Electromagnetic wave

Electromagnetic wave a special gift of nature, You will learn in this post, What is electromagnetic wave ? How electromagnetic wave is created ? Types of electromagnetic wave ? Application and uses of electromagnetic wave, How electromagnetic wave propagate in the space ? History and depth concept of electromagnetic wave, This is very important topic of Physics and really very interesting, I hope and ensure you will enjoy to learn electromagnetic wave, This will be long post but i will suggest you to read complete post, so that you will never forget about electromagnetic wave so lets start. 

Electromagnetic wave is special gift of nature

This world work on nature principle, Today you are able to talk 1000 km far distance with other peoples sitting in other countries, Even you can see them. You can go other country in few hours. You can get any information within second.

You can know and get information about planets, stars which are very very far distance from you with the help of science.You know from Physics concept nothing is at absolute rest or in absolute motion in this universe, always taken one body with reference to other object, So rest and motion is always relative, Now you will ask if Earth is moving then why not my home location change ? your home always find at a fixed location this is because you and earth are in same reference frame, in more details i want to say your home location is not changing with respect to surrounding  so you feel your home is at rest and is fixed at a point but if you will see from the Sun then you will find your home location is changing due to the Earth rotation.
For more details about relative motion your can refer the previous post Relative motion concept, When reference is change then speed of object is change but this is not valid with light speed it does not depend upon reference frame and light is an electromagnetic wave. 


electromagnetic wave,electromagnetic wave example,electromagnetic wave types
Electromagnetic wave

See the figure every body in the universe radiate electromagnetic wave and its frequency depends upon f  = c/?  where f  is frequency of vibration and c = speed of light  = 3×10⁸ m/s, which is constant for all medium  and ? is wavelength.
Now high frequency wave are having more energy than low frequency wave, You can calculate for Sun light  f  = c/?  f  = 3×10⁸/500×10⁻⁹  = 6×10¹⁴ HZ for visible light ? = 500nm 




Now calculate the radiation coming from a person body assume the body temperature of the person normally 37⁰C  so f  = c/?  = 3×10⁸/9.35×10⁻⁶  = 3.2×10¹³ HZ  amazing the radiation coming from your body has frequency  32 times trillion per second, How does it happens see the atoms of your body and skin do vibration  32 times trillion per second and do radiation electromagnetic wave.


So on the basis of this radiation electromagnetic wave is categories  in many different types of electromagnetic wave on the basis of frequency range. wait i will discuss it later in this post.


What is electromagnetic wave ?

First you should understand what is wave ? then  i will explain electromagnetic wave, hence wave is define as a disturbance or energy transfer from one place to other place through a medium, that medium may be air, water, metal, gas but electromagnetic wave is special it does not required any medium to transfer disturbance or energy from one place to other place it transfer disturbance or energy through vacuum by the help of changing electric and magnetic field in space.
very beauty symmetry Change in electric field create magnetic field and also change in magnetic field create electric field and this create a wave propagate forward with speed of light 3×10⁸ m/s, remember electric field, magnetic field and wave all are perpendicular to each other, light is special example of electromagnetic wave.
Now you will ask how change in electric field is done ? You know a stationary charge create a electric field, which start from (+)charge and terminate at (-)charge, But when this charge is accelerated back and forth it create a changing electric field, this electric field is curly type it always change its direction and due to this electric field change create magnetic field see below picture.    


electromagnetic wave,electromagnetic wave example,electromagnetic wave types
Electromagnetic Wave


 Electromagnetic wave theory history 

It is very important to know the electromagnetic wave theory, So that in this theory many important concept is hidden, as i have already stated above that changing electric field create magnetic field, Now you will see here its proof how changing electric field create magnetic field, so for this you have to understand concept of Displacement current and to understand displacement current you need to understand Ampere’s  law according to this law.
                        → →
Ampere’s law ∫ B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ  now you will understand this law meaning in depth, what Ampere’s law states by this mathematical expression so see the below picture all cases step by step.


electromagnetic wave,electromagnetic wave example,electromagnetic wave types,displacement current
Displacement Current



