Free Call online is best option for you, If you are looking for free International phone calls around the world. Even you can send message text local and International free SMS. Approximately any mobile phones and landline phones in the world.

And the best part is that, you are not required to sign up and create any account. So enjoy this free calling and SMS services account free. Because there is no any special requirement for free fone call. Only you need to java enable browsers with internet connection.

Whenever you make a phone call, then an extra notification will pop up, Which is allow to use microphone, then click on allow. So that the website run and access all required resources. Make sure this is important step for making calls.

Free Call online to mobile send message text( Free Best Service)

What is limit for free call online ?

Good question, there is a limit for phone calls for a single laptop device. And the maximum calls and SMS within 24 hour is only one (Call and SMS) is allowed. This is due to prevent the service abuse. Whenever this limit is reached, Then user are getting notification of the same.

And this alert message is wait next 24 hour before trying to use this free service again. After passing 24 hour you can place your next call again. Hence this service is totally free online texts and phone calls.

Neither you pay any cost nor your call receiver pay any coins for receiving phone calls. So this is why limited phone calls are allowed. Don’t worry i am going to provide step by step guide, how you will use this service free fone call keep reading.

What is special to make phone calls ?

This service allow you to make free VOIP calls from your PC or smartphone. Just you use any standard web browser. There is no need to download any Apps and plugins. So there is absolutely no any payment is required. Simply inter the phone number and click on call button to start your first call.

This is free internet calls from PC to mobile. you call for free to any phone number around the world using internet. You can use many of different apps to call for free, but keep in mind that those app only work. If the receiver has the same app installed in his computer or smartphone. Because SKYPE is a good example of that.

But free call online support make free phone calls web browser based application. Which allow user to connect free internet VOIP calls to mobile phones. So it is very special that forget everything, like account creation, sing up and payment. Just go directly and make International phone calls free. Hence this is really lovable. I also use this service for making International call free.

Why its Call quality is better ?

Well VOIP stand for Voice over Internet protocol. And this is a good technology, which allows to use internet for making phone calls online. So this is generally called Internet phone. But this is different from other service provider.

such as SKYPE that offers free calls via internet to mobile and landline phones. And this service generate all calls from the web browser to a phone endpoint via VOIP technology. The main difference between this technology and regular is cost of using it.

What is advantage of using VOIP Technology ?

  1. It is independence from big telecom networks. Because its call is not routed through regular telecommunication services.
  2. Freedom of choice. There are many Apps and service provider are available in the market as a VOIP service care.
  3. No bills and Contract. Use free this service without paying any coins. Only internet connection is required for free call online
  4. Free phone calls in local networks, such as same networks.
  5. Free unlimited calls to users from any part of the world.
  6. Very Cheap or almost no cost specially in case of International phone calling
  7. No any roaming surplus full mobility free, such applications are available to install in smartphone and tablet
  8. Data transfer for application is also easy through VOIP technology

There are also few disadvantages, This should acknowledge such as.

  1. it needed to have a computer with internet connection to use this service.
  2. Your handset must support this technology to use this application.
  3. Sometime phone calls quality issue, Which is not good for user experience.

But here you are seeing VOIP technology advantages is more than disadvantages. And this is reason VOIP is making its own place in Telecommunication market So its sense and interest are growing everyday. Because it assurance to reduce phone calls costs.

What are different Free Online Phone services ?

There are mainly four services. Which you can use completely free of cost anywhere anytime with one day limited times. But you really enjoy to make free phone calls, you no need to go for long registration process, This is SAFE and EASY to use.

P2P file sharing

This is better choice in case of if your email account is not accessible to share any files. it is having option provide you free P2P file transfer, as well as share unlimited files to your family and friends across the globe.

There is also one more good option, you can directly transfer files through web browser between two online users. And this is called P2P file sharing. By using the latest technology quickly and safely distribute your file to receiver.

Now it is very easy to share any types of files over the Internet, without login to a particular website. Which help connect to friends, family person, colleague or business associate and send any file. Which is stored in your system. All types of formats file are supported like images, videos, audios, text documents or spreadsheets by using this service another user quickly. So lets start now and share any files.

