Free conference call in numbers allow you to connect anywhere only with mobile number today. But ever you think which technology is using for this.

How this free conference call is use to connect all around the world with your lovers and for business meeting.

And one new technology surprise gift for you.

This’s today topic for your. So are you ready to know,

EVERYTHING you need to know free conference call in numbers only as well as new technology surprise ?

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Free Conference Call In Numbers is new Technology power Today

Do you know ? Smartphone first launch date, Any idea, well as i promise you’ll know something new here. So keep reading ahead and know everything you should.

This’s only starting of the story, just wait for the best surprise you’re going to know in this article soon. What’s new technology gift for you right now.

Because you’re lover of Smartphone today, It’s your best friend as well as best device for your all types of business work. I hope you’ll AGREE with me. If i say.

Finally you can’t live without Smartphone today. Because smartphone has become your heart bit right now. Right or wrong.

So you should know about smartphone some history and latest update today. let me explain smartphone little history here.

Well, actually People didn’t start using the term “smartphone” until 1995. But the first true Smartphone was actually made in 1992.

It was called the Simon Personal Communicator. Which was created and design by IBM. And simply known as IBM Simon is first handheld touchscreen.

So the IBM Simon was the first phone with a touchscreen in 1992. And it’s also called as the first world “Smartphone”.

but the term was not yet coined. Then a few competitors came out in the early 90s.

Also most mobile devices with touchscreens were meld together the functions of a cell phone.

conference call phone numbers yet not available

And unfortunately Simon suffered from a number of issues. For example reportedly having a battery life of just one hour. It was also a bit of a flop.

But can you tell me, why it had flopped ? Because this’s also one part of this article, what i want to convey you.

So the simple answer is technology power. Absolutely there was no any advanced technology support for smartphone.

Because technology is the human imagination power to birth new service product.

Because technology is the human imagination power to create new services or products.

Even without technology human is also lame. Because IBM Simon is real proof for example of flop.

So what’s your opinion about technology using in communication system 30 years back.

If i’m not wrong you were not able to use your smartphone. Because technology was not developed, right.

Now you’ll be AGREE, If i’ll say free conference call in numbers is new technology power for today.

Because you’re using advance technology for communication right now, with the help of new technology features in smartphone for free conference call in numbers only.

Now i hope you’re feeling cool after knowing about technology power fact.

Because you’re using smartphone right now, to make free conference call in numbers only around the world.

Which is a gift of human imagination to create new technology. Keep reading ahead to know latest technology surprise.

[faq title=”FAQ – frequently asked questions” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”How do I get a free conference call number?” number=”1″]Create a free account on very easy only with email id and password. Then host a conference call by using the dial-in number,followed by the access code and host PIN. And start to participate in Audio or Video conference call it’s done.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”How do I setup a conference call number? ” number=”2″]Step 1: First create a conference call account with using your email id and password, choose free or paid account. Step 2: Select Dial-in Numbers for Your Callers, whom you want to call. Step 3: schedule a Date and Time for your Conference Call with your participants . Step 4: Send the Conference Call Invite through mail link or chat link. Step 5: Dial Into Your Conference at fixed schedule. Step 6: Start your conference call, all is done.[/faq_item][/faq]

Conference Call Number Innovations that Changed History

Conference Call Number Innovations that Changed History

One day i was asked for my conference call number for meeting, and that day i truly realized.

it’s very simple and easy to join meeting through conference call number around anywhere in the world.

So i use generally conference call number many times in a week like a boss. Now i feel it’s not a big deal.

And this’s the turning point for me to think about how communication has changes.

If you’ll remember Samuel Morse’s first telegraph in 1844 before that train used to deliver letter as a communication infra.

In old days It would take over 22 hours to deliver a message just New York to Chicago.

Fortunately, now you don’t have to worry about waiting for two or more days.

Because you have email and instant IM which allow you to communicate in minutes and allow to get work done FASTER.

There’s no any doubt improvements in communication is better option for your business productivity.

Because the journey of basic to modern communication growth is the invention of conference call number.

It was really a dream for everybody for Video conferencing face to face talk is available right now.

Just conference call number made it possible to national and international team to discuss important business decision.

But years ago the first email was sent over ARPANET in (1971).

Although definitely many changes to conference call technology has helped this conference call to make it communicate.

So i want to highlight in this blog article three important innovations. Which make conference calling number as important today as before.

The Top Three Innovations that have appreciated Conference Call Technology

#1: Central Exchange

Do you know ? when the first conference call was made. Well it was in 1915, So conference calling is around you from long time.