Take first case a current i is following in the wire as shown, Now you take a loop as shown and apply Ampere’s law, as you know Ampere’s law is valid for closed loop.
→  →
∫ B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ   
For left hand side I have taken a loop but for right hand side expression you have to take a surface so i have taken a flat surface. iₑₙ represent the current cutting and passing through that flat surface, so here i is current cutting and passing through that flat surface.
                                                   → →
Hence you can write Ampere’s ∫ B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ  = ?₀i  this is for first case.
Now take second case, As shown in figure same process but this time with different surface that is hemispherical now again apply Ampere’s law for this case you will get.
 → →
∫ B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ =  ?₀i  same value as previous  case value, so you can take any surface for Ampere’s law, here loop is same hence result is same.
Now take third case as shown in figure now apply the Ampere’s law for this case.
→ →
∫B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ  now for the left hand side take a loop but for right hand side ?₀iₑₙ you have to take a surface which is again flat, see clearly in this case iₑₙ is zero, how ? see the same amount of current is cutting the surface and same current return back as shown in figure, hence iₑₙ is zero.
                             → →
So  Ampere’s law ∫B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ  = 0.
Now take forth case as shown in figure with same loop but hemispherical surface and apply Ampere’s law, now in this case current is not cutting hemispherical surface, hence iₑₙ is also zero in this case.

                             → →

So you can write  ∫B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ  = 0 , now see the case third and forth value is same that is zero but the reason in both case is different, you can see in third case same current cutting the surface and same current return back, but in forth case current has not cut any surface, without cutting the surface current has returned back.
But anyway value of equation are coming same, whatever you are choosing the surface. 
Now take fifth case as shown in figure, where two plate of capacitor are shown, basically this is a RC circuit, Now again take a loop for the wire, take a flat surface as shown  and apply Ampere’s law.
→ →                                                                                             → →    
∫B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ  see here i current is cutting the flat surface  so ∫B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ  = ?₀i which is correct .

Now take for sixth case as shown in figure take a loop and consider a hemispherical surface here it is important see iₑₙ is not cutting the hemispherical surface, Now apply Ampere’s law 
       → → 
So  ∫B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ  = 0  because iₑₙ is zero .
Important conclusion 
                                                                                          → → 
Now you compare fifth and sixth case, in fifth case value ∫B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ  = ?₀i  where as in 
                   → →
sixth case  ∫B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ  = 0 now this is contradiction different surface have different value where as you are taking same loop, but in rest cases first, 2nd, 3rd and 4th value was coming same for different surfaces hence it is clear that for fifth and sixth case Ampere’s law is WRONG. it must give the same value but not like this.
Actually when Ampere’s law was given at those time scientist were checked case first and third, no body was thought about case fifth and sixth but later a great scientist Maxwell thought about this case.
Hence Maxwell realized that Ampere’s law is not correct fully,  so different value are coming for fifth and sixth case, hence Maxwell correct this equation and given the correct equation as given below.
Ampere’s Maxwell Law 
→ →
∫B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ + ?₀?₀d?ₑ/dt  Maxwell added new term ?₀?₀d?ₑ/dt in the previous Ampere’s law hence this equation was called Ampere’s Maxwell law.
Now see the term d?ₑ/dt this is electric flux, note flux may be electric as well as magnetic but here suffix e denote this flux is electric flux.
Now you can apply Maxwell law for all the above cases.
For first and second case there is no any electric field hence electric flux will be zero so the term  ?₀?₀d?ₑ/dt will be zero hence equation will be same as Ampere’s law and is correct as shown.
For third and forth case iₑₙ is zero as well as electric field is also zero so electric flux also zero hence.
→ → 
∫B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ  = 0 
Now for fifth case see there is a capacitor hence capacitor will charge and there will be electric field due to charge accumulation in between capacitors as shown in figure.
So what will be value of that electric field, Perhaps you know E = Q/?₀A .
Now you see there is electric field lines but this field lines are not passing through the Ampere’s loop, electric field are between the capacitor hence flux through this surface is zero so  ?₀?₀d?ₑ/dt will be zero.
             → →      
Hence   ∫B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ   =   ?₀i.
Now for sixth case see there is electric flux electric filed is passing through hemispherical surface to the capacitor so how much electric flux ? this will be  ? =EA now from above 
EA = Q/?₀ so  ? =  Q/?₀ now differentiate this with respect to time.
d?/dt  = 1/?₀*dQ/dt  = i/?₀ , now put in equation  ?₀?₀d?ₑ/dt value of  d?/dt you will get 
 → →
 ∫B.dl   = ?₀i
                                                                                                           → →
Now you see the magic in case fifth and sixth value is same that is ∫B.dl   = ?₀i  .
now you can see when you were using Ampere’s law, the value was different for fifth and sixth cases, but using Maxwell law equation are giving same value.
So Ampere’s Maxwell law is correct because this law is correct for all the above cases .
→ →

∫B.dl  = ?₀iₑₙ + ?₀?₀d?ₑ/dt  =  ?₀(iₑₙ + ?₀d?ₑ/dt) , Now see the dimension of  ?₀d?ₑ/dt is current dimension. well  iₑₙ is called conduction current and  ?₀d?ₑ/dt is called displacement current this name was given by Maxwell.

