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learn Physics Free best concept

Education for all Physics and Telecommunication technology Free best concept

The Education Big Message of this Website must read !!!

The Education system is not good, The concept of education is not good, The education importance is not good.You will ask why? Then I will ask a question. How many Peoples get up in the morning as a intention that today I will learn something new. Can you answer the question? Well I can answer as per survey record only 6% people have intention every day to learn something new. Now important point, why such a less percentage of people? The answer is most of the people have no purpose of life and education importance.
All behind this is true meaning of education system is not good, Lets to elaborate this, The teaching style of teachers are not good and that is reason students are not participate in the class actively. Students are not getting interest in whatever they are learning.

Concept of Education

Learn Physics Free best concept,concept of education,true meaning of education,education importance
Education Importance
Teachers inter in the class room and just write down the menu of syllabus, you have to study in this subject xyz  and will be cover one by one without giving any practical application and uses of any topic of the syllabus menu. Incompetent faculty in colleges, Actually colleges are now became business for more profit they hire low salary base faculty, This is education system . This is true meaning of education, This is the concept of education . Believe me that is the main reason students don’t participate in the class actively. Because they don't know the importance of education they are studying.

Well Student level of preparation and level of aspiration ground and sky gap. Today education is for degree not for knowledge .Well filled mind not well formed mind and this well filled mind will give you nothing.Incompetent faculty teaching with conversational theoretical classroom based approach. 
Students don’t know why they are studying this topic and what they are studying in this topic, What is the practical uses of that topic in life. You can ask this question but most of the student don’t know what they are studying and why they are studying.
Where they can use this knowledge in their daily life .This is main reason of confusion in study and life.  
Their goal is not clear, what to do and what they can do better.
Instead of giving the education syllabus menu, Teachers should emphasizes the practical uses and applications of the topic before teaching that topic. So that teachers can attract the attention of Students in the class room .
Due to this type of education system students are just memorizing the things or topic not understanding the things or topic fully. So Confusion continue in study and life.
To make education learning practical, application and its uses in life it will require more effort from each of us to change the present education system.
So I am doing my effort in the field of Physics and Telecommunication technology please come and join this effort to make it successful .So that when everybody get up in the morning as an intention to learn something new and that percentage will increase from 6%  then successful person percentage will increase in the world.
I don’t know what do you mean by success ? but my opinion Success is freedom, your own choice for your life. Do what love to do, it will give you success in your life.   
Learn Physics Free best concept,concept of education,true meaning of education,education importance
Share Knowledge of science Physics and technology Telecommunication to Society those who want to learn concept of Physics and Telecommunication in easiest way free of cost you will never forget as simple and practical .If you hate Physics and technology there may be some reason to hate and it is as simple you have not studies the way your brain want to accept.you have learnt from wrong teacher. after a long experience here i will teach you the way you never study before and never thought Physics is as simple.it will be Physics magic, each and every topic will be covered with key concept in depth analysis based upon the facts and experience close visualization for topic you will study.

Learn Physics Free best concept,Physics,Physics tutorial,Physics concepts
Study of Nature 

Sunday, 8 April 2018

understand our physical world

Understand our physical world 

Hello how much beautiful is our physical world, you will learn here hidden concept of physical world .This is first chapter of class XI Physics, Study of Physical world is actually starting of Physics because you know study of nature is Physics. 
So it is very important to understand physical world. A famous  saying, perhaps you know "well began is half Done". its meaning is if you start well that indicate 50% of your work is done. So if you want to really learn Physics, You must first understand physical world.This is very interesting topic,You will really enjoy to learn this topic .This is small topic but very important for concept point of view and basic understanding, In other words I can say. This  is pillar of Physics, So lets start, what is in this beautiful physical world for you to learn ? 

Physical World meaning world of Physics ( Physics Ki Duniya )   
Very first i will Welcome you to Physics World.

understand our physical world,Physical world,physical universe,physics universe
Understand our physical world 

Saturday, 7 April 2018

How to study physics right direction

How to study physics right direction 

We will see here the right method of physics study so that it will be easy for our study physics very interesting
How to Study physics,physics study easily,easy method to learn physics
How to Study physics


Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Know Important concept for Force

Know Important concept for Force

What we study maximum in Physics ?

Know Important concept for Force,what is force,force definition,force concepts
Know Important concept for Force 

Monday, 2 April 2018

bandwidth definition

Bandwidth definition

Today you will enjoy to learn something new about bandwidth, You will learn in this post actual meaning of bandwidth, What is bandwidth ? examples of bandwidth, types of bandwidth, how bandwidth is measured ? What is bandwidth limit ? What is device bandwidth ? What is difference between bandwidth and speed ? You will learn all about bandwidth in easy way, so that you will never forget bandwidth, lets start.

