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Essay About Mobile Phone For Mobile Lovers

Essay About Mobile Phone
Essay About Mobile Phone

This is an important essay about mobile phones for you.

Mobile phones are also often called cellular phones.

Because it connects to cellular mobile towers.

This is a device mainly used for voice and data calls.

Presently technology advancement has made our life a lot easier.

And today we are able to do our work very fast with the help of mobile.

For example, we can easily talk and video chat with anyone in any corner of the world, by just moving our fingers.

Today mobile has become available in many types of shape and size.

And there is a lot of technical specification inside it.

Which is being used for a lot of purposes like,

Voice calling, video chatting, text messaging or SMS, multimedia messaging, internet browsing, email, video games, and photography.

And due to so many functions, it is also called a smartphone.

Like other electronic devices, mobile phones also have some pros and cons.

About which we will discuss now.

Uses of mobile phones in daily life

Today mobile phones are very much used in our daily life and it has become a very important device for us.

Because nowadays no one can work without mobile and mobile does our work very fast.

With the help of mobile and internet, we can get any information instantly from any corner of the world.

Because as soon as the mobile is connected to the internet then you are connected to the whole world 

And with the help of the internet, you can see and read anything on your mobile.

And if we want to send any information or video to anyone anywhere, 

then they can immediately send and receive it via mobile with the help of the internet in a second.

And that’s why mobile has become very important in our daily life.

In today’s age it has become very difficult to live without mobile because mobile has become an excellent source of entertainment for us.

Let me now tell you about some Advantages  and disadvantages of Mobile.

Advantages of Mobile Phone

1 Keep us connected with family and friends

With the help of mobile, we can stay connected with our friends, family and relatives very easily with the help of the apps.

You can talk and video chat to whomever you want.

Apart from this, if you have a mobile, then you can stay updated with any information about the world.

Which is a big deal.

2  Daily communication

Today, mobile phones have made our daily life activity very easy.

Because you can watch any road traffic live on a mobile phone and then you can make your decision to reach on time for your destination.

Even if you get information about the weather and if you want to go somewhere, you can easily book a cab.

3  Mobile for Entertainment 

Due to the variety of improvements in the mobile phone, you have great entertainment tools in the mobile.

And you can see all kinds of entertainment on your mobile phone.

Like if you are bored with your routine life then you can start music and listen.

You can even watch the film and see your favorite shows as well.

essay on mobile phone advantages and disadvantages

4  Manage office work with mobile

Nowadays mobile is also used for a lot of official work such as scheduling a meeting.

Sending and receiving official documents fast.

Preparing the presentation with the help of mobile and finding a job for yourself is also being done.

That is why mobile phones have become one of the most important devices for working people.

5  Quick Mobile Banking

Making payment today has become much easier with the help of mobile.

Instant money can be sent to a friend relative and anyone with the help of mobile.

You do not need to be in the bank’s line anymore.

And you can get complete information about your bank account whenever you want.

This saves you both trouble and your time.

Make Money With Your Cell Phone

Some Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Essay About Mobile Phone
Essay About Mobile Phones

1  Wasting Of Time

Nowadays people have become very addicted to phones.

Which is not a good thing.

Because when people do not have work, then they spend most of their time on mobile surfing the Internet. 

and spend their time on a lot of social media platforms.

Also play games on mobile phones for a long time.

Mobile phones have become smart but people have become dumber.

2  Loss of Privacy

It is a concern to use more mobile phones that there is a fear of loss of your privacy.

Because nowadays anyone can easily find out where you live.

And you can find out about your personal information and it is easy to know by browsing through social media accounts.

3  Wastage of Money

On one hand, as much as mobile is useful for you, on the other hand, your money also costs more.

Because nowadays there are many new phones coming in the market and people buy new phones and spend a lot of money.

While you can spend this money on your learning and make a better career.

4  Physical distance 

People do not spend their time physically with each other and do not meet, but only write comments on chat and social media.

So that a gap is born among the people and they do not understand the sadness and pleasure of each other properly.

Mobile phone uses and abuses

The use of a mobile phone depends entirely on you whether you use it for the right thing or for the wrong thing.

Because it is an electronic device in which everything is available, 

whether you take it wrong or you want to do it, it is completely up to you.

Because a lot of people are taking good advantage of this mobile, 

Those who do not have books, they study with this mobile and they do not know about it, 

They learn about it from their mobile and even That people are making a lot of money nowadays from mobile.

There are some good apps on the mobile that you can use to develop your skills .

And learn new things that you do not know very easily.

Even if you have good knowledge about mobile, then you can earn money by fixing other’s mobile too, 

And this is also a good option to make money by helping people.

But many students or people misuse it and waste their precious time on social media every day for 2 hours and 4 hours.

Just wasting time viewing other’s photos and profiles is not a good habit.

And there are many people who are always on the phone and do not share with others nor give them time. 

So that their relationship is also spoiled.

That is why you spend as much time on the phone as you need to, 

the rest of the time you are engaged in your family and your studies or your other important work.

Essay on use of mobile phones by students

Essay About Mobile Phone
Essay About Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are the best source for students to learn.

Because whatever information you want and whenever you need information, you can get your information from the help of a mobile phone.

You do not need to go to ask someone else today, 

your phone is your best friend and you can get any information you need immediately.

Whatever you want to get information about, in seconds you can get information from any corner of the world.

 with the help of the internet and with the help of mobile phones.

There are many students who do not have any books,

 But they have so much knowledge with this mobile and internet that you cannot even think.

So mobile is a boon for today’s students for their knowledge.

But in the other way there are some students who misuse the mobile and they do not pay attention in their studies.

Because they only play games on his mobile and waste his entire time on social media, does not study at all.

So mobile is not profitable for such students 

How to use mobile best way?

but it is harmful because they do not focus on their studies and their career gets spoiled.

So if you are a student, then take the right advantage from this mobile and use it for your study.

Because when you learn about studying from mobile, you will have good knowledge and your career will be better.

You must have heard this saying, time does not wait for anyone.

And time is most important in student life, 

if you do not study while you are studying, 

then you will not be able to progress further in life and you will not be able to complete your studies.

Once the time is gone, he does not come back, except you have nothing to regret.

So if you are a student then use your time properly and get the right information from mobile for your studies.

I can only explain to you that taking action is in your hands, so take care.

I hope this is the best Essay About Mobile Phone for you.

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