Now see the sixth case of circuit carefully, where capacitor plate having charge (+Q) and (-Q), As the current will flow through circuit the value of charge at capacitor (+Q) will increase, and due to this charge there will be a electric field between capacitor as shown and i have stated this earlier.

Now the term ?₀d?ₑ/dt is associated with electric field, because  d?ₑ/dt is electric flux, see the term  ?₀d?ₑ/dt is displacement current name given by Maxwell but actually this is not current, This is simply associated with electric field as shown in sixth case, whereas Maxwell given this name as current, because its dimension is same as current.

Now  you can write the above expression  ?₀(iₑₙ + ?₀d?ₑ/dt) =  ?₀(ic +id) where ic is conduction current i which is flowing in the circuit as shown.id is displacement current 
id current is in between the capacitor as told by Maxwell.

Now important concept  conduction current is due to flow of charge, but when Maxwell is saying displacement current is in between the capacitors then there is flow of charge between the capacitor plate, Is it correct ? BIG  no.

It is clear that there is no any charge flow between the two capacitor plate. So you must understand that displacement current does not mean flow of charge. Then what is meaning of displacement current here ?.
Well displacement current meaning here is changing in electric field. But how ? see as the current will flow through the circuit, then charge (+Q) will accumulate at capacitor plate so charge (+Q) will increase and hence electric field will increase.

So it is very simple displacement current is due to changing electric field, you can see the mathematical expression for displacement current id  = ?₀d?ₑ/dt , where  d?ₑ/dt is electric flux .

BIG Concept for displacement current 

Due to changing electric field produce displacement current, Now you think electric field is a vector quantity, Hence electric field can change by two ways first either by changing its magnitude or second way by changing its direction only keeping magnitude constant, So here this is case of due to changing both magnitude as well as direction of electric field hence electric field are changing here due to both magnitude as well as direction, so finally changing electric flux. 

For second case keep charge magnitude constant and accelerate that charge back and forth in this case electric field direction will change, so this is also changing electric field hence displacement current will also be there without flow of charge.
Now third case take a stationary  charge will it change electric field ? No because neither electric field direction changing nor its magnitude is changing.

Hence a stationary charge will not change electric field, so no displacement current will be due to stationary charge.
Mathematically you can see if electric field is constant then electric flux will be also constant and hence d?ₑ/dt will be zero, Hence displacement current will be zero.                  

Conduction and displacement current create magnetic field

Both current ic and id create magnetic field see below picture.


electromagnetic wave,conduction current,displacement current,
Conduction and displacement current

From the first figure conduction current ic carries charge so at positive plate  Q will accumulate and value of Q will go on increasing, Hence electric field will also increase as shown in figure. Hence changing electric field so create displacement current as shown.



Now you see the second above picture, As you know conduction current carrying in a wire create magnetic field as shown in red loop.
Similarly due to displacement current between the capacitor plat will also create magnetic field lines as shown in second picture. So as due to conduction current magnetic field lines are created in the same way due to displacement current magnetic field lines are created.
Note Electric field and magnetic field are perpendicular to each other, Now you can think due to displacement current (id) magnetic field are creating (B), and displacement current are created due to changing electric field (E).
So it is confirmed that when changing electric field create magnetic field and vice versa is also true changing magnetic field also create electric field how beautiful gift of nature electric and magnetic field.      

How does electromagnetic wave is created ?

Source of electromagnetic wave is accelerating charge, Due to this accelerating charge electric field is changes and due to electric field changes magnetic field is created, Hence due to electric and magnetic field changes electromagnetic wave is created. 
Hence to make accelerating charge you need a LC oscillation circuit where L is inductor and C is a capacitor in this case once inductor will charge and capacitor will discharge, in next time capacitor will charge and inductor will discharge, Hence charge will keep oscillation left and right. 
But nature has many ways to create electromagnetic wave and it has been observed, but how you will understand this is electromagnetic wave.
Well in every electromagnetic wave weather it is created by LC oscillation or by nature but one property will be same that is velocity of electromagnetic wave is always a constant and it is equal to speed of light C = 3×10⁸ m/s.
So we assume that light is an electromagnetic wave in which electric and magnetic field are present.
Now you must understand charge properties in different states.
1 A static charge create a electric field around it, This electric field apply force on a static electric charge.
2 A moving charge with constant velocity (electric current) create magnetic field around it, This magnetic field exert force on a moving charge. but this magnetic field can’t exert force on a static charge. This is as simple as that a moving charge will experience force in magnetic field but static charge will not experience any force in magnetic field.
3 An accelerating charge create electric field as well as magnetic field and push ahead both electric and magnetic field. So this accelerating charge create electromagnetic wave.
Now think what will do this electromagnetic wave ?
Wherever  this electromagnetic wave will fall, it will accelerate charge, Hence this electromagnetic wave comes in antenna and accelerate charge of antenna.
Now this acceleration create force and this force create work and energy, But think from where this energy is coming in electromagnetic wave.
Well think at the time of LC oscillation circuit we use battery source energy to create electromagnetic wave from this battery source energy is taken and carries this energy in the form of electromagnetic wave and finally deliver this energy to antenna.
Hence in this way electromagnetic wave carries energy and transfer to your mobile antenna.