What is bandwidth ?

In communication when you  are sending signals, So first you should understand what are signals ? The signals are variation of voltage, but made of what ? you can think from where this variation comes ?.

The answer is simple, it is message signal created  by the source,like if you are sending your voice and  communicating  it. Now your voice is made by vibration of your vocal cords, which start the wave, this wave is again converted into electrical signal in the form of voltage.

This frequency is a constant and remains constant, whether it is converted into electrical form which is voltage.What types of frequency generated by your vocal cords ? there is a particular value of frequency generated by your vocal cords.

It is not an unique and single value of frequency generated by your vocal cords, It is a combination of frequencies generated by vocal cords.

So there are so many frequencies which are generated at a time, because there are so many particle of vocal cords and all are vibrating with different frequency , but there is a mean frequency all of them.

Hence there are two things one is all frequencies and other is a mean frequency, all there frequencies are around the mean frequency.  

Suppose you are speaking and the mean frequency is 300 Hz, May be there are certain lyrics in your voice, which are at 250 Hz and 350 Hz, See there is a range of frequencies in your voice which is  250, 300, 350 Hz. This range is called bandwidth of your voice see below picture.
bandwidth definition,bandwidth examples,what is bandwidth

escape velocity

Escape  velocity

In the universe massive bodies have bounded all small bodies with bound energy, Now to escape small bodies from the surface of massive bodies gravitational field influence, You must required a minimum velocity to free small object from massive bodies surface, this minimum velocity is know as escape velocity.

What is escape velocity 

Escape velocity of a planet is that minimum velocity given to an object on that planet due to which it will just escape the planet and will never come back again on that planet.

When you through an object from the surface of the Earth, it goes up some height and then start fall back towards  the Earth surface, This happen due to gravitational field attraction by Earth around it.

Earth gravity acts vertically downward continuously and due to this object speed decrease continuously at per second  9.8 m/s and finally reaches at a height at which final speed becomes zero, but gravity acceleration acting downward and then object start coming back towards surface of the Earth similarly every second speed increase 9.8 m/s and finally reaches the Earth Surface. 

But when you will through the object with so much high velocity that it will reach very high where gravity pulling effect vanishes and then the object velocity becomes zero that that point object will stop in space and will never come back on the Earth surface that minimum through velocity is escape velocity.

See the below picture.
escape velocity,what is escape velocity
Escape Velocity

gravitational potential energy

Gravitational Potential Energy

Gravitational potential energy is an important concept, This energy is invisible you can not see, so most of the time students confused, But in this topic you will learn some new hidden concept about gravitational potential energy, I ensure you after learning this post your all doubt and concept will be clear, Each and every concept about gravitation potential energy will discuss, What is gravitational potential energy ? How gravitation potential energy is calculate and what is it real meaning ? Why gravitational potential energy value is negative What is potential energy at infinity ? So lets start.

What is gravitational potential energy ? 

Actually gravitational potential energy is not define directly any meaning, it define in terms of change in potential energy, so for change in potential energy calculation, you need to do some work.
Hence gravitational potential energy is define as work done bringing a mass from infinity to a certain point in gravitational field. This gravitational field is created by another source mass. If you don't know about potential.
Refer my previous post about gravitational potential concept

See gravitation potential energy is not for a single body or mass, It is always for a system means between two or more masses gravitational potential energy is stored in the system of masses .If you will ask what is gravitational potential energy for a single mass ? 

Well for a single mass gravitational potential energy is always zero. Wait you will see how it is zero ? As i have mentioned that potential energy is work done then who does this work ? Well external agent like you or gravitational force both does this work but when work is done by external agent then work value is positive and when work is done by gravitation force its value is negative.

Mathematical expression change in potential energy (∆U) = (-work done by internal conservative force) or Uf - Ui  = ∆U=  (-work done internal conservative force).
Now what is conservative force ? conservative force is that force in which wok done depend upon initial and final position it does not depend upon the path, like gravitational force, spring force are example of conservative force.

So Conservative forces only posses potential energy, non-conservative force like friction does not posses potential energy.
you must remember during the work done velocity must remain constant hence kinetic energy must not change.

Concept of gravitational potential energy 

Potential energy at infinity (∞) for any types of mass system or any mass configuration is assumed universally zero by scientist. Hence you use the above formula, Uf - Ui  = ∆U=  (-work done internal conservative force)
So Uf - U∞   = (-work done by gravitational force bringing each mass from infinity) so
Uf -0 = (-work done by gravitational force bringing each mass from infinity)
Uf  = (-work done by gravitational force bringing each mass from infinity) important again i am telling potential energy is not for mass, it is for design or configuration which is bringing from infinity to a certain point. see below picture.
gravitational potential energy,what is gravitational potential energy,formula of potential energy
Gravitational potential energy