Cloud Hosting is need for your website ? And if you are looking for Best Cloud Hosting service provider. Then you are at right place. Because i am sharing here, why and how these 5 cloud hosting are best ?  So that you can choose, Who is best for you, among top 5 cloud hosting service provider. And you can make right decision for your website cloud hosting.

Because cloud hosting is important for overall performance of your website. So you must use cloud hosting. Otherwise your website will be out of race. If you can’t go for paid cloud hosting. Then you choose free cloud hosting plan. But must use cloud hosting. So i am providing here free cloud hosting list for you. In free cloud hosting, you are not getting all the features. Hence it is recommended that if your website is having high traffic. Then go for cloud hosting paid plan.

What is the meaning of cloud hosting ?


Cloud Hosting service provider having multiple server interconnected with each other, in different locations. Suppose for example server location are USA, India, UK, Australia, Germany, France. So after connecting all these countries its looks like a cloud.

And cloud is other name of internet. Hence cloud  sites data are available at all these server location. Hence on cloud hosting. your website is hosted not only on one but on several servers connected to work as one. So your website don’t depend on only one Server. even if one server is not accessible, the Data is retrieved and processed.

With the help of other available servers without any downtime. The important concept of cloud hosting is “Divide and Rule”. Hence many servers work together. And called as the Cloud.

Best example of Cloud 

If you want to know real time best example of cloud hosting. Well You already know, So who is that any guess ? Ok let me tell you, that is king of search engine. And that is Google itself. Because Google has done its resources spread over hundreds of servers on the cloud.

So it is not surprise, you have ever seen facing any issue of downtime. Hence i don’t remember seeing it down as per my use Google experience .

How does Cloud hosting work ?

As earlier explained, each server in the cloud network is helping, in carrying out a special set of task. And in case of any server in cloud network failure. Then another server temporarily take charge of providing required resources. So this is the beauty of Cloud hosting.

Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Servers comparison

If you compare Dedicated server to Cloud hosting server, Then Cloud hosting reliability factor is better than dedicated server. Because in case of cloud  multiple servers work together. So in case of any emergency, Your website is not down.

Because Other servers is helping to get the resources available. Whereas in case of dedicated server only one server is available. Hence in case of emergency, your site is down and dependent upon the only one hosted server.

And the pricing depending upon the actual uses in case of cloud hosting. So you pay how much you use. However you are always free to make changes as per your requirement. And this is real beauty of cloud hosting main concept.

If you want to increase bandwidth and storage space. Then it is simple to do without affecting the existing set up, even for a moment. Hence it is pretty clear that you must think to use cloud hosting. If you are really looking for your business demand.

What are benefits of cloud ?

  • You pay only for how much data you use – Suppose if your business are fluctuating and using less data, Then you can easily change hosting package based upon your current requirement. And pay only for what you use.
  • Choice available for OS – There are two operating system Linux and Windows. So you are free to choose as per your choice and requirement.
  • Security – Cloud hosting offers great security. Whenever any sensitive data is loss. Then immediately data is stored in the system.
  • Flexibility – You can manage complete server configuration via API or web based interface.

What is the best cloud hosting service ? 


Well you know, web hosting is unseen foundation of the internet name of things. Therefore every site you visit is hosted somewhere. So to make your site live on internet, You required hosting. And one of the best option available to you is cloud hosting.

Hence this is great for anyone because it provides flexibility. As mentioned above plan is like pay how much you use. There are dozens providers if not hundred. So it is really difficult to choose from and finding right one. Hence it can be a doubting for you.

So i spent my valuable time for research and find best cloud hosting in the business. Which can provide best solution for your own business enhancement. If my effort help you. Then it is really making sense for me and my effort.

How cloud is different from server ?

However i am analysed everything from features, reliability and support point of view. So without any doubt here are the best 5 providers for the cloud hosting. You don’t think i am doing any bias here. And even i am not having any affiliate with anyone of these companies.

Hence i am not going to provide you any affiliate link here.  I am going to providing you here, 5 best cloud hosting company website directly. Where you can check and purchase. I will not get a single coins from them. And this is based upon the Customer feedback and vote.

Whenever choosing a hosting provider, It is important to know, what is your requirement ?. So first have a look on your own website. How many pages is in your website. And how many visitor you are expecting to get.

What points are Important to know before cloud hosting ?

  • Random Access Memory (RAM) – This is a kind of digital brainpower. So its provide the data storage necessary for computer to complete a tasks. If the more (RAM) for your site, Then more work it can handle. Hence for most website, a gigabyte (GB).
  • Computer Processing Units (CPUs) – It is the core of your server. They are acting like a brain. And processing information naturally. If there is more CPU, then your site is more efficient and perform better.
  • Bandwidth – This is simply the amount of data, that is flowing between server ( your site) and internet user. So bandwidth indicated, how much information can travel on this connection. As well as how quickly. Hence hosting with great bandwidth, allows your site to cope with high traffic.
  • Root Access – Its provide the ability to customize your server’s environment. And you can installed some special software. For example extra security, and gives you great control.
  • Up time – Well this parameter is very important. Because its refer the amount of time your website is live on internet. But it is impossible to achieve 100% up time. So your target should as much as less downtime. Because if your site goes down, no one can access it.

So taking everything into your account. You should go to purchase plan for cloud hosting. There are many hosting service provider in the market. But the list which i am providing you, 5 best cloud hosting provider are top in the market. You should check everyone features and services before purchase. So that you can choose the right cloud hosting provider for your website.

Top 5 hosting companies 2019

Here i am providing you these 5 companies name. So again i am telling you, check before taking any decision . This is based upon overall performance . All are well know in the market.


Name and Link are given below. Click the link to check the company details feature .

  1. A2 Hosting 
  2. Cloudways
  3. Interserver 
  4. FastComet
  5. Heficed 

Now don’t worry after purchase any company hosting . Because you are free to change any time your service provider. If he is not providing better service and support. And always look for your server location near to your site user traffic. Suppose for example.

If your site is getting high traffic from USA. Then you must host your site on USA server. Because loading performance will be fast.

Best Free hosting services 

There are many companies. Who claim that they are providing free hosting. So you first need to check how many days or years. They are providing free hosting. And you know free service is like free. I mean to say they can stop any time. Whenever the load on server is increases.

Then you can’t recover your site. If they stop permanently . So it is important if you are serious about your site and project. Then i will recommend you, according to my knowledge and experience  never go for free services. Because it is not secure, as well as  you will  not get more features to implement on your site.

Suppose for example . No any company is providing you Cpanel in free hosting account. If you don’t know what is Cpanel ? . Let me explain. This is called control panel. Where you are able to login in your server database. And you can change and modify any data from server.

But if you are new, and want to learn something for the time being. Then you can go for free hosting plan. Therefore i am sharing here some free hosting company provider.

Is there any free hosting services ?

So you can check and use for your website. But again i am telling you, First check how many days company is providing free hosting.

Free hosting provider 

Here i am not providing you link of these companies. Because they are free and i don’t know more about them. So you can Google and check their details for service.

If you want to learn more about hosting and domain . Then you are welcome to refer my previous post . And that link is given below. 

If this post is helpful for you. Than comment , likes and share in social media. So that other people can also get advantage . Your feedback is important for me. Now if you want to ask any question. I am always here for your help. I hope you enjoyed learning this post.  Thanks for sharing.