The simple way to earn money by watching video ads.

If you want to earn money online, then this is the best place to make money online. 

So in this article i am going to share how to earn money by watching video ads.

Because this is a very simple way to earn money just by watching short advertisement videos.

And the site I am going to share with you is 100% genuine.

Whatever amount you earn will get it in your bank account.

So let’s start how to earn money by watching video ads right now.

The 7 best pages with which to earn money by watching video ads on the Internet

Earn Money By Watching Video Ads
Earn Money By Watching Video Ads

The pages that I share with you below are the same that I use (some for years now) to earn money by watching ads on the Internet. 

Although I also recommend that you read our guide to make money watching advertising with tips and all the necessary steps to increase your earnings watching ads.

All you have to do with these websites is register – for free! enter those pages every day or check your email, 

And click on those ads to make money with them; as simple as that. And best of all: you only need your computer, 

An Internet connection, and 5 minutes of your time a day to start making easy money from the first moment.

The 7 best pages to make money watching ads on the Internet

                                                                    1 . Ojooo

Earn Money By Watching Video Ads
Earn Money By Watching Video Ads

For me this is the best page because in it you can not only earn money by watching video ads, 

but you can also earn a lot of money by sharing your affiliate and referrals link to other people here as well.

And no matter where you are in any country, you can work here and earn money very easily from any country.

There are many other options here to earn money, such as you can earn money by playing games here, 

And you can earn money by participating in the quiz contest, so this platform is the best and there are many options available here. To make you money.

And at the same time, you can also make advertisements for your website or any kind of country page, that option is also available here.

And whatever your income will be, you can cash out very easily in your bank account through PayPal or other options available here.

As you are seeing the link of Ojooo  website below, 

By clicking on this link, you can go to the website and after going there you can create your account and you can start earning money immediately. 

Just earn money by watching video ads, and also using other options too.

Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos

2 . Fanslave

For me, second of the best pages out there because of how complete it is. With it you will not only earn money by watching ads (this is done in the section called “Traffic”), 

But you can also get it by becoming a fan on Facebook and Twitter of different accounts, sharing posts on Google+, and watching videos (for 30 seconds) on Youtube.

You can access in several languages   (including Spanish ), and you can earn very easy money if you enter it every day. 

The minimum charge is € 15 through PayPal ( click here to find out how to create a PayPal account ) but you can register on this website even if you do not live in Europe.

3 .  Clickxti

This Spanish page allows us to earn money by watching ads with emails that they send to our mail, 

although you can also enter directly into your user area and click on them there.

If you live in Spain, you can request your payment when you reach € 5 by bank transfer or Payza.

But if you reside outside of Spain, the minimum you must reach is € 10 and they will pay you through Payza only. 

The good thing about is that it is a reliable page for the many years it has been running and paying.

How to earn money by watching video

4 . Clixsense

get paid to watch youtube videos
How to earn money online

Another good page with which you not only make money by watching ads , 

But also by watching videos, registering for pages and contests, making purchases, and filling out surveys.

The only drawback is that is in English , 

But it is a long-distance website that today continues to pay its users. The minimum charge is only $ 8 .

5 . BeRuby

Many people know as a website where they return part of the money for your purchases.

But the truth is that you can also earn money by watching ads , visiting other pages, playing games, 

And even doing small surveys of no more than 10 minutes.

BeRuby is accessible from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain and Mexico, and depending on each country,

There are minimum payment amounts (in Argentina they are 25 pesos for PayPal; in Colombia, 5,000 pesos; in Spain, € 5 for PayPal and € 10 via bank transfer, etc.).

How to Earn Money Online ?

6. Sumaclicks is Clickxti’s sister page, although on this website the ads that you will have to click on will only be sent to you by email , 

So you should be attentive to your inbox.

Although it is also a website conceived in Spain, anyone from any country can register. 

The minimum amount that can be requested is € 10 , and they will pay you by bank transfer if you reside in Spain, 

or they will send you a check to your home address if your country is outside of Spain.

7. Neobux

Another great page that has been in the market for years and with which the minimum payment is only $ 2 . 

Although the ads that we will see are usually in English, 

the website is completely translated into Spanish and we can register from anywhere in the world.

Of course: it is very important that you know that, 

if you do not carry out any activity on within 72 hours after registering, your account will be canceled.

 In addition, they only allow you to have one account per computer and per user.


Which of these pages you like the most and you want to earn money by working on it, you must write to us in the comment.

What pages to earn money watching ads do you use? 

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