Best Mobile Under 10000 smartphone products list is here. If you want to buy best mobile under 10000, Then your are at right place. Because i am providing here, list of mobile under 10000 best product review. So that you can buy best mobile under budget. And enjoy the all latest mobile features. There are many mobile phone available in the market. But you must see the review and customer rating before buy.

Best Mobile Under 10000 Amazing Tips for buy

Smartphone under 10000 all product list is here. So before buy any mobile phone, what should you must know ? I am going to explain the important points. Hence always check this points, before buy any mobile phone. Otherwise you will be in loss. So lets understand this important points.

Decide your budget >> This budget should not increase at any cost after purchasing of mobile phone. This is important because sometime you buy the mobile of RS 10000 rupees, but after purchase you bear actual cost Rs 15000 rupees. So be careful and decide next point.

Mode of Purchasing >> How are you going to purchase by cash payment or credit card EMI. If your are going to purchase through credit card, Then it may be possible 10000 thousand rupees mobile phone, you are paying through credit card 15000 thousand rupees. Here 5000 thousand as interest credit card.

Therefore you are bearing total cost of mobile phone 15000 thousand, for 10000 thousand mobile phone. So my suggestion is that if you want to buy 10000 rupees mobile phone. Then first collect 10000 rupees and buy in cash, this is profitable for you mobile under 10000. Now go for next point to check.

Why do you want to buy mobile phone >> Here you take a paper and pen. And take your time to write down, why are you buying mobile phone ? Suppose one of your friend having mobile phone, Which camera is good so you want to buy that phone and compete with him.

Or your other friend having mobile with best gaming features, which attract you to buy that mobile. Or if you are a tech guy and want to use latest mobile phone. Then you forget this latest phone will be outdated after 2 months. This mean that the same company will lunch new model updated phone after two months.

So again you have to sell, your old model phone and go for new model phone. The same thing is happening in the market. Hence you can think, how many child are taking birth in the world, more than that mobile company are coming in the market and lunching new mobile model.

Smartphone Buying Guide

But people have always a motive for latest phone. So how many times you will change your phone. Because mobile company will not stop new model lunching in the market, because they are doing business.

Hence you should stop, this is your budget, brain, time and energy. If you will ask me personally, i use my phone unless it is not stop working. How many new model that company is lunching in the market i don’t care. Now check next technical specification before buy any mobile phone.

Technical specification >> First of all you check processor of your mobile phone. What is processor ? Well this is brain or mind of the mobile phone. Therefore whatever mobile function is working, all is done by processor.

And there are many companies in the world, which is manufacturing mobile processor. So most three best companies, you listen again and again which are given below.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon
  • MediaTek
  • Samsung Exynos

Hence after deciding your budget, you should look, which processor under this budget is good. Therefore all processor manufacturing companies are working, how best processor can be made so that use minimum battery and provide more power backup.

Now here is an architecture used, which is called ARM(Advanced Risc Machine). This company provides processor design space, in which all processor work has to be done in that space. There are millions of transistor in a processor.

If there is more transistor in processor then that processor is good. So for this transistor size is decreasing day by day. To accommodate more transistor in the processor. For example in the beginning 26 nano meter, 12 nano meter and now using 10 nano meter size of transistor.

Now you generally listen CORE in processor like single core, dual core, quard core and octa core. Hence What is this CORE meaning in processor. Well CORE is just like your mouth in processor. If somebody give you one plate of food, and you are only eating this food with your single mouth.

Then it will take more time to finish. But one of your friend join to eat this food, then this is dual mouth and food is finish early. Hence similarly dual mouth means dual CORE. I hope you got the point more CORE means better efficiency. So choose best processor for your mobile under budget.

Phone with Best Battery Life

Mobile Battery >> Whenever you go to buy any mobile. You seen about battery (3000mAh), (5000mAh). What is this mAh ? Well this is Milli ampere hour. So for example suppose your mobile phone battery is (3000mAh). Therefore in your mobile phone there is a circuit, display, processor and speaker.

Now if you use anyone of them, it will take power from battery. Again consider your mobile is in standby state. Means you are not using any function and it is just kept. And this required only energy 300mAh. Hence after 10 hours, your mobile battery will be discharge.

Without using any mobile function, just keeping this. But suppose you are watching Video, so in this case circuit required more power from mobile battery. Therefore in this case circuit required (1000mAh). And your mobile battery will discharge in 3 hours watching the video.

Hence mAh indicates, how much power your phone can give per hour. This is clear that if you are using more function of mobile at a time, then more battery power is used. And your phone is discharge fast because all function required energy from battery.