Properties of electromagnetic wave

Is there momentum in electromagnetic wave ? As you know that momentum mathematical formula is p = mv that indicates if any particle having velocity as well as mass has momentum, Now you think light has no mass, so it should not has momentum, but it has. because momentum concept is changed  after Albert Einstein.
light is packet of photon and photon has mass but can’t measured, so for that momentum concept was changed rather than mass concept.Hence momentum defined as again .   
Momentum is a property of a moving particle, which will not change when moving particle will go from one point to other point, so momentum is conserved.
So momentum is a physical property, which is conserved between two location. Hence anything having velocity and energy has momentum.
So electromagnetic wave has velocity and energy so it has momentum.
Hence momentum p = Energy/Velocity , So energy with photon = E = h? ,
now velocity of electromagnetic wave c = speed of light so momentum p  = h?/c 
you also know  c = ?? so put in momentum p = h/?  where ? is wavelength of electromagnetic wave and h is plank’s constant.
Electromagnetic wave create pressure, because due to change in momentum create force and force per unit area is pressure but it value is so small that you don’t feel.  

Electromagnetic wave equation                  

See below wave equation varying with time magnitude of electric field as well as magnetic field change,according to displacement and time.
You should remember that electric field and magnetic field are always perpendicular to each other and wave propagation equation also perpendicular to both electric and magnetic field                                                                 

electromagnetic wave,equation of wave,equation of electric field,equation of magnetic field
Wave Equation

where ? is angular frequency, k = 2?/?  is called wave constant or wave number .
E₍ₓ,ₜ₎  = Eₘcos(kx-?t +?) ,   B₍z,ₜ₎  = Bₘcos(kx-?t +?) , This is the equation of electric and magnetic field.
questions are asked on the basis of this equation, compare and find the required parameter ? , ? , ?  and ? , ?  So remember the equation to find the asked value above relations. 

 Electromagnetic wave  source

The source  of electromagnetic wave is electric charge, You know there are two basic characteristics of material one is mass and other is electric charge. Mass is that characteristics, which creates gravitational field. you can refer gravitational field concepts.  

Charge is that characteristics, which creates electric field around it. there can be three state of a charge.
1 A stationary charge   ( Velocity is zero )
2 A moving charge       ( Velocity is constant )
3 An accelerating charge  ( Velocity is variable )

According to this velocity there is effect around it. A stationary charge create stationary electric field. And a moving charge create electric field as well as  magnetic field.

Sample of moving charge is current in a conductor see below picture.

electromagnetic wave,electromagnetic wave source
Electromagnetic wave source

Conductor carrying current is not charge body because every time number of proton and number of electron in conductor is same, so it is not a charge body.So it can’t create electric field.
see at one end electron inter in conductor and same time other end  electron out from conductor hence net charge on conductor is always zero, electron in motion but number of electron and proton are always same on conductor body.
So current in a conductor only create magnetic field. Hence current in a conductor does not create electromagnetic wave.

Accelerating charge as shown in figure q create electric field, due to motion of charge create magnetic field and due to increase in charge velocity both electric and magnetic field are pushed forward. 
So electric and magnetic field start moving forward. Hence accelerating charge create electromagnetic wave. 

Electromagnetic wave propagation 

Propagation means spreading in all the directions, motion word is not used because normally motion word is used for one particular direction, But for a point source electromagnetic wave goes in all the directions, So you use the word propagation.
 Propagate means spread out, Now how this electromagnetic wave spread out ? well you have learned, when an electric charge accelerate or oscillate a magnetic field is created and oscillating charge also create a varying electric field.
You know if there is a positive and negative charge then electric field direction is from positive charge to negative charge like this .
(+q)→(-q)  see below picture.


electromagnetic wave propagation,electric and magnetic field



I will continue this post with more important concept. I hope you have enjoyed learning electromagnetic wave. I want your feedback, comments, like and share, learn more and grow thanks for sharing.
Dated 16th Dec 2018