Different Forces in the world

How many types of Forces in the World ? 
Lets start with good morning Very first we will see what is force ?
Force is a notion experience or feel of push or Pull.We found force in the world every place most important point about force see force always come in picture between two bodies one body apply force and other body receive force without two body force can’t come in picture.Here some example of forces is given below in picture see in every forces there is two body. 
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Different Forces in the world
Here the motive is to understand different types of forces in the Nature and its Properties and its source. there are many forces just overview of forces take some example.


Gravitational force :  
we take a ball in our hand and just released and told to ball stand here but ball not stand falls down towards earth the we say earth apply a force on ball and this force is gravitational force.
Friction Force :  
When we put one object over other and try to push then we have to apply more forces to push the body then we told there is friction between bodies.
Tension in Spring :
When we fixed one end of spring roof ceiling and other end stretched and some mass is tied and release the mass what happen mass will move upward tension in spring.
Buoyancy Force : 
when we jump in swimming pool water apply a force on our body which is called buoyancy force.
Viscosity Force :
When a ball of iron is drop in oil container ball goes slow to the bottom of container this is called viscosity force.

Inter atomic Force:
This force arises between two atom chock is best example of this one end of chock is hold other end of chock does not fall on the earth because each atom of the chock is tightly bounded by inter atomic force.
Electromagnetic force :
When we on our TV through remote we press button of remote this force goes in the form of electromagnetic force and press our TV on button this is called electromagnetic force.
Hence these are some example of forces there can be 100 example in the world for force then how many force we will study it will become very large study for this our physics has given a Principle that is called Unification which is already explained before it explain that maximum number of phenomenon can be explain through a single laws.now we try to search the sources of force and think over it perhaps we are doing study of similar forces at two or more different places and wasting our time and making the study large means to say that one forces working at two, three more or all different places. now good scientist accept that in the world there is only one force and it is working at different places appear in different form there is only one force which is running in the world  it is easy to say easy to listen but when asked what is and where is that single force running the world till date we have not found may be our knowledge is insufficient so we have not found till inspite of this we try to find minimum number of forces. now scientist try to find out the source of different forces a car is running on the road due to friction force, we walk on the ground due to friction force, earth rotate around sun why earth not move in a straight line because sun pull the earth towards it own and earth rotate in an elliptical path this is gravitational force ball fall on the earth due to gravitational force similarly after study so many force it was found that there is a single force for many phenomenon like friction force, viscosity force, buoyancy force, tension in string, electromagnetic force all these forces source is electron this all force arises due to exchange of electron and it is kept under categories electromagnetic force so scientist studies each forces and search their sources so that they can found out fundamental force and finally found four fundamental forces present in nature which drive the all phenomenon in nature then it became somehow easy for our study after all scientist are trying for one single force which drive the whole universe and latter it will be possible because we have seen that nothing is final in science.

Fundamental Forces in Nature :  
1 Gravitational force 
Gravitational force causes due to mass this force is in categories of macroscopic means we can see through eye the phenomenon of gravitational force ball falls on the ground example of this force any body having mass has gravitational force heavy mass body having large gravitational force due to this gravitational force all masses of body are stable and fixed on the earth, stars,planets, galaxy motion are control by this force so this is popular force.
this force acts on mass, nature of this force is attracts,range of this force is infinite comparative strength weak than other fundamental force.  
2 Electromagnetic force 
 This forces cause due to electric charge whether it is static, moving or accelerating this is also in categories of macroscopic we can see through eye it effect example of this force is magnet two opposite charges attract each other its forces are limited so it is not popular. this force acts on electric charge if body is not charge this force will not act.nature of this force is attract as well as repel, range of this force is infinite, comparative strength is very strong 10^27 times gravitational force.example of this force is friction, magnet etc.  
3 Strong Nuclear force 
This causes due to nuclear sub particle electron, proton, neutron this is place in categories of microscopic we can’t see the phenomenon of  strong nuclear force through eye its phenomenon happens inside nucleus. nature of this force is attract as well as repel,range of this force is 10^-15m, comparative strength 10 times stronger than electromagnetic force.example inside nucleus electron, proton, neutron. 
4 Weak Nuclear force 
This causes due to nuclear particle when they come out from nucleus when nuclear is blast radioactive element come out alpha, beta, gama at that moment a force among these particle is called weak nuclear force this is in categories of microscopic we can’t see the phenomenon though our eyes. weaker than strong nuclear force and greater than gravitational force scientist have no more ideas about this force it is under research. 
if we study about any force it will come under any one of these fundamental force latter we will see in more details about each force.
Conservation Laws: 
 Conserve means to hold safely, When the universe was made by God, whatever things was made by God is safe till date not destroyed anything, whatever that things is we need to understand here that is well define mass and energy the whole universe is made by mass and energy by God. mass is the material light from sun is energy sound is energy when you observe whole universe you will find only mass that is particle or energy. wait just count the whole universe particle it will be some quantity and similar count the whole energy of universe it will also be some quantity hence this quantity of particle and energy will never be change this is called conservation laws we are talking about world mass and energy.
There are many conservation laws in nature: 
1 Conservation of mass and Energy this is fixed by God and will be fixed forever unless the universe is not destroyed by God
2 Conservation of Charge this is also fixed charges transfer from one body to other body it can’t be destroyed as well as created take an example when battery of our cell is discharge our cell goes off now what we do put cell on charging process and our cell battery  get again charge how it happens. when our cell work electron travel from one end higher energy level to lower energy level when all electron reaches in lower energy level then our battery goes down electron has no energy but are present at low energy level. when we connect through external charge source that lower energy electron from cell is drawn and energetic electron is putted in the battery of the cell and our cell battery again get charged here charge is transfer from external source to cell battery but not destroyed and created. 
3 Conservation of mechanical energy this energy is potential energy(standing body energy)  and kinetic energy(moving body energy) this energy can be transfer one location to other location as well as one body to other body but can’t be destroyed and created.
4 Conservation of momentum what is momentum this is how fast a body is moving this is also transfer from one body to other body but can’t be destroyed and created.this is very important laws on the basis of this laws we study whole physics.
Every system in this world want to spend minimum energy this is universal and general truth. every body of this world want to stay in minimum energy level so that the body or system will be stable if the body will have high energy it will be unstable take a practical example if someone given you 10000$ suddenly what will happen you will be unstable you will go for marketing, party with friends you will not stay in home at all in other sense if you have no money you will continue in home you will be stable. feel yourself a running man want to stand, a standing man want to sit, a sitting man want to sleep why because standing man spend less energy than running man, sitting man spend less energy than standing man, sleeping man spend less energy than sitting man so every body or system want to spend less energy. physical action or any system of nature wish to continue with minimum energy level. our physics study is based on this principle.
Principle of Symmetry:  
 The principle of nature are symmetrical what does it mean lets see One lakh years ago winter came after 365 days today what happens after every 365 days winter came so one lakh years winter season was same as well as today so after changing time nature principle is not change. we change our principle but nature never change its principle. water always flow from higher energy level to lower energy level due to minimum energy level concept it is truth for whole nature in India it will flow from higher energy level to lower energy level it will also be same in America today is happening and it will also be happen after one lakh years so principle of nature never changes with location and time this is called principle of symmetry.Here the speed of light is 3*10^8m/s if we go to mars and calculate this is same or if we go to out of sun there will be also same, if we go to other galaxy there will be also same this is symmetry of nature.
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