Artificial Intelligence (AI) is human intelligence simulation and is processes by machine. And this is done specially by computer systems. So this computer work and react like humans. Most of the time people confuse in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Hence i am going to explain Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with simple example. So that you can better understand easily. But remember both are different things not same. Therefore let me explain in simple words, artificial intelligence and machine learning. what is basic difference ?

What is Artificial Intelligence with examples ?

well do you understand, what is intelligence ? No problem let me explain this first. It is ability to gather information, and to retain it as knowledge to apply in some real situation handling. Not sound good, wait it is my promise you are going to understand this easily with example. So continue reading.

The word intelligence comes from, Intelligo meaning to choose between different options. Hence For example, suppose you are driving a car and at random a man and a dustbin came in front of you.

Think What you will do by applying your intelligence. Which is given by God to you ? I hope of course you will save human first. And this is your right decision, no problem collide with dustbin. But remember at the time of driving training, It is instruction given to you by trainer, don’t collide with anything.

So in this situation you applied your own intelligence given by God. Because human is more important than dustbin. So how you decided this, simple the intelligence given by almighty God. Choose the best option available at random in real situation or event.

And this is called intelligence. Now i hope my promise is win because you got understand. But story is not end here. Think why ? Because this is human intelligence. And exactly this types of intelligence need to transform in computer systems.

What is AI used for?

So that Computer work and react like real human. Hence this is called Artificial Intelligence. But challenge is that how this will achieve by human. Therefore what are human doing currently for this achievement. What is progress in Artificial Intelligence ? What is planing and development in Artificial intelligence. If you want to know all this question, then continue reading for all information.

Now once again Artificial intelligence in simple word, It is the capability of a machine to mimic intelligent human behavior. Wow computer is doing mimic like human. Hence its mean that computer will work like human. Well but think what you will do ?

So really this is question mark for human. And hence some people are not in favor of Artificial Intelligence. Because this is predicted as human and machine war lead in future. And machine will control over human.

Which is dangerous for human. Don’t worry now till human is controlling machine. Therefore at present development human is not giving full control to machine. Hence there are two types of Artificial intelligence.

What are types of artificial intelligence ?

  • Weak Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Strong Artificial Intelligence (AI)

So what is weak (AI) ? Well this understand the things but do not have self awareness. Not sound well, OK it can’t think as well as no emotion. It work on human instruction given. So now till all available (AI) are weak. just for example Google photo is weak (AI).

Which can identify your photo in any group photo. But can’t blackmail you. If your photo is with your girlfriend other than your partner. For example Saying as change my camera otherwise, i will send your girlfriend photo to your partner. So weak AI can’t do this. And this is best part of human control. Hence currently all work is doing only on weak AI.

What is strong (AI) ? well this is just like human. which has self awareness. it can thing about its own benefit as well as its own progress. Also has emotion and feelings sense of good and bad. Which is dangerous for human. So this is called strong AI.

But don’t worry, now till all the development and work is doing on only weak (AI). Because human perception for strong (AI) is dangerous. It can take over the human control. And strong AI can develop more strong AI . This can be human out of control. which shows the war between human and machine. As you generally see in the many movies.

What is History of Artificial Intelligence ?

well you know human being is most intelligent in this universe. But computer is a machine, which is our slave. Are you agree with me ? this is the fact now till. Also you know very well, computer does not has its own intelligent. If it has per haves refuse to obey your order.

When computer is discovered, human are increasing its uses day by day. And want to get maximum work done by computer. So human is now fully dependent on computers today’s. Hence in every walk of life computers are working. Human are developing day by day its speed, size and its capacity of work. So that computer can perform better work fast with high accuracy.

Now John McCarthy was the first person, who told about Artificial intelligence. He was a American computer scientist. What was his thought about Artificial Intelligence ? Can computer think and work like a human. John McCarthy was the first person, who told about this technology in 1956. Wow can you think that moment.

There was a big celebration for that time. And it was decided we can make a machine, which will think and work like a human. Therefore for research and development in this field humans are investing their money like water. And it was told to achieve the dream.

So that time, some excellent program was developed. This program was solving algebra word problems, Geomatery theorem, and also learning to speaking English. Hence people faith grow fast, very soon that machine target will achieve. which will be intelligent like human.

Who invented AI ?

So during this time in Japan waseda university, a Robotic project started with (WABOT-I) name. Which is completed in 1972. This was the first intelligent Robot in the world. This was also called Android. Hence in today’s world, you only know Android operating system. Actually Android is combination of two words. which is (Andr + Oid).

