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Because Physics easy tips guide you the core value of learning, So we innovate the learning process simple and easy for you. And we focus to make the learning steps interesting as a fun, So enjoy the learning from basic concept to depth knowledge. Also corelate your learning skills with your daily life situation to better understand and solve the problem. And develop yourself confident to face the new challenges easily. Physics is the real science, which derive other science and technology. So Physics Easy Tips website mainly covers two categories Physics and Technology. Because technology can change the World and provide an easy life for human. This is technology era, because technology is growing rapidly. So keep updated your knowledge of Physics and latest technology available in the market. Which'll help you like a road map for your vision and carrier selection ahead. So a true guidline is as important as save money and time. Because a right time, right direction is important to achieve your goal and dream. So we support your dream come true.


Physics is science deals with "study of nature" around us not only the Earth but whole universe.

How interesting is this ? but wait for a second many of us taken this subject and scored good marks.

Whereas many of them has read Physics but most of them has not learned Physics.

Because Physics is the Law's of nature, Where we use phenomenon to understand Physics.

But we can't see many phenomenon only observe that phenomenon happening.

So this is advantage for our learning and development purpose.

And just take an example, all of us know Newton's Law of gravity, anything we throw upward it come down towards the Earth.

So you can only see the ball is coming down towards the Earth, but never seen the gravity force.

Even Newton had not seen gravity force, who invented this.

Therefore in this phenomenon we use Physics to find out natural laws.


Technology is the human imagination to create something new to make the life better.

So technology is the power for human development.

And technology produces goods or services for the use of human daily life.

Because technology improves the human life from ancient time, and technology fulfil the human needs and desire.

Through the vision of technology, human has transformed natural resources to make tools and machines that make our lives more easy.

So technology is the best gift for human, because we're using these gifts for example Computers, tablets and smartphones,

Internet, social media, locomotives, cars and airplanes, the bulb and the microchip, and now planing to migrate on Mars planet.

And the fast growing of technology has changed completely human life.

So technology is a hope for human life to live with a quality life.

Thanks for technology gift for humanity by inventors.

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Because learning is the best habit to develop yourself and achieve your life dream.

If you really want to do something big in your life, then this is only possible through learning.

Because education is the best tool to change the world, And one of your ideas can change your life.

So we provide you a free platform for learning Physics and Technology quality knowledge and skills.

Because we do alot of research to prepare the articles before publish it.

Each and every article is the property of Physics Easy Tips website.

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We always try to provide the knowledge about the latest technologies, which add value in your life. And our motive is to provide you about all technologies, which is free for learning and use.


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