefore representative provide clear explanation  about any technical questions and quarry. Which will really attract you to continue with them and solve smooth if any issue come. Even support you for your account set up and setting as well.

What is missing with free conference call ?

There is no much missing with free conference call regarding its features. However the thing missing is only online storage. Which is limited to 1GB of storage for video or audio call recordings.

Also in addition, it doesn’t send recordings directly to your email inbox after meetings. But this is not really a deal breaker. Because 1GB is equates to 90 minutes of video and about 10 hours of audio.

What are users feedback about free conference call ?

Well those Businesses, which are using this services are satisfied with free  conference call service, and appreciating that it’s free and reliable. Because the support for up to 1,000 callers, on a conference with features like call recording is really very good.

As well as screen sharing, and international dial in numbers is a favorite among many small business owners. For more details you can check customer review on website.

Where to Find Free Conference Call login ?

Free Conference call offers updated features without taking with you any money. It takes just a few second to sign up process. Or you can directly download the app from the App Store . As well as Android marketplace and get started that way you want.

Now it is right time for you to get free conference call as well for your Business. And free conferencing with your friends and family all around the word. So Enjoy listening, watching and sharing with them free of cost. By using the button given below.


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