And would you like to know the cost. Actually the cost was for the call in today money value $480 per minute.

So it was very expensive for hosting any conference call for a long time of period.

And the reason for high cost was due to infrastructure design system Because a bunch of cable lines had to be routed end to end for every caller.

So you can just imagine a Massey lines going everywhere. which was spurning out in every direction.

And due to this the infrastructure system was not feasible to maintain.

The idea of Central Exchange was based upon all callers’ lines are directed to one particular location, the “exchange.”

Can you think ? what was idea behind exchange, Well, the reason was simple to first handle each call by operators only.

Then transfer this call by automated circuitry, And again handle the incoming signals and rerouted back this information to callers.

So you can think how much the big handle here.

Hence central exchange focused on complexity of telephone infrastructure and decided to decided to reduce complexity.

Because this system was fail for conference call.

Let’s dive in, how it was overcome

  • By calling into a central exchange, human operator was removed by allowing to handle call by switches automatically.
  • Now only fewer lines were required to successfully connect callers around the country
  • Reducing the infrastructure directly impacted on lower the cost call. But still it’s a hole gap for business.

Because Central Exchanges are used in every phone call, not just conference calls.

#2: Digital Conference Call Dial In Numbers New Idea

Digital Conference Call Dial In Numbers New Idea

I’m going to explain here difference between digital and analog, Actually i want to visualize inside your Telephone how it work.

Because the handset you hold in your hand has both earpiece and mouthpiece/microphone.

So as you start to speak into the mouthpiece, there’s a flexible piece of plastic resonate/resound. And the plastic is attached to a coil that moves too.

Actually the coil moves by a magnet drum, Which again generate an electrical current.

And that current is transmitted through transmitter/Antenna inside your phone.

In the form of RF (Radio frequency signal). By adding some carrier frequency.

And transmitted in the air, now this signal is catches by near mobile tower.

Again transmitted to receiver near mobile tower.

And that receiver tower transmit this signal to receiver mobile through RF Signal. then receiver mobile antenna catches this RF signal.

But Extract from RF signal to current again current to Voice earpiece. Then finally voice sound is produce for your ear to detect.

And you have a conversation. Hey but this’s for the signal call one to one.

What about the conference call ? Actually conference call is Audio bridge. Because it act as a hub for caller lines during conference call.

So with all technology audio bridges were analog in nature. Therefore the actual meaning of Analog, they worked on the voltage of electricity produced in the above process.

So what’s the big challenge facing here.

Well, the biggest limitation for Audio bridge degrade voice quality. So the farther Analog Audio is carrier. And creating an interface with other signal present.

And the original input you created, when you speak gradually decreases during transmit.

When you try to amplify the audio signal. Then also increases noise signal.

Which we don’t want because it degrade Audio quality and clarity.

So in 1970 digital technology blast with the great invention of microprocessors.

Because digital technology takes the electrical signals of analog inputs sample (your Voice).

And breaks them down into binary numbers (Zeros and one low or high level). Then process farther all of that as a single code.

Which’s called binary bits (2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256 bits). Actually it does continuous breaking Audio signal into samples.

Because Small pieces fixing by a particular time interval.And each sample is associated with a binary number.

But it’s important to explain here as the number of bits increases, the accuracy level of signal is increases.

Because it’s very fast process, I’m talking about thousands of samples per second.

So the digital conversion is best for Audio. Because digital technology are better supplied to mute lines by adding background noise.

And the Audio signal is transferred as a code. So it’s easy to restored original voice quality on the receiver side.

The general benefits of digital are very fascinating.

Let’s dive in, what’s benefit of digital signal

  • Voice call clarity Improved
  • Maximum background noise filtered out from signal
  • Call capacity is increased (using same frequency at a time for different users by allotting time slot)
  • Greater convenience with Dialing-In number
  • Reduced cost per caller

So the Digital Conference Call Dial In Numbers made it possible.

Because today you’re able to host call with thousands of participants at the same time. without breaking the call bank.

Internet Boost Audio New Idea Codecs free conference call number and access code

Digital Audio bridges supported to convert analog signal into digital signal, whereas internet boost Audio codecs offered to enhanced the value.

So let me simplify the word “internet boost Audio codecs”

The sample binary data file created by Analog-to-Digital transformation is run through software is “Audio codecs”.

Because a codec is actually used for data compresses and decompresses file size using an advanced algorithm.

So that the Audio codecs compressing the data information into smaller binary bits without losing the original voice quality.

Such that these codecs are design to work with Internet protocols. So how it’s achieve, The best codecs are flexible. 

