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Because here style of learning is innovative, basic concept to elaborated in depth concepts . you will find the difference of your previous learning. science is practical subject, so focused on practical daily life examples. So that you understand better,  and never forget. 


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There are many students, due to financial crises. They are not getting better education. So as a good human. it is our responsibility, to share the knowledge . with everyone for the shake of, education and human development.  To make the better life tomorrow. So it is my humble request to share with your friends. Really needed to learn free education.

Your one share can make someone life better.  I am doing my hard work to make this for you.  Now it is your turn, to reach maximum people by sharing.  So that maximum can, get the advantage of this knowledge. now little bit about myself .

About website Author 

Fakhruddin Ahmad , is a technocrat. who completed his engineering degree, in telecommunication & communication stream in 2006.

After completed his graduation. He started working in telecom industry, to earn his livelihood. But his acute love towards “PHYSICS” always give him a sense of sharing. whatever knowledge he acquired in his student life.

He is passionate about the Subject and always find way to update himself . He always reach out innovative ideas, to make complex theories of Physics, into simple way of understanding.

So he always wanted to give back to society. And he started reaching out, all the needy students, through this platform in the form of the website. Because education can change everyone life.


He loves to interact to all the people. who are ready to exchange the knowledge. And wanted to make this world more beautiful place, to live by sharing whatever he can.

So he really feel cool, because his little bit effort, can educate society towards the development. Because it really make sense. When somebody are listening you.  Always remember success comes from failure. So always be happy in journey of life.

Physics Easy Tips new plan

Physics Easy Tips has new plan, to add new category. This site will provide you practical knowledge. How can you achieve success in your life. Wait that category will be publish soon. Visit site regularly, you will find new plan about us.