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learn Physics Free best concept

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The Education Big Message of this Website must read !!!

The Education system is not good, The concept of education is not good, The education importance is not good.You will ask why? Then I will ask a question. How many Peoples get up in the morning as a intention that today I will learn something new. Can you answer the question? Well I can answer as per survey record only 6% people have intention every day to learn something new. Now important point, why such a less percentage of people? The answer is most of the people have no purpose of life and education importance.
All behind this is true meaning of education system is not good, Lets to elaborate this, The teaching style of teachers are not good and that is reason students are not participate in the class actively. Students are not getting interest in whatever they are learning.

Concept of Education

Learn Physics Free best concept,concept of education,true meaning of education,education importance
Education Importance
Teachers inter in the class room and just write down the menu of syllabus, you have to study in this subject xyz  and will be cover one by one without giving any practical application and uses of any topic of the syllabus menu. Incompetent faculty in colleges, Actually colleges are now became business for more profit they hire low salary base faculty, This is education system . This is true meaning of education, This is the concept of education . Believe me that is the main reason students don’t participate in the class actively. Because they don't know the importance of education they are studying.

Well Student level of preparation and level of aspiration ground and sky gap. Today education is for degree not for knowledge .Well filled mind not well formed mind and this well filled mind will give you nothing.Incompetent faculty teaching with conversational theoretical classroom based approach. 
Students don’t know why they are studying this topic and what they are studying in this topic, What is the practical uses of that topic in life. You can ask this question but most of the student don’t know what they are studying and why they are studying.
Where they can use this knowledge in their daily life .This is main reason of confusion in study and life.  
Their goal is not clear, what to do and what they can do better.
Instead of giving the education syllabus menu, Teachers should emphasizes the practical uses and applications of the topic before teaching that topic. So that teachers can attract the attention of Students in the class room .
Due to this type of education system students are just memorizing the things or topic not understanding the things or topic fully. So Confusion continue in study and life.
To make education learning practical, application and its uses in life it will require more effort from each of us to change the present education system.
So I am doing my effort in the field of Physics and Telecommunication technology please come and join this effort to make it successful .So that when everybody get up in the morning as an intention to learn something new and that percentage will increase from 6%  then successful person percentage will increase in the world.
I don’t know what do you mean by success ? but my opinion Success is freedom, your own choice of your life. Do what love to do, it will give you success in your life.   
Learn Physics Free best concept,concept of education,true meaning of education,education importance
Share Knowledge of science Physics and technology Telecommunication to Society those who want to learn concept of Physics and Telecommunication in easiest way free of cost you will never forget as simple and practical .If you hate Physics and technology there may be some reason to hate and it is as simple you have not studies the way your brain want to accept.you have learnt from wrong teacher. after a long experience here i will teach you the way you never study before and never thought Physics is as simple.it will be Physics magic, each and every topic will be covered with key concept in depth analysis based upon the facts and experience close visualization

Learn Physics Free best concept,Physics,Physics tutorial,Physics concepts
Study of Nature 
 Everyday you will learn new concept and be the master of that topic after reading content and follow my tips it is my commitment you will love Physics. Only you need to read every topic content.
see science is organised language example we learn first letter A,B,C...Z counting 1,2,3....9 after understanding this we can make any word and number easily in same manner every topic is link with each other. Every topic content will be very valuable and conceptual you will not get in any book it is based upon my long experience. 

Before going to start physics Magic !

we will see what are the way through which we learn anything from society. whatever you have learn from childhood to till now is based upon only Four facts.  

1 Reading 2  Writing 3  Speaking 4  Listening.

Education lead the society towards development 5 year back internet was costly data speed was on 2G, 3G technology and was not available easily. But now 4G technology available at low coast and free data.
General question ask by students difference between online  learning and class lecture learning  and which one is best. According to my view online learning is best but why ???

Benefit of online learning.

1 your travel time is save no tidiness feeling be energetic at your own place. 
2 you can learn as per your schedule whenever you want to learn and how much time you want to learn.
3 you can repeat again and again the topic you want to learn where concept is not clear but in live class it can't be repeat as per your wish.

4 Free of Cost without paying any fee. 

Important Point for learning.    

How our Brain work >>>> Before going to study it is very important to understand brain process.

Learn Physics Free best concept
Learn Physics Free best concept

Our Brain understand and process image only no any text A,B,C.

example when you remember you friend Mohan it will show you your friend face, body image only no any meaning Mohan for brain. when we take an example of those friend or relative whoever not met it will not process image its mean that person has some name but not understanding text want image but not seen your friend so brain is confused. 

Similar fashion in study brain want to visualize very closely whatever we study and will kept visualize forever will never forget make seance for better study.    

Now after this discussion most important point is why we Study ???

It is really very important point to understand the purpose of our study think yourself and ask the answer from your brain. I hope some body will say for earning money and some for degree & Knowledge but i will say we study to solve the problem of mankind in society  where we live make better human life.Face challenges to make life easy.Every development mobile, washing machine AC made human life easy study purpose is to research some new idea contribute  for development in society for mankind from which society can take advantage of your research and contribution.this is main purpose of our study.   

Now today our question is very basic but important and hard What is Physics ??? before going to definition of Physics it is important to understand what we will learn in this subject so that your concept  will clear and will be interesting for you just like when we make a picnic plan then we prepare for our plan how we will go and where we will stay what is the sport place everything we plan before visit picnic place in the same way we have to prepare to understand Physics.

What is Physics ???     

Learn Physics Free
Learn Physics Free

  Physics is science deal with study of nature around us not only earth whole universe how interesting is this ? wait for a second many of us taken this subject and scored good marks many of them has read Physics but most of them has not learned Physics. Definition point of view Physics is a Greek language meaning Law's of nature.Where we use Physics the phenomenon which we can't see but we observe that happens and is advantage for our learning and development. Take an example all of us know Newton's Law of gravity anything we through upward it come down toward earth we have only  seen the ball is coming down but never seen gravity even Newton has not seen gravity here we use Physics . Take an another example we have experiment in School classes taking a comb and pieces of  paper comb our dry hair and brought comb near to pieces of paper what happens pieces of paper attracted towards comb and attached with comb we can see pieces of paper yes, we can see comb yes but we can't see force of attraction here we use physics. Now i hope some concept may be cleared and visualize in brain. thanks for reading .

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