Today’s article is REALLY Special for you.  Because I’m going to disclose best phone tracker app without permission real truth. 

I hope, you’ll agree with me. If i say.

A lot of mobile app are available on internet for current location track.

Even many videos on YouTube are teaching to track real time location with mobile app.

And their Views’re in Million.

Well, But what do you think about best phone tracker app without permission ?

Because I’m going to explain here EVERYTHING, you need to know about best phone tracker app without permission for free.

So are you ready to know actual fact about location trace ? As well as Why this piece of content is special for you ?

If yes, then keep reading you’ll enjoy to know new truth.

So Let’s start with.

what you’re going to learn here:

Tip #1: What’s real story about best phone tracker app without permission ?

TIP #2: Track Mobile location without best phone tracker app without permission ?

TIP #3: How to track a cell phone location without them knowing for free ?

Tip #4: Cell phone spy without access to target phone free

Tip #5: How to find IP address of any Smartphone without touching but connected with Internet ?

[faq title=”Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”Can you spy on a phone without access to it?” number=”1″]Yes but you can’t find the real location, but only near by 800m you can reach.And other more activity you can monitor without him knowing.Like City location, Mobile model,browser using,service provider company

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”Can I track a cell phone with just a number?” number=”2″]YES you can track with number only and free. Without installation of any APP and software, but you can not find exact real location, due to security concern, but near by location you can reach. So EVERYTHING is explained in this article.If you want to know keep reading.[/faq_item][/faq]

[faq title=”” open1st=”0″ openAll=”0″][faq_item title=”Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing?” number=”3″]Ofcourse you can spy on any mobile. By using mobile tracker free login. This is the best tracking app so far.Which is very much popular app on the internet. Just you have to download it from their official website free.How to installation and monitor phone everything is explained step-by-step with image.You can refer this link in this post. Mobile tracker free login

Tip #1: What’s real story about best phone tracker app without permission ?


It’s not my real intention to hurt anyone. But to provide you correct information.

Which you should know. And this’s main reason to write this article.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you to install any mobile application for location trace.

Because it’s not possible to trace anyone current or real location by any mobile app.

YES it’s right.

If anybody is telling you, this’s best phone tracker app without permission. or top tracking method.

Which can trace any mobile current location. Then he is sharing you false information.

So never belief. You can check yourself it can’t provide current location at any cost. Because there’s a best story behind this.

I’ll explain in detail keep reading.

But you can ask question. Why you’re not able to track current location ?

The reason is security concern. So any general public can’t track real location of any other person.

Otherwise the country security will be in danger.

Now the question may be coming in your mind. Who can trace any mobile location ?

There’s two real case in which real location tracing is possible.

So first only police has direct access to put any mobile number on surveillance .

And can track any mobile location if needed.

Second if your any relative, Who’s on high post in the same operator company. He can help out to find live location of mobile.

Therefore except these two case, no any other option available to track cell phone location online.

Now you may ask, How they track with app and show on YouTube Video ?

Well, what they track with mobile app ?

Don’t worry I’ll show you without any app installation.

So What extent you’re able to track any mobile location, I’ll display here keep reading.

you’ll better understand.

Because many of you want to track mobile location. And for this you’re required to install app in the target device.

But now forget app installation. Because i’m going to explain you, how to track any mobile location without app.

And the best part’s that, you’re able to track any mobile location with number only. Also track cell phone without them knowing.

As well as without touching the phone.

TIP #2: Track Mobile location without best phone tracker app without permission ?

With the fast development of technology for tracking phones. And the various options that have come up.

But without a best phone tracker app without permission, to trace location is a little AMAZING.

Well very first, I would like to inform you. To spy anyone mobile phone without his permission,information and wrong intention is totally illegal.

Because it’s matter of security concern.

But with some valid reason, if you’re tracking anyone phone location. So there’s no problem at all.

#For example:

Track children location to know, he is available in school or college. As well as track marketing and field employees.

Whether they’re meeting with customer on time or not.

A wife and husband can track their spouse’s smartphone without using the phone tracker app.

If they feel the spouse is cheating them.

So you’re able to track any mobile location, without installation of best phone tracker app without permission.

It’s not really simple to trace anyone location. But this is the only correct method, through which you can reach near to anyone live location.

So how you’ll trace any mobile location without any app installation. Just wait i’m here to explain you in this article.

And it’s really very easy method, Don’t worry, There’s no any rocket science.

But before explaining that tip, One thing is important to know first. So that you can better understand.

And as i told you in the starting. i’m repeating that sentence again. It’s not possible to trace anyone current location.

Whereas to the some extent, you can reach near by location.

Now to know how it works, keep reading ahead.

TIP #3: How to track a cell phone location without them knowing for free ?

Nowadays lots of free phone tracking apps are available online. For download from their official site.

So people are really facing a challenge to determine. Which app is the best for them ?

Therefore if you want to know, which is real app for location trace, without permission and only with number.

Then you need to know some basic secret point. Which no one will tell you ?

Do you want to know that secret ? If YES, Well keep reading, of course you’ll enjoy this article.

Because you’ll not get this information even 2 Million blog on internet. As well as in any Book.

So lets dive in:

  • Which parameter is responsible to track Mobile location ?

To better understand this concept, I’m considering a real example of physical world.

Just imagine:

How to find a home address in the world without address. What is your opinion about this ?

How much difficult ? And of course you’ll be agree with me, If i say : almost impossible.

But If once you find the address, then it’s very easy to find any home in the world. And you’re able to reach that location easily.