So Andr meaning in greek is human and oid is likeness. Therefore Android complete meaning is human likeness, Hence this Robot was able to walk like human. And catch like you. It was having artificial eyes and ear like human. It was speaking and understanding Japanese language. But it was not intelligent like human. There was many problem with this Robot compare to human intelligent.

Now next phase start from 1974 to 1983, which is called Winter Artificial intelligence period. So the companies and stakeholder of this project started raising questions on this project failure. Because Stakeholders were hopeless and thinking, this project is not possible and stop budget funding.

Hence some scholar find out the main point for failure of this project. So the most important point was limited computer power. And second point was some program consuming exponential time to solve the problem. Third point was huge data requirement. For example if you want to compare a object, then it required huge information data, to match and find out how this object looks like.

What is meaning of Artificial Intelligence ?

Well how do human recognize dog or cat ? as well as in which situation, you need to apply car break. So these all are called human intelligent. Which is given by God to human. And this intelligent want to transform to computer. Hence this is called Artificial intelligence.

But this is important point to understand. How human get this types of intelligent ? Well this comes from experiences and self learning habit. Not sound well. OK let me explain, experiences means many information data. And self learning habit, means remember from past event and perform better in future.

Consider an example, when a child goes near to fire, he does not scared but when that child touch the fire, then next time scared with same fire. Because he remember past event. So this is called self learning habit. Wow human has the ability to learn from experiences and apply in the future actions. Therefore this is called an intelligence. And when we impart this intelligence into a machine is artificial intelligence.

The main purpose of artificial intelligence is that, whatever the human can do is to transform into the machine. So AI is a branch of study this is to make computer do the things, which we can do better. Hence best example of artificial intelligence is Google voice search.

Because in Google search engine, you no need to type word, just activate speaker in Google search and speak, what do you want to search. Computer recognize your voice and shows the correct search result to you. So you can think how easy to search in Google now.

What is machine learning ?

Well machine learning is subset of artificial intelligence. And deep learning is subset of machine learning.So machine learning is a a process in which you guide a computer to learn and improve its learning experiences. suppose if you want to teach a mobile phone camera, this is a dog photo. Then what you will do ?

simply you will provide many different types of dog photo in its algorithm. After that it will develop a pattern of dog, which will help to recognize a dog photo. So that next time whenever a dog photo is shown, then that camera can easily understand dog photo. Because it has past experience of dog photo.

And again it is added in dog photo experiences, As time is passes it will become expert in dog photo reorganization. But think what will do, if a cat image is brought in front of that camera. Then definitely it will fail to recognize image. Because this camera has no any pattern about cat image.

No any learning experience about cat image. It was only expert about dog photo. So in machine learning you target a specific object learning, and teach that computer to practice and become expert about that particular object recolonization. Hence machine learning meaning in simple word is that, through a algorithm.

you are teaching a computer about a specific object, and that computer is improving learning as well as becoming expert of that object. But in Artificial intelligent computer learn in general about all things, rather than only a specific object. So this is the main difference between AI and machine learning.

What is Deep Learning ?

As i told you deep learning is subset of machine learning. And which is inspired from our brain work functionality. Brain cells are called neurons. So this arises concept for Artificial neural networks. Hence human is trying, how our brain handle huge data with the help of neurons.

in similar fashion a machine can handle such data with the help of artificial brain. such as our brain handle. Therefore to perform deep learning very well, required more data. I want to say if deep learning has huge data, then its performance is better.

What is carrier opportunity in AI ?

If you want to make your carrier in AI. Then you must remember your mathematics back ground should be strong. Because this is the game of huge data play. And which is using math branch Statistics, Probability, Algebra and Matrix. Because you are able to solve complex problem with the help of mathematics.

So if you have deep knowledge of mathematics, then it will help you in this AI field. And today it has became a big tree. Hence all robotic automation process works is under this technology. And today it has got more popularity because big data center is also under this technology. Now it is prediction that many manpower requirement is needed in future in this AI field. And I hope that in future an average body will assign a AI task in future.

Which Software program is use in AI Technique ?

Well Python program is mostly using in AI. But why Python language is use ? Wow this is due to rich library and predefined function and code are available in Python. Hence Python support and translate to develop software for AI projects easily.

So AI is a very big field, in which machine learning, natural language processing is a part of AI. If you want to make your carrier in AI. Then my suggestion for you is learn first machine learning. So that it is easy entry for AI field. As well as you will enjoy AI learning.

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I hope you enjoy learning Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. If you have any doubt ask me. Always here for your help and provide you true knowledge. Welcome for your feedback. If this post is helpful for you, then comment, like and share. Otherwise dislike. Thanks for your sharing and comments.