Find my phone android without app free is REALLY very Easy. So how you’ll track your phone FAST and FREE.

Today I’m going to explain the step-by-step process to find my phone android without app free in this article.

Because If your phone is lost, and you’ve not installed any app, but want to track your phone without any app.

Then you’re able to track your phone immediately using these tips and tricks. So Do you want to know, how to find my phone android?

Without installing any app. YES, you can track your lost phone anywhere and anytime. It’s so simple.

So let’s dive in right now.

#Tip 1: Find My phone Android Without App In Emergency case.

Your best bet for android devices is Google’s Android device manager. Which is pre-installed on all Android 2.2 and newer devices.

So even your device is OLD, no matter it’ll search through GPS location. Because it has the ability to track your device location.

But it required permission first, so allow the permission, After that, it’ll show your device on Google map location.

Then you’re able to do the following activity on your mobile remotely through your laptop or other devices.

Find My phone Android Without App In Emergency case.

  • Play Sound (Device will ring for 5 minutes, even it’s in silent mode)
  • Secure Device ( Lock your device and sign out from your Google account, You can locate the device still it’s locked)
  • Erase Device ( You’re able to delete all data from the device, but once your device is erased, you can not locate it)

Check out where’ my phone android through Google Android device manager.

It’s simple and free to trace your android phone quickly.

FAQ – frequently asked questions” “How can I find my lost Android phone for free?
It’s simply installed Google Find My Device-Free, This’s a very powerful application to track your device’s current location on a map fast. And even you can send messages, ring along with your contact number attached, and also able to operate remotely to lock and secure your device as well.

How can I find my lost Android phone without an app?

Find your lost android phone without an app is simple. By using Google’s Android Device Manager, which’s pre-installed on all Android phones as well as newer devices today. Even you can also take help from Google location history if it’s enabled on your phone.

Can you track a phone without service? See without a SIM your cell phone will not normally be connected with a nearby base station tower. So it’ll not transmit or receive data. but if you make an emergency call, then it’ll identify itself connected with the near cell tower And send its IMEI number. So, in this case, using a radio signal can know the physical location of your phone.

How can I track a phone by its number?

Well to get the real-time location of any phone. IMEI & GPS call trackers are used to track the physical location of a phone. Some apps and GPS trackers are available to track it well. If the phone is not connected to the internet, then you can see its last location, where it is switched off.

#Tip 2: Find My Phone For Android by Google Find My Device Free

This App is Amazing provided by Google free, It’s a very powerful app to find your android phone location quickly.

So the features available in this app is quite better compared to other paid app.

Because helping you to easily locate your lost phone immediately. You’re able to ring it remotely,

Such as where’s your phone right now in case of missing inside the home. It’ll ring for almost 5 minutes to trace your android phone through the laptop or any other device.

Even you’re capable to see the map view on Google, where’s the current location of the android device as well.

If mobile is switched off and the current location is not available, then it’ll show you the last know location, where it was switched off.

Because it catches every movement data and keeps it for the history file to show, whenever it’s required.

So this app does exactly the same, what it says and without any issues. And this’s the best part of this app to find my phone for the android app.

Because many times I have left my phone somewhere else, and it helps me to find it quickly without any issue.

Even allow to fast login in the device and secure the phone data as well as recover data without issue.

So you MUST have to install this app on your phone for emergency case help. Hence I highly recommend to all use this app utility is REALLY priceless.

This app allows you to send a message and contact number with the name attached.

So using these features you’ll contact where you have left your phone and can get it back in your hand.

Because the app will tell you, where’s your phone right now, and this is the magic feature of this app to get it back quickly.

Even you can check the feedback rating of this app is one of the best apps.

So you can check out the link here for free download, find my phone android google

And see the below image on how to download and use this app for free.

Find My Phone For Android by Google Find My Device Free

So make your phone device secure with Google Find My Device. And enjoy these features free of cost as well.

And Apart from this, if you want to track any mobile location without the app and knowing them secretly FREE.

Then you can check out this link Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

#Tip 3: The Best Prey Anti-Theft App To Find My Phone Android free (New)

Prey is providing a solution for businesses of all sizes. It has also launched its new product for mobile Prey Anti-Theft App.