Even you can know everything about that home.

#For example:

Who is living in the home ? How many people are living in the home ? and many more information.

So the same thing happen on internet world. And all the devices (Mobile,Laptop,computer etc)

which’re connected with internet is called Node. Therefore every Node has an IP address.

If you’ll compare with real Physical world. Then you can say.

(Home = Mobile, laptop, computer) and (Address = IP).

As well as (Home + Ip Address = Node). Are you feeling, What is secret here ?

Wow the best story is that Physical world is mapped with Internet world.

Now you’re able to say. Physical world is equal to virtual Internet world.

But you can ask me a question here.

Physical world address is almost fix. I mean to say (Home or house is not movable).

But mobile and laptop are movable, Then how it is possible Physical world = Internet world.

This is really very interesting question.

Tip #4: Cell phone spy without access to target phone free

Just see what is happening here ? Physical real world address is fixed, I hope you’re agree with me without any doubt.

But in case of Internet world address is IP. Which is moving with mobile phone. This is the reason it’s called dynamic IP.

Also remember as many time you connect with Internet.

Hence it’s changed and allotted different IP address to you. By your internet service provider. Whichever IP is free.

So the best story’s that without IP address, you can’t connect with internet.

Because first you need a IP (Address) to connect with internet. So who provide this IP to you.

Well this’s provided by your internet service provider, Like Airtel, JIO, AT&T and more other telecom operator company.

But before assign you IP. They collect your all information data.

For example, who’re you ? where’re you ? as well as available balance in your account, After that they assign you IP to connect with internet.

And you’ve already submitted this data at the time of SIM taken.

Now you may be thinking, Telecom operator companies create this IP. Then your’re wrong.

Every Telecom company purchase this IP from Internet assigned number authority (iana ).

So this authority manages all ip addresses in the world.

And iana has divided ip addresses according to global region wise.

#For example:

for Asia continent (APNIC), So Airtel, JIO, Vodafone in India has got IP address from (APNIC) in bunch, like one crore IP addresses.

After that these telecom companies distribute these ip addresses in its local region. Then you get IP address to connect with internet.

If you want to check your IP address. Then first connect with internet your mobile or laptop and then just search in google “what is my ip”.

You’ll see your IP address provided by service provider.

So after knowing IP address of any device or mobile. You’re able to trace any mobile live location.

Therefor no need to install best phone tracker app without permission. Now you only required mobile number to track location.

Because location tracking is game of IP address.

So How you’ll find target device IP address ? Keep reading ahead.

If you want to know more about IP address. Then you should refer this link. What is IP?

Now i belief. Your concept is clear, how location tracking is done with mobile number only.

Tip #5: How to find IP address of any Smartphone without touching but connected with Internet ?

This is REALLY top tracking method. As well as correct method cell phone spy without access to target phone.

And the best part’s that track phone without them knowing. Therefore find any phone location With free without any app installation.

So be ready. Because you’re going to learn here. How to track a cell phone location without installing software in target device.

And you can also say. A cell phone spy without access to target phone.

If you’re reading. then i’ll say.

Today you’re at right place to know, how to track a cell phone location.

It’s easy for you, how to track someones phone by their number.

Therefore using this right method, you’re able to track cell phone location online.

So are you ready to know, how to track a cell phone location for free, only with the number of the cell phone.

Well, I hope your answer is YES.

Lets dive in:

  • Go to IP logger website.

And here you need to sign up with your email id. Otherwise it’ll not show you correct information.

Sign up is required due to avoid abuse and missuses of this website. And this is absolutely right.

So first let me explain, what is IP logger ? And how you’ll use this ?

IP Logger URL shortener will help you, to find any mobile phone IP address. Or track ip address of any other devices.

Which you want to find . So it’s use to find Ip address of any mobile. As well as trace any mobile or device location connected with internet.

Now how to find IP address with IP logger website. just refer the below snap and follow the steps.

  1. open the website IP logger
  2. Scroll down near the mid page. You’ll find “Location Tracker” icon. Just like below image.

How to trace mobile location free

3. Click on the “Get IPLogger code” button as shown indicated in the image.

After that a new window will open, just like below image shown.


Now copy the URL as indicated in the image. And here’s a trick. Write aggressive or hypocrite text message.

#For example:

Latest breaking news, Win $100 right now or World best sexy image.

And send this url to whom you want to track. Through Whatsapp, Facebook or any social media.

Your main motive is to get the link open by receiver at any cost. So compel the receiver to open the link.

If receiver’ll not open the link. then you’re not able to trace location.

Now you open the link url in a new tab as indicated in the above image. And wait for receiver to open the link.

If receiver does open image. Then you’ll get all the information about target mobile. As shown below.


Information received from target mobile.

  • Country
  • IP Address
  • Browser type
  • Mobile model
  • Location ( near by 800m)
  • GPS Map view
  • Service provider company name

So Apart from this, There is a best popular app for mobile monitoring activity  remotely. Just installed in target device.  

You’ll get all activity done through mobile. But it can not track current location. But many good features are available. If you want to know, then refer this link Mobile tracker free login


Real time location tracking’s not possible for general public. And there’s no any app for current location tracking. If anybody’s telling, he’s WRONG. You’re able to track location up to some extent not current location. And this is possible without any app installation. (Physical world = Internet world). Ip address is required to connect with Internet.

I hope your enjoy, Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission Hot Real Truth. How to track a cell phone location without installing software. If this content is helpful for you. then like share and let me know through comment. There’s any doubt ask me, always here for your support.