For example suppose you are in hill station area, or in travelling mode. Where signal strength is weak. So in this case your mobile has to do more work for signal catching. Hence your battery is discharge fast, because more work is done by mobile in this mode.

Therefore always prefer more (mAh) battery power as per your requirement. If your mobile screen size is large, then more battery power is consume by screen. Well do you know about screen size. you generally listen screen size (5.5 inch),(6 inch), what is this length or breath ? well this is neither of them. And it is diagonal length of screen.

Gorilla glass >> This provide safety for your mobile scratch and broken. The latest version is Gorilla glass 5. It is based upon totally drop, if your mobile is drop, then no more damage and harm. So before buy any mobile check for Gorilla glass and its version for safety point of view. But many mobile companies does’t provide information about Gorilla glass. So you can check this by google by mobile model.

Help Me Choose a Smartphone

RAM (Random Access Memory) >> How many functions you are using in the mobile, which is open and is kept in a task. These all are putted in the RAM. Because whenever you open any app, that is start from, where you have left that app.

So check for RAM (2GB,3GB and 4GB) as per your requirement. If you take big RAM memory but your processor is not good, then you can’t do more multitasking work in your phone. So according to processor always choose RAM. Now next important point for your phone.

Resolution >> What is this ? Well it is also called pixel. Hence this provide appearance of text or images in your phone. How the images and text looks like in your phone. Therefore this is very important point, technically this is horizontal and vertical lines.

If there are more horizontal and vertical lines on screen, then text and images will be clear. And this is also called pixel. So always refer display for full HD or more pixel. Never take 720 pixel phone.

Camera >> Nowadays there are many types of camera is coming in mobile. Which is dual and triple camera, but when you take images then you find actual quality of these camera. But if you are buying mobile for camera only. Then forget everything and first you see the camera review and picture quality.

After that you can analyse the camera quality. And never go for mega pixel, because one mega pixel of company and 20 mega pixel of china can’t be equal. Always see the quality in low light and dark light. But my suggestion if you are buying mobile only for camera, then buy DSLR camera, don’t purchase mobile.

Because the main function of phone is calling and messages. But camera and other functionality are just additional things to make mobile smart phone. So its depends upon you to fill your requirement. Always check quality and review through Google before buying any mobile phone.

Best Smartphone Technical specification

Dual Sim >> Check for dual sim, if it is then next dual Volte. Means two JIO sim can work together. And finger print scan for security. also face recolonization from front camera. Now check 3.5mm jack if it is not available.

So you can use ear Bluetooth. Fast and wireless charging is available or not. Hence all technical specification i have discussed here, So before buy any mobile make sure to check all this points.

Now one point is left many times people ask questions. How should buy phone offline or online. Well where you find the low price either offline or online. So you prefer to buy, where you are getting low price. Hence some phone sell online more and some offline more.

If you are going for online purchase, then first check the customer review before purchase the phone. And always give preferences to specification rather than Brand. Because any Brand level can be use outside but specification is the important things, Which you are getting in your phone.

Also check mobile company service center is available or not near by your location. Because in case of any problem in mobile, you can easily replace or get repair your phone. As well as go for insurance of your mobile. So that in case of theft or broken you can get insurance.

I am not promoting here any mobile company on my website or post. But just want to share knowledge with you, So that i and you can learn something new. Because this website is made for knowledge purpose only. The main motive is to provide you true knowledge. If you feel this post is helpful for you, then like comments and share otherwise dislike.

Which is the Best New Phones under 10000 ?

If you are searching for the best phone under 10000. And find many phones are available in the market under this budget. As technology is growing and continue to provide new phone every month. But the best phone around you are given below list.

On the basis of Customer review, all around the world for smartphone within this price. Hence as i explained above, always check specification before buy any phone. Then definitely you will not be in loss. So i recommend you check anyone phone below list before going for purchase.

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
  • Xiaomi Redmi Y3
  • Realme 3
  • Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1
  • Realme U1
  • Samsung Galaxy M10
  • Asus Zenfone Max M2
  • Realme 2

Therefore for example i am providing you only one phone specification, Which is for (Xiaomi Redmi Note 7).

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 – Specifications

Ram & Storage : 4GB | 64 GB
Display : 6.3 (1080 X 2340)
Processor : 2.2 GHz,Octa
Operating System : Android
Primary Camera : 12 + 2 MP
Front Camera : 13 MP
Battery : 4000 mAH
Processor design : Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 MSM8956
Available online All product@ : Flipcart

If you want to learn more about Technology. Then refer my previous post, this link is given below

I hope you enjoy learning best mobile under 10000 article. If you have any doubt ask me. always here for your support and provide true knowledge. Thanks for like comments and share.


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