Which’s for mobile security, anti-theft, and management solution with geographical location, device & data locking, data recovery.

So prey app is using by many people with trust right now. The main purpose of this app to help out if your phone goes missing.

Whereas it’s also a lightweight app.

And it’s having basic features like finding your phone’s current location, locking your device in real-time, and setting off an alarm in case of emergency.

So this app has also the ability to take pictures around its surrounding. And you’ll able to see, where’s your device right now.

And also gather network information to see, where your device has been. So it seems good working for most of the people.

Which’s really a matter of excellence. Because it’s not all that is different from Google’s Find My Phone.

So many functions as well backup and history data is also stored in a separate file for an emergency.

And it’s also free, you can check out here for free download, find my phone android anti-theft app

See the below image, how to download and install.

The Best Prey Anti-Theft App To Find My Phone Android free (New)

#What’s new features:

  • The logic of permission to access device resource requests for example camera, phone, storage, and location has been updated.
  • To trace Location permission is enable for all the time” for Android 10 version.
  • Location accuracy has enhanced within a short-range during the application is running in the background.
  • Pre-recognize your device name before connecting.

#Bonus: What are mobile Manufacturer solutions for location tracking?

Now it’s the technology era, and mobile has become one of the best friend and important device for work activity as well most of the people.

But manufacturers were not caring about their product security in case of missing for the customer favor or something happens in an emergency to track the location.

So it was Really a drawback in mobile product from a customer point of view. Because all mobile users are using the internet right now.

And it’s very EASY to find the location today.

Now Manufacturer has considered this drawback and doing improvement in their new products.

#For Example:

HTC, Apple, and Samsung are using find my phone features built into their OEM skins right now.

So to use these features generally you have to sign up for an account through the company website portal.

And you can then use that account to find my phone’s current location using the login credential.

Which’s a good action taken by Manufacturer for their customer favor and satisfaction.

But Don’t worry these services are generally free. And the phone will allow you to set these accounts up, When you first turn on the phone.

However, you can do it later, whenever you need. Actually, most people don’t like to customization immediately with a new handling phone.

But this’s one of the good features that are nice to have in your phone right now.

There’s not an exact list, what phones have these features.

But for example, you can check to Find my phone Samsung

So I recommend you to dig around your Settings tab to look into your phone. Because sign up option for an account is generally available setting tab.

But in the worst case, you can always rely on Google’s Find My Device app.

#Tip 4: Best Option Google Location History

If you have enabled Google Location History on your phone, then you’re able to see, where you’ve traveled in your timeline.

Only you can see your timeline. Because Location history helps you get useful information. Such as where you’re going with your logged-in device.

Even it’s easy to change and delete locations, days, or your entire location history. And you’re free to turn it on or off at any time.

You can see how far you traveled from place to place. For example, walking, Biking, Driving, or public transport.

So it’ll show you the distance measured in meters or feet.

How you can set in your phone Google location history follow the step given below.

  • Open Google map on your computer.
  • Sign in with the same Google account, you use on your mobile device.
  • On the top left corner click on the menu (three lines).
  • Click timeline.
  • To change the date, at the top select date, month, and year.

Now to see places that you’ve visited recently, click Menu (Three lines) > your place > Visited

So you’re able to see all the different places your phone has been. And this can be great information if the device is off or didn’t have a data connection.

Whenever you try to locate it with the Android Device Manager.

Whenever location history is off, in this case new location history is no longer saved to location history.

But Previous activity is not deleted from your Location History, you’re able to delete it manually, as per your want to do set in your location history. 


Your phone is your best friend and an important device for your work activity. So always secure it for future any kind of emergency to track it fast. Otherwise, you sadly have to get a new phone. So you should protect it by downloading and setting up location tracking. So use any of the above setting and app all are free. If this article is helpful for you, then like, comment, and share on social media, otherwise dislike. And you’re having any doubt, ask I’m here for your support. I hope you enjoyed Find My phone Android Without App Free In Emergency (New Technique). Thanks for sharing.