I mean to say they’re having ability to compress at different rates depending on network speeds.

Hence you finally achieved “internet boost audio codecs”.

So what is the value of this achievement “internet boost audio codecs”.

#Let’s dive in codecs benefits:

  • Faster data Transmission rate : Because the information is now compressed form, so less data is transmitted overhead, Which decreases finally the time taken to send the information. The main benefit is reduced latency time. Which’s more instantaneous transmission.
  • Audio Quality boost: Audio codecs is the main game changer for running calls over the internet. Because these Audio codecs automatically offer higher Audio frequency. So the voice is capture well, and provide an overall improved calling experience.
  • Cost Affordability: So help to call cost goes down, So Internet calling option available right now, and overcome the traditional long distance communication providers. As a result you see the call cost remain low through internet. Even free conference call number and access code is given by service provider.
  • Call Security: Security is one of the challenge point for data transmission. So Encryption mechanisms is used for these codecs to enhance call security. And now this great option free conference call services available for you technology enhancement gift. With call clarity, fidelity, and consistency enjoy this new technology innovation for personal or businesses.

Free Conference Call Phone Number And Access Code

If you want to participate in any business meeting as well as for your personal friends around the world.

Now it’s EASY and Simple to connect instantly using Free Conference Call Phone Number And Access Code from service providers.

How you can do it ? Well, Just by using internet online meeting to host a web conference to screen share and show video using a webcam.

I’m taking one service provider to check this service features, and how to use this.

#For Example:

Just go to and create your account free here.

They’ll provide you an access code with host pin for an online meeting anywhere in the world to connect instantly.

And start conferencing call Audio or Video free. Your account information will look like this.

 Free Conference Call Phone Number And Access Code

Step 1: Get a Free Account

Just sign up with an email with password, and instantly receive your account information along with dial-in number and access code.

Step 2: Invite Participants

Offer your Participants your dial-in number and access code along with date and time to start conference call.

Step 3: Start Audio or Video Conferencing

To start conference call, all participants call their in-country dial-in number followed by the host’s access code.

Now you’re on same table face to face, so enjoy this free services as a gift of new technology.

New Dual Screen Mobile Technology Gift

New Dual Screen Mobile Technology Gift

Here’s EVERYTHING you need to know, Microsoft just announced at its big product event, including a two-screen Android phone.

It also announced the Surface Neo, which’s two-screened laptop.

And Surface Duo phone, a two-screened phone which runs Android.

But you have to wait little bit, Because the Surface Neo will be available for the holidays next year 2020.

It’s REALLY the gift of Technology enhancement, whatever we have discussed so far. Because you’ll use the Surface Neo laptop and the Duo smartphone now.

But what’s idea behind this technology improvement ? Why you need a dual screen smartphone and laptop ?

If you are reading this article completely, then you have notice about one thing, I well described idea behind every technology enhancement.

So can you tell me, what’s idea here for this innovation.

Well, It’s simple to increase your output productivity by using dual screen at the same time, like computer work.

It has a 360-degree hinge, two 5.6-inch displays and can completely fold up when you’re not using it.

Actually the surface Neo has two display. And that fold together but but also work independently of one another.

So the best part is that you can run one app in one screen and other app on the second screen.

Alternatively you can use one app across the entire screen.

So when you want to type, there’s a hardware keyboard that pops out, complete with a trackpad.

And you no need to type on a touchscreen display. When you’re not using it, then the keyboard sticks to the back of the tablet with magnets.

How much it’s cool features REALLY no need to type touchscreen.

And the second best part of this device, the whole equipment is 5.6mm thin and uses the thinnest LCD ever created, but is surrounded by Gorilla Glass to help keep it strong.

The Surface Neo will run a new version of Windows designed for these types of devices, called Windows 10X.

And ability to bring up smartly the keyboard when needed and support for writing on the screen with the Surface Pen.

Smartphone Surface Duo will run on Google Android operating system for mobile.


Technology enhancement create opportunity for human, As well as save your money and time. Which is equally important for success any part of life. so use power of technology in your personal or business growth. Without using technology human is just like lame. It’s era of Advanced technology, you have to be parallel with technology.

So use Free Conference Call In Numbers to handle your business on finger tip. Because you’re going to handle NEW Mobile and Laptop in 2020 with double screen. If this post is helpful for you, then like, comment and share in social media. I belief you enjoyed article Free Conference Call In Numbers Use Only Anywhere (New Technology).  If you have any doubt ask me, always here for your support. Thanks for sharing valuable article.