How you will share any files online free ?

  1. Username is required, so for that you just register once a username, to establish a connection between two computers. Hence your name is recorded along with your IP address for 30 days. So that you can use this service next time without entering your name. If 30 days is over then again enter your name to use this service next time.
  2. Receiver user, After enter your name click on next button to go to further step. Then enter the name of other user, and click on next button to establish connection with them. As you are connected a small screen is appeared in front of you. So you can chat here with other user, Whom you want to send files.
  3. Now by clicking share now file button, you can attach any file from your system here. Select the file and click OK. So the process of sharing files start immediately. And the percentage is also displayed here. Therefore you can view process of sharing status.
  4. If you want to Stop chatting and sharing, then just click on stop chatting button. After that you are not available to send and receive any text message to the other user. Hence afterwards file transfer is completed. you can stop.
  5. Click on the back button to start or use other services you want. Like phone calls, text sending messages.

How to use free call phone ?

How to make Free call Online

This is totally free calls service to mobile and landline phone. And connect to any phone on the Earth planet. As well as communicate your message without any disturbance.

  1. Use standard web browser Chrome for free call online.
  2. Allow permission a dialog box. your browser ask a permission to use microphone java application web phone. Once you allow then next time it will not ask for the same. So next up it will start quickly without any delay.
  3. Turn on speakers, headset, and microphone of your device. And check all Audio devices are connected in the right way as well as working properly.
  4. Select user country list, If everything is OK, then you will see a country list displayed in right hand side on the browser screen. And then enter the phone number using your computer keyboard. You can call mobile or landline phone as well. Just enter the number of user, you want to call. but remember always enter number in International format. I mean to say placing respective country code followed by the phone number of receiver.
  5. The process of calling is started, a dialog box is displayed on which country is also shown on your screen. As well as shown the time duration on the screen. As long as you are available on this call. Hence call duration depend on destination cost. And clicking on Red hang on button, your call is disconnected.

How to send text message Free ?

How to send text message through free call online

Well send international text message (SMS) free without worry about bills. You can send text message local, national and international. This is easy and attractive interface. So you can send your text message free in a minutes. Therefore lets started send text message free now.

  1. First Select country code, Where you want to send text message (SMS). Choose a name from given country list. Which is currently visible on your screen.
  2. Enter the recipient number, check if it is correct then click on next button available there.
  3. write text message, Enter the message you wish to communicate. But keeping in mind, you are only allowed 140 character in a single text message. Hence for recipient convenience, you are advise to write your name below the message. So that recipient can easily recognize you. who has contacted. Then click on next checkbox button, to verify that you are not a robot.After verification is completed, Click on the send text button.
  4. Check status of text message delivery. Your text message is generally transmitted immediately, but in sometimes it takes few minutes to deliver text message. So wait for sometime. After 60 second is over, then you can check the message delivery status. If message is successfully deliver it is automatically displayed on the screen.
  5. Click on back button to use other free services available for you.

How to handle Video chat free ?

How to make Video free call online

You are not required any account for video chat, directly video chat is available for you. Just communicate with your dear distance is no matter. Even national and international facility is available free. So talk with your family and friends, at any time with just a few clicks on your computer. But you are required to connected with internet. You can use this service for business and projects as well.

  1. Username is required for video call, So first both user need to register by entering their name. No other details are required. Neither you are required to create a account for login. The system records only your IP address to recognize you. After that you are ready for video call.
  2. Then allow dialog box to use microphone to your computer system. Now to make a video call use your webcam and microphone. Whenever pop up appear on your web browser for permission.
  3. Receiver name is also required to set up connection. So enter the name of receiver and click on next button. Now you are able to view picture as well as talk. If the other user is no longer available then display offline message.
  4. If you want to stop video chat, then click on End call button available there, Which will end current video session. So it is very simple and user best experience based.

If you are really looking for this services, then link is given below for use free any part of the world.

Where is free call online ?

All service are